Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Ashley Madison

As a woman who is fascinated by successful business models I can’t help but appreciate the genius behind Ashley Madison. Granted, I was a free member and never saw the male perspective but from what I have heard the idea is genius, at least in my opinion.

During one of our brainstorming sessions XXX was trying to encourage me to expand upon one of my Ashley Madison related business ideas. After coming across the “Doctor” I jokingly told XXX that I wanted to set up a related business that kept Ashley Madison meetings much more discreet in that the upper echelon would be filtered and joined with others in their same “class”. I know, I know. I am horrible. But as I explained to XXX, from what I am hearing a lot of the women on Ashley Madison are quite trashy and I have to say I have come across some pretty cool and successful men.

XXX and I discussed the concept of me meeting these men and women for coffee then explaining to them how potentially “dangerous” this could be for them…well…not them but their reputations should their true identities ever leak out. Then I would hand them my business card and carry on from there.

In theory the idea is okay but in reality not so much.

This conversation with XXX led us to talking and me to thinking which as we all know is NEVER a good thing.

So now that the dust has settled and I have been with the men that I have been with I believe I can finally write a decent profile for Ashley Madison. The issue is that I am no longer signed up and so I would like to write my good friend a letter:

Dear Ashley Madison,

First I want to thank you for the wonderful men that you have brought into my life over the past few months. Yes, some of them were scary. Some of them broke my heart, but some of them were simply wonderful and I have truly grown from each and every experience.

I want to apologize however. As with my former lover XXX I have not been completely honest with you. I believe my profile originally said that I was undecided as to what I wanted from my Ashley Madison experiences.

After several “one and done” encounters, several scary meetings and several meetings that turned into platonic friendships I have finally decided what I am looking for.

See, Naughty Kitty is basically a happy Kitty. As with most people there are some days when I am more content than others. Basically I am happy with the man that I am contractually and legally obligated to.

There are days when he is not very nice to me. There are weeks sometimes months that go by when he doesn’t even look at me, kiss me or touch me. While this makes Kitty so incredibly sad, I am still committed to our contract and would never leave him. I am not going to get a divorce. I am not going to hurt him. He knows I am not happy with this aspect of our life together. I believe deep down he suspects my indiscretions. This character flaw is mine and not his and so I don’t want to rub it in his face or hurt him emotionally. He is a good man. He is a good father and a faithful husband. He is just not attracted to his wife. He does not crave the act of sex the way I do.

And so if I had to describe exactly what I want from an Ashley Madison hook-up I would have to say the thing that you are not supposed to say. My ultimate Ashley Madison match would be a man that could fill the void in my life. My ultimate Ashley Madison match would be another man that I could connect with on an emotional and physical level. I would want him to be honest, friendly, and dedicated to me. I would be content taking second seat to his own wife as he would be second to my spouse.

I would be content with meeting just once a month if need be. What I would ask for in return would be that our time together be filled with fun, happiness and sex. I ask that he be open to that emotional connection that is forbidden. I ask that he be honest with me about his feelings. I ask that he communicate with me during the time that we are not together via email, text whatever it takes to keep our bond intact during the time we are apart.

I understand that he may be bogged down with work or family obligations. I just ask for an email or text every now and then just to let me know that he is thinking of me and dedicated to our relationship. Our relationship should be one that benefits us both. I ask that he be honest about what his marriage is lacking so that I can in turn fill that void for him. I want to fill that void.

Oh Dear Ashley, I am so tired of the games. I am tired of the lies. I am tired of men saying one thing to get me into bed then pretending that I don’t exist afterwards. Really, there is no mystery. I am not looking to “catch” a husband so there is no reason for me to play the game of holding out. Yes, I am a sure thing. If we meet and we like each other I will be agreeable to sex. I thought that was the main idea of Ashley Madison. So the idea of feeding me a bunch of lies for the sake of getting me into bed seems moot to me.

Now, I am not completely innocent here, Dear Ashley. I have agreed not to get attached to these men. Occasionally I have lied straight to their faces by promising that I would detach when in fact it was already too late. I was already hooked.

So the realization that I have come to is that I cannot detach for the most part. Good sex for me relates to an attraction which is partially emotional. Not to mention if I do have good sex with someone it is only natural that I want to have more good sex with that person. Am I the only one who feels that way? Perhaps the sex is better for me than it is for them. Perhaps men are wired differently and can detach more easily.

The fact of the matter is I am looking for a lover. I am looking for a relationship. I am looking for that special someone that can be a friend, a lover, a confidante. And yes, I am looking for someone to care about me and someone to love me.

Regardless, if you should come across a truly sincere gentle man who wants a relationship that involves both the physical and potentially an emotional bond please let me know and I will surely send my key.

Until then…

Naughty Kitty

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Holy Shit! That’s My ****!!!

Have you ever looked at your girlfriend’s spouse and wonder…wonder if he cheats? I have.

Have you ever looked at your children’s teachers, the mailman, the attorney down the hall…and wondered the same thing? I have.

Have you ever gone on Ashley Madison just for fun to look and see…see what’s new only to find that you have been “winked” at by one of your family healthcare providers? Well…I HAVE!!!

So the other night I was playing around. I was bored to tears and couldn’t think of anything good to write. I figured I’d log on just for a sec. I SWEAR! I had no intention of even answering any emails or sending any keys…and I didn’t. But then I started checking out my “Winks”. Personally I am not into the whole “winking” thing but I am an open minded kitty so I figured “these guys pay for this so I should pay them the respect of at least checking out their pictures”.

So I open this one wink from a guy in my town. I am always curious about the men who live super close to me. I wouldn’t necessarily hook up with them but I am curious if they are my friend’s husbands or the mailman so I look.

When I open this one set of pictures, I nearly fell off my desk chair! Holy Shit! I can’t believe my eyes! It’s one of the local “doctors” in the area. Now this is a REALLY small town and this guy is REALLY, REALLY high profile so in my opinion he is CRAZY to be so quick to offer up those pictures on AM without even a request.

Now I have this great gossip and absolutely nobody to share it with. I can’t tell my girlfriends. I can’t tell Angry Guy! I can’t even tell my mother!

Oh, no I have absolutely no intention of hooking up with this guy. In fact he makes my skin crawl. Not to mention the fact that I swore off Ashley Madison…well for hook-up purposes anyway.

No, now I am on Ashley Madison for the sole purpose of seeing who else in my neighborhood is on. What a crazy day.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fantasy by The Hunk

The Hunk and I have been friends on Facebook for a few years now. He just reminded me that it’s been two years. As with some of my earlier Facebook “friendings” Hunk and I connected through friends of friends and it is a really long, complicated and boring story but basically the end result is that we have kept in touch for several years long before Kitty had her blog.

The Hunk was one of my original supporters for the blog and even though he floats in and out of my cyber life he always re-enters with one or 10 of his yummy dick shots. Yes, ladies, that HNT photo shoot was none other than The Hunk.

So we were emailing back and forth the other day and The Hunk was passing on some photos for me to post when along with it he sent me one of his well composed fantasies. So I thought to myself “Kitty, you should post this on the blog to get Hunk some attention.”

So in an effort to give The Hunk the attention that he craves and that he deserves I am posting his fantasy which I have cleaned up just a little bit.

Hi Kitty, you said that you like to be submissive which most girls are. I have never been submissive and desire to try it. No, not a cross-dressing sissy. No, I do not want to get it from behind. More along the lines of the game “Simon Says”, except you are always Simon and I do what you command.

My greatest fantasy is to be blindfolded and made to strip to entertain a group of women. You would be perfect since you live just far enough away that I will never run into someone who saw me strip at the super market. You meet me at a predetermined spot and I jump into your car. You ask me if I am excited and you tell me that you know that I will really enjoy myself. You tell me to just trust you and trust my feelings as you hand me a blindfold and instruct me to put it on. You stop and announce that” we are here” and you will take my hand and guide me inside. Taking careful short steps I make it inside where we are greeted warmly. You have a glass of wine with your girlfriends as you roll a dice to make me undress in ascending order. That is 1 = shoes, 2 = socks, 3 = shirt, 4 = undershirt, 5 = pants, and 6 = underwear. You all cheer as I slowly inch my underwear down and cup my meat with my hands. You instruct me to place my hands on my head so you all get a clear view. Then you tell me that I am being a good boy and pat my behind. “Come on and meet the girls," you say as you lightly tug on my arm to parade me around. I feel a hand brush against my wang and a slap on my behind while I see light flashes from cameras out of the corner of the blind fold.

You have me stop from time to time and tell me to slowly turn to the right so everyone can see. My dick is bobbing around and you make the comment that "You really like this don't you? You thrive on being displayed naked to women right?" Then you tell me to repeat it which I do and I hear giggles. You ask me if I masturbate, how frequently, and if I would like to masturbate for us now? By this point I am hard and getting blue balls so I eagerly say "Yes". You place Your hands on my shoulders from behind and guide me forward, then to the left, then you turn me 180 degrees. You tell me to back up slowly to the edge of the table and lay down on my back. “We want to see a man’s body in motion. You know, do what You do when you can't hold it and longer.” Then You say "show time". I slowly circle my hand around my meat and stroke as I hear a gasp or two from the audience. Then there are a lot of camera flashes as I increase the speed and feel an eruption coming. I add my other hand and begin bouncing my butt off the table as I began to squirt.

Two things happened at this point. The girls all cheer “whoooo woooo” and clap as you reach around the back of my head and pull the blindfold off. As I collect my composure and the camera flashes subside I see two of the women have video cameras. You throw me a towel and tell me, “the bathroom is down the hall on the right. clean your stick mess up". I just hear the girls laughing and carrying on so I conclude that they all had fun.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Forgiveness Day By Naughty Kitty

Kitty is sad today. For a change it has nothing to do with kitty. Kitty is sad about something with my Ex. I know…I know…yes, Kitty has an Ex and although we have had our differences in the past today I am sorry for something terrible that he is going through.

I won’t bore you with the details but suffice it to say that I feel so bad that I emailed him to let him know that I am thinking about him and his family and I am here for him if he needs me. The funny thing is that he is probably one of a short list of men that I would not fuck. There is no physical attraction there whatsoever. What we do share is a history as well as a wonderful child that we are both very proud of.

There was a time when Kitty had very bad feelings for the Ex but those days are long gone. We have been apart for nearly 20 years now and although we are not exactly social with one another we have come to a point where we can be civil to one another for the sake of our child. It took us a long time to get to this point. It took KITTY a long time to get to this point. Kitty is not known to always take the high road.

So at any rate the Ex and I exchanged a few emails this morning and I ended them by offering my friendship and a shoulder to cry on and I am sincere in my offer.
In the midst of this email exchange I also needed to clear the air once and for all with XXX. He really HAS become a bad penny hasn’t he?

Well we were both in the office early today and began emailing each other about my schedule for the week. I think I initiated the email that said "can I come into your office to talk to you about something?" He of course said "sure!" Personally I think XXX over uses the "!" but who am I to criticize.

So I walked over to XXX’s office and he was alone and eating his breakfast. Again, he looked like shit and I asked him what was up with his eyes and again he said allergies. Okay, whatever.

So I said to him "I miss my friend." And I really meant it. Before our trip down into the gutter, XXX and I were really good friends. We used to talk about everything…obviously.

After I made the comment XXX made the faux "I’m sorry face" and in his phony concerned voice said "How ya doin’?"

So I said "I’m great, I just miss my buddy." He gave me that faux look again and I had to laugh and say "Honestly your ego is incredible! I don’t miss my FUCK buddy! I miss my BUDDY! JEEZ-US! You weren’t THAT good!"

At this point XXX looked at me in amazement. I guess it was the first time anybody dared to tell him that he wasn’t as hot as he thought he was and then I guess he remembered that I never could have a decent orgasm when I was in his bed so he rescinded and sort of smiled.

After that he told me briefly about the progress he was making getting back into his house after being separated from his wife for 2 years. We talked about my constant battle to sleep through the night and finally about some business ideas. He of course recommended that I try to do something with my writing. "You are a good writer," he said. I laughed thinking to myself that he really hasn’t read any of the blogs that I wrote about him after he broke my heart.

Then he asked the question that I know he has been wanting to ask me for weeks. XXX looked me right in the eye and asked how my "AM friend" was. Now it is MY turn to smile.

Overall today started out sad but ended up being a day of true forgiveness for Kitty.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

HNT - Things That Make Kitty Say "Meow"

I am posting this for HNT. The rules don't say it has to be a Half Naked picture of ME.
This is a friend of mine. He asked me to post them for him. I am a good friend that way. Nice...don't 'cha think?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Being Polite in Bed

Even though I am a Naughty Kitty, I am VERY polite in bed.

1.       If you ask me if I want you to cum in my pussy I will always say “yes please”, that is assuming you are wearing a condom or have had a vasectomy…or both.

2.       If you make me cum I will always say “Thank-you” once I catch my breath.

3.       When my partner is behind me and asks if I want him to put his dick in my pussy or in my ass I always give him the choice. That’s the polite thing to do isn’t it?

4.       When my partner asks if I want him to cum on my face or on my breasts, again, I give him the choice.
See, I am a Naughty kitty but always polite in bed.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ways You Know Naughty Kitty Has Had An Orgasm

I am not sure about other women but based on what men have told me, it is difficult to tell when I have had an orgasm…difficult for them…not me. So today after having SEVERAL, I made a list of ways that you can tell should you ever need to.

1.       My body shakes uncontrollably for several HOURS after a few good orgasms.

2.       I can barely keep my eyes open

3.       I cannot carry on an intelligent conversation. Now clearly this can happen at any time for any reason but if my body is shaking AND I am smiling AND I cannot carry on an intelligent conversation then chances are I have had an orgasm as opposed to just my usual unintelligible conversation.

Any questions?

Monday, October 24, 2011

I Like You Too Much to Fuck You

I’m trying to figure out when I changed from the girl who had sex with guys that I liked/loved to the girl I am today who wants to fuck guys that I can easily detach from.

Looking back at all these encounters I think I do better with the “one and done” guys. Unsatisfied encouraged this sort of attitude and he was right. How ironic that he is the youngest of all the men I have been with and he is starting to look like the wisest.

I am drawn to older men, yes but I think emotionally they have a tendency to tell me what they think I want to hear then once they get what they want just throw me out like yesterday’s trash.

Unsatisfied and I went into it knowing we would most likely have no contact after our encounter so I was prepared. I actually prefer it to receiving several emails and texts per day before the encounter then being completely cut off and rejected afterwards.

I have always said “I say what I mean and I mean what I say”. I am surprised that men can’t be the same way. I don’t get it. Are they trying to keep their options open? Jeez-us! Just say that! Say, “Kitty, I’d like to fuck you again but not sure when.” Or even “Kitty, this was fun but let’s not do it again.” Which is pretty much what Unsatisfied and I did.

So the other day I was at work and received a text from Dodger. It was just a friendly “How ya doin’?” kind of text. I responded and asked if he wanted to meet me for coffee or lunch. True to form Dodger said “Lunch and you are paying.” Okay, I am a good friend like that and at this stage of the game Dodger and I are actually friends. We have not fucked yet and other than teasing me about giving him a blow job in my car we haven’t discussed moving forward with any of that. I am great with the way things are. Dodger and I have some great conversations and he makes me laugh which to me is a priceless skill. I know I mentioned that he teases me constantly. I happen to be used to that so it is endearing and never mean spirited.

He also has a sensitive side which I know translates to the way he fucks. He has a way of talking to me that is very caring but very frank at the same time. He gives me his honest opinion no matter how hurtful it may be although so far he has been very caring in that manner.

Just as an example, he noticed the fading bruises from the other day. He looked at them briefly, ran his hand over them and said calmly, “He was a little rough with you.” There was no “I told you so” or no judgment, just acknowledgement and maybe a hint of “That’s not my style.”

Oh, yeah I am not sure if this is significant or not but Dodger is a surfer…and into yoga. I tell you this because it is an indication of his personality. He is very laid back which is good and bad for a planner like me. Whenever we get together it is generally spur of the moment and not thought out. Things always work out but by the time I get to our meeting place I am frazzled and typically Dodger gets the real me because I don’t have time to do the make-up, hair, clothing thing.

So Dodger was working a half day and agreed to meet me for lunch. The question was “where?” I offered to have him come to my office where there are several restaurants. I thought he might appreciate meeting XXX but he didn’t care for the idea. Dodger is much more paranoid than I am so he chose a local town which for whatever reason he thinks he has a better chance of not meeting anybody he knows.

So I recommended a handful of restaurants none of which were satisfactory. Of course he suggested one that I had never been to but being the “aim to please” kitty that I am, I agreed.

Just before I was getting ready to leave I get a text from Dodger asking if I still want to meet at the restaurant or if I want to meet at a local park to which my response was “I am not BLOWING you in my car!”

Now, I actually knew this wasn’t what Dodger was looking for because he has just had some “man surgery” and I imagine his dick is in no shape for my shenanigans. So at this point I was teasing Dodger the way he teases me on a consistent basis.

He must have lost his patience because he said “Just meet at the original place”. Of course as I approach the restaurant I hit some sort of killer traffic jam. I can see the place I just can’t GET to it. Sure enough I hear my phone go off. Now this kills me. I know damn well Dodger is texting me to see where I am but I am trying to drive so WHAT THE FUCK!

It turns out he saw someone he knew in the restaurant so he told me to pick him up outside instead. Um…okay. I drive up, Dodger gets in the car and we go back and forth like an old married couple about where to eat. Since I am paying I recommend a nicer spot but we get there and there is a wait so I say, “Let’s get out of here”. We opt for a Southwestern place instead. We are standing in line chattering just as we do online. We are very comfortable like this and Dodger is letting his guard down a little bit. When it’s our turn I order “A single FISH TACO please.” Then I look at Dodger with a big grin on my face. He smiles after a moment indicating that he gets the joke and orders the same. When it’s time to pay he insists on picking up the check. He said he was just joking when he told me it was my turn. Like I said, we are friends now so treating him for lunch especially when he was infirmed does not faze me.

At lunch we sit, eat and chat very comfortably. We start talking about our sons who are the same age but very different personalities. I told Dodger that one of my son’s friends called me inappropriate on Facebook because of my profile picture. It is a “Facehole” shot of a sexy blond dancing with Mark Wahlberg as Marky Mark but my face has been dropped into the blonde’s body. It is clearly a joke but I guess the 18 year old nerd boy didn’t get it. Anyway, Dodger asks “Who’s Mark Wahlberg?” To which my response is “OH MY GOD!” I am thinking this is one of Dodger’s teasing topics but he swears he doesn’t know who Mark Wahlberg is. He is amused by the distress that this has caused me as I try to recall all the movies Mark has starred in.

Before we left Dodger stopped at the men’s room. I told him that I’d meet him in the car and I would drive him back to his. As I was leaving I realized I didn’t have my purse. I became so unnerved by the whole Mark Wahlberg conversation that I lost track of where I had put it. In the meantime Dodger came out of the men’s room and was helping himself to a refill on the soda.

I walked up to him and in a bit of a panic said “I lost my purse”. This is one of the times when Dodger’s laid back attitude comes in handy. He finished filling his soda, looked at me and smiled. Then he looked over at the table where we were sitting and very calmly said “it’s hanging on the chair”. I could have sworn I went back to that damn table but I guess I was looking at the wrong one. At any rate I had to walk the entire length of the restaurant and through the parking lot listening to Dodger taunting me and repeating, “I lost my purse.”

Okay so the point of the story and the reason for the title…Dodger is always telling me that I am not cut out for this lifestyle. He is always telling me that I am dangerous and I get too attached. I agree with him. Then he will turn around and say that you need to be with a person several times for your bodies to adjust to each other. I agree with this as well. He also talks about exclusivity after lecturing me about agreeing to be exclusive with other lovers. Isn’t this a direct contradiction? So I asked Dodger, how do you do this without getting attached?

At this stage I would have a difficult time choosing between the easy going friendship and conversations that we have now and fucking and never having any contact again.

One thing that we need to clear up one way or another is who Mark Wahlberg is. Dodger, if you are reading this, check this out please…

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I may have mentioned that I am surrounded by some amazing people. My friends are comprised of men and women wealthy and not so wealthy. My male friends at this point in my life know the “real” me. They know I prowl.

My girlfriends know a lot about me but surely not everything. I haven’t seen much of them lately. We are a collective group of women that have become friends through the gym. They are mostly housewives and trophy wives. Before I started working for Big Cheese, we used to see each other daily at the gym and even shared a hot young trainer.

This trainer was one of the most beautiful men physically that I have ever seen. While we all drool over him I am probably the only one of us that would not actually sleep with him given the opportunity. Ironic don’t you think?

What I WOULD like is to have some sort of sugar daddy situation where my sugar daddy talks to the trainer directly and tells him how he wants me to look. Don’t ask me why but that is a huge turn on for me. So in other words my lover would pay the trainer and say “I want you to work on trimming down her legs.” Then my hot trainer would be under orders and would train my body according to the specifications of the man who will ultimately be fucking me.

See, this is something I can say to my male friends but when I discuss it with my female friends it sounds more like this…”I need a boyfriend.” Or sometimes if they are REALLY getting “racy” I will go so far as to say “I need a sugar daddy.” Then they giggle and we move on. It has never occurred to them that I might be serious.

Yesterday I met my girlfriend for lunch after the XXX fiasco in my office. She is a trophy wife and not happy at all. I don’t blame her. She literally has to step and fetch it for her husband. I couldn’t do that, not long term anyway. So we met for lunch and talked about our situations. All of my friends and I have come to the conclusion after all these years that divorce is not the answer for us. As my friend says, “We put on our blinders and move forward.” My friends burn their frustrations off at the gym. They have beautiful figures although on occasion one becomes too thin which generally means things at home are tougher than usual.

I have chosen the prowling route. While my girlfriends are at the gym I am locked away in hotel rooms with random men. My body is not as great as it should be clearly and today I am considering spending all that time that I would ordinarily spend in hotel rooms and hit the gym instead.

Yesterday as we were saying goodbye after discussing my never ending battle to lose weight, I made the comment once again to my friend. I said “I need a sugar daddy.” She smiled and said “Yeah SURE you do.” Then I said “I’m serious.” She looked at me for some sign that I was joking. When she realized that I was more serious than not she smiled a knowing smile and said “Okay, let’s work on that.”

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Like a Bad Penny

The other day that started weird only got weirder. I hate when Big Cheese is out of the office. I get lonely and bored. After Little Latino Helper left I made a lunch date with my girlfriend. We are brainstorming for new business ideas. Actually I have a lot of ideas for her but she has none for me. So what does THAT tell you?

Our office neighbor the cute attorney stopped in and we were chatting about business ideas as well and then the phone rang. It was XXX’s assistant. She had some sort of software issue so I told her I’d be right over.

When I got there she was thankful and said “this will only take a minute”. I said “take your time. Big Cheese is out for the next two days and I am SO lonely over there.” Then I went on to tell her how Little Latino Helper stopped by and said something about having a party. She smiled and said “isn’t he cute?” Then I realized XXX was standing behind me and sort of grunted at the comment she made. He looked over at me suspiciously but I just smiled.

When we were done XXX’s assistant mentioned something about lunch. I told her I had a lunch date and noticed XXX lift his head up and glare at me. I looked over at him. He still has those bright beautiful blue eyes that are made more intense by his salt and pepper hair and beard but he has put on weight. Also I noticed the other day he was wearing his wedding band and today he wasn’t. Not sure what’s going on there but I figured maybe since it had been so long since he wore it he must have had to have it adjusted by the jeweler. Regardless it is none of my business.

When I returned to my office there was an email from XXX. It said “Are you free?  I’d like to talk to you about something.”

I assumed it had something to do with tying up loose ends in our now defunct friendship. I was about to return the email when a client called and I ran into Big Cheese’s office to look up some information. As soon as I got off the phone I heard the main office door close and peeked out to see XXX standing there. He had come into the office and locked the door.

Okay, this didn’t scare me at all. Now I was convinced he was here to hash things out. “Can we talk for a minute {kitty]?” Then I thought to myself “Here we go!”

He continued on about how sorry he was about the way things ended blah blah blah. He said he missed me. He missed "US". He said I was not only his lover but I was his friend...a GOOD friend. He was RIGHT about that! He said he hasn't felt "right" since we ended. And then when I  stood up to walk back into my own office and I had just let my guard down for a split second he walked right up to me. This was a familiar stance but never at work. He put his one hand on my waist and held my chin with his other. He leaned in to kiss me. His kiss was familiar to me.  It was warm and gentle. We had gotten to that place where we fit together perfectly when we kissed. we moved our heads the right way and our kissing was not awkward. It would have been so easy to sink into that kiss just as I had done so many times before at XXX's place.

Once I realized what he was doing I backed away. His dick was already hard. I hadn’t even given him anything and he was already hard! He said to me, “You look amazing [kitty]. What have you been doing?” Then he added, “Remember I told you that I fantasized about bending you over the desk?” He smiled and his beautiful blue eyes twinkled. I looked down to avoid his gaze.
“I can’t.” I said “I won’t.”

He pulled me toward him again and began kissing my neck. He traced the neckline of my blouse with his finger and said “Is it someone else? Have you met someone else? ALREADY?”

I said nothing but pulled away and looked him straight in the eye. Then he said “Is that where these MARKS are from?” He gestured toward the fading bruises on my chest and collar bone. They were definitely lighter but I guess still noticeable and how ironic that he was the only one to notice them.

I stood motionless not saying a word. Then he said “Is that who you are meeting today for ‘lunch’?” He emphasized the word “LUNCH” like he didn’t believe it for a minute. The funny thing was that my lunch was not only real but it was with a girlfriend.

It was at this point that I remembered that a friend had warned me that this might happen. Rav warned me that XXX would think he could have me back whenever he wanted me. I never believed it until this minute.

Before I said anything the phone rang. Big Cheese’s number showed on the display. “It’s him” I said to XXX.

“I’ll go,” he said. He opened the door and left as I picked up the phone to talk to Big Cheese.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Reasons That I Could NEVER Be President

…or in any other position to negotiate for that matter

I am a pretty good secret keeper. I have to admit that. I mean aside from living a completely secret life, having a secret blog, secret friends and of course secret lovers I keep confidential information under wraps at work, home…for clients, friends and relatives.

Hell, I am so good these days at acting “normal” that idiot XXX is beginning to wonder if our affair was just a dream I think.

So the other day when I was locked away in a hotel room with Rav being fucked like I have never been fucked in my life quite honestly I came to a realization. If anybody ever found out my weakness they would hold the key to every secret I ever had.

See, Rav is a talker in bed, a dirty talker that is. And while yes, that is clearly one of my weaknesses, it turns out that the combination of fucking me while talking dirty to me and specifically asking me questions could potentially be a lethal combination if I were ever to hold an office of power.

Okay, you want specifics don’t you?

Well, first of all just after reaching “The Point of No Return” as Rav called it which as he said was “when the head of my cock splits the lips of your pussy”, just after reaching that point, just after that initial penetration and maybe one or two thrusts into it Rav asked “Are you sure you are going to be able to do this without getting emotionally attached?’

Now ladies, I am sure you know what I am talking about here when I say at the point when a man’s long hard dick first pierces the promised land and one, two, 10 good thrusts into it I would hand over the keys to my car for him to keep going. How about you?

He also said things to me that in an ordinary situation I would make some sort of wise ass comment. He said “You haven’t been fucked real good in a long time have you?” Now I will admit that initially my feelings were a little hurt. He had touched a nerve. Not only was he right but that happens to be one of my biggest insecurities, that men don’t find me attractive and therefore don’t want to fuck me. However, in my weakened mental state at that point where I was so close to cumming that I didn’t want anything to disrupt it I sucked it up went with the premise that he was randomly commenting to turn me on and guess what…it worked. I have no idea whether it was the sound of his voice or what he was saying or the fact that he was putting it in question form which forced me to maintain a certain amount of consciousness but damn if it didn’t make me cum.

There was a point where things just got ridiculous and I couldn’t STOP cumming. I was on top of him rocking back and forth. He was talking to me and said “are you going to cum for me?” It came to me so easily. He felt it or at least he said he did and then he said “are you going to cum for me again?” And even quicker this time I came again. I was hypnotized by his voice. His wish was my command. I submitted myself willingly all the while wondering how he could do it. How was he able to maintain his cool, calm and collected wits while my head was spinning and my lower body had taken on a life of its own?

And so now the world knows. Well, those of you who are reading this know. I could never run for office, be a national spy or hold any position that deals with negotiation and it all comes down to a hard dick thrusting inside of me and a little bit of dirty questioning.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alone With My Thoughts

It’s not even 9:00 in the morning and it’s already been a weird day. Is it a full moon by any chance?

Come to think of it this week has been weird all together. Monday was my encounter with Rav. When I got to the office that morning my outfit was immediately noticed which was no surprise. My little Latino “helper” was the first to see me in the parking lot. The first thing he said was “Are you going to a party?”

I smiled and said “Yes, that’s it. I am going to a party.” I couldn’t help but think of Rav, an older gentleman compared to this young Latino stud and smile.

Then my little helper said “Can I come?” At that moment he looked like a little boy to me. He looked eager almost as though he believed there was an actual party going on. Then I said “No, I’m sorry. It’s a ‘private’ party.”

At this point Little helper’s face dropped and he looked sad. He looked at me like he knew EXACTLY what I was talking about. Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t. He seemed a little quiet the rest of the week.

And now here we are today. I am alone in the office for the next two days. It’s pretty lonely here without anybody to play with. So my helper stopped in for his morning ritual and I told him that Big Cheese was out of the office for the rest of the week.

Little helper looked at me and said “so what are we going to do?” Now typically I am such a smart ass I would come up with something cheeky but between his youth and the language barrier I didn’t have the heart so I said nothing. Then Little helper said “We should have a party.” He had a big grin on his face like he just thought of something ingenious.

So I said “okay who should we invite?” I have no idea where I was going with this. I think I was just stalling so I wouldn’t have to get right to work.

That’s when he said it. He said “nobody just you and me.”

Now what the fuck is a horny kitty like me supposed to say to that? Ugh! Well, Kitty had to weigh her options and very quickly spin out of this tangled web so I said “Ah, [Little Helper], you sure did give me something to think about.”

He hesitated for a moment then looked into my eyes and saw that it just wasn’t going to happen. I am not sure if he could see the doubt in my eyes. I am not sure if he could see my nipples getting hard or my crotch starting to get wet but if he did he had mercy and turned to walk away.

I can still hear him down the hall. I could call him back. I could close the door. I could see what he’s got up his sleeve. But I won’t do that.

Instead I am posting this and going to splash some cold water on my face and pray that the next two days fly by.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Look At Me

Let me start by telling you that Naughty Kitty had a great time the other day with Rav. He certainly gave me a lot to think about and a lot to write about which I am sure was one of his goals, mainly because he told me that.

Basically after our encounter I threw on a change of clothes, wiped some cum from my face and left the hotel room to pick up my kids.

So it wasn’t until I got home that I saw the bruise on my upper lip. Rav had been biting me all over and quite frankly I was out of my mind in ecstasy at points so I very well could have bitten my own lip. Never-the-less I looked a little like I had been slugged.

The next morning I noticed some bruises on my chest and neck. Now once again let me say that I can bruise very easily and these bruises are not what I would call unsightly but they are certainly noticeable to anybody who takes a second to LOOK AT ME!

JEEZ-US! The Angry Guy is always so damn suspicious of me and even went so far as to request to look at my computer the other day but never once did he comment on the fact that I am in such a good mood and covered with bruises.

But then again maybe if he took a few minutes here and there to look at me I wouldn’t be prowling in the first place.

And to think that XXX had me so paranoid at one point. He is just about the only person that I can think of that has an excuse for not noticing. We worked together yesterday. XXX had always commented on how fond of my lips he was…the lips on my face that is. He made a special effort yesterday not to look at me which is understandable but COME ON people! LOOK AT ME!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Artful Dodger

Today’s post is a much different post than I had originally planned. I know you were all waiting…waiting to read…waiting to read about my encounter with Rav.

But then something happened that in my mind deems mentioning. See, I have not always been a prowler. There was a time in my life when I was a “good girl”. I was protected by my father and in my youth unknowingly I was protected by several boys that could have taken advantage of me but just never did.

Through the power of Facebook I am friends again with these boys who have now grown into men. One or two of them come to mind specifically. “Bad Boy” for sure. Bad boy was “The ONE” I thought. No, not the one I would marry. I thought Bad Boy was going to take my virginity but he took a step back. I was never quite sure why. Since we are in touch again and true friends I asked him recently and he told me that I put out a “VIBE”. Something told him not to do it. Something told him I wasn’t ready emotionally. He didn’t want to hurt me.

Now that I am a grown woman and a prowler quite frankly I no longer come upon these people. People who care. Men, I should say. I understand. Why should any man care about my feelings at this stage of the game? I should have control by now shouldn’t I?

But I digress. I happen to have made some “friends” through this whole Ashley Madison experience. Confidantes if you will namely Unsatisfied and The Artful Dodger.

Why do you call him The Artful Dodger, Kitty? You may be asking.

Well, Dodger and I met several months ago on AM.  When things with XXX were hot I kind of kept Dodger at bay. He’s a doll. Well anyway, Dodger and I met in person when XXX went away and he is as cute as can be. The thing that makes Dodger so cute to me isn’t just his looks although he is cute. The thing that makes Dodger cute to ME is that he does that teasing thing with me. I LOVE that. He has that devilish side and teases me through chat which we all know means that he will be a tease in the bedroom. So Dodger and I were having scheduling issues. I would suggest meeting and for some reason or another it would not work for him. No problem. Then time passed. I met Rav and for whatever reason this is the time Dodger decided he wanted to finally have our encounter. I made the mistake of telling him that I wanted to hold off until I saw where this thing with Rav was going.

Dodger did not like this and although he continued to tease some of his remarks were cutting. The other night I made a comment to him about getting together and he made a flip remark about me needing material for my blog. OUCH! And not true by the way.

So last night after my encounter with Rav I had a little exchange with Dodger. It started out as most of our chats do:

          Dodger: How’s kitty

Naughty Kitty: good how's my favorite dodger?

Dodger: I’m ur fav

Naughty Kitty: favorite dodger

Naughty Kitty: lol

Dodger: How’s ur kitty, fresh n neglected

Dodger: So special

Naughty Kitty: were your ears burning today?

Naughty Kitty: I was talking about you today

Dodger: No, why

Naughty Kitty: like I said...I was talking about you...

Dodger:U have a confidant

Naughty Kitty:lol

Naughty Kitty:i told Rav what you said about me wanting to fuck you for material for my blog

I did not mention, by the way, that Rav and I were in bed when this conversation happened and Rav was literally inside of me.

Dodger: Who’s rav



Naughty Kitty: yes

Dodger: So u had a, date

Dodger:R u allowed to chat w other men

Dodger: Is he that good

Naughty Kitty: you are missing the point

So you can see where things were going. Dodger is not supportive of the idea of being exclusive to Rav. I have to say that I like the fact that Dodger looks after me a little bit if in fact that is what he is doing.

He is always on top of me about condoms and making sure I use them. He was the first person I contacted after my scary meeting with C. So at the end of our chat Dodger made a comment that I just can’t get out of my mind when I told him a little more.

Dodger:U r gullible

Naughty Kitty: perhaps

Naughty Kitty: what do you care?

Dodger: Why wouldn't I

Dodger: Just want u to have fun not get hurt

And there it is…”Just want u to have fun and not get hurt”. Funny, I want exactly the same thing. But I have to ask, is that possible in the life of a prowler?

Whether it is or it isn’t I have to say that I am grateful to have a friend like Dodger who at least TRIES to keep me safe and from getting my feelings hurt.

Dodger, you may be right on this one. Rav may be playing me just like XXX but I just have to let myself trust just one more time. I have to let myself believe that Rav is one of the good guys.

Time will tell.

Monday, October 17, 2011


So, this is it…”Christmas morning” the day Rav and I meet for our encounter. FINALLY! It’s been 11 long hard days for Kitty. Some days were easier than others. Kitty resisted temptation. I basically just refrained from “prowling”. I can handle that for 11 days (now that it is over) but I have to wonder after having a sweet taste of this lifestyle if I could go much longer than that.

But a promise is a promise and I did promise myself that I would wait and follow through with this encounter with Rav with a clear head. Okay, by “clear head” I mean as clear as a horney kitty like me can be which on a good day is pretty foggy.

Rav and I have been in constant touch over these 11 days. He has been in my head which as we all know is not good for me. For one thing I am over thinking this preparation. I have to say that my best encounters have been on the fly. I am always clean but my kitty for the most part is au natural’. I have never had any complaints but Rav has made it clear that he wants Kitty to be shaved down.

This will raise some eyebrows in this house so Rav will have to compromise. See Kitty sleeps naked and even though my kitty is very rarely approached for petting it would be noticeable if my black pussy hair suddenly disappeared especially after being instructed by the man I am contractually and legally obligated to NEVER completely shave down.

So Kitty is doing my best to please Rav without alerting anybody else that SOMEONE besides me is paying attention to that area of my body.

I am a music lover and wanted to get into the mood by listening to certain music for this purpose. I had asked Rav to suggest something but he just said “Use your judgment”. Okay, that is NOT helpful so I picked Carly Simon for some reason. Her music calms me and reminds me of a time in my life when I was young and innocent. A time that I wouldn’t necessarily go back to but a happy time never-the-less.

I spend time reflecting before and after these encounters. I ask myself why I am doing this. Will it make me a better person? I ask myself what I am looking to gain. What am I hoping to find?
I may never find the answer. In this case I want to enjoy a man who I have grown to admire. I want to please him. Rav teases me about having “Daddy issues” although he is not that much older than me. He is correct. I DO in fact crave a man who makes me feel safe. I crave a man who makes me feel wanted and yes, I crave a man who makes me feel loved even if only for a few hours.
I also made a point of doing my Pilates which has a tendency to make me feel relaxed and in tune with my body.
Showering and salt scrubbing my skin with coconut milk salt is a little extra something that I am doing today just for Rav.

I also painted my toes and fingers a bright shade of red. I am not sure if Rav goes for any of that but it makes me feel sexy so he will benefit regardless.

Lastly the outfit has been determined and is ready to go. Again this is something that Kitty needs to be careful of. I dress casually for work and Rav has requested business attire of sorts. Whenever I wear the outfit I have planned I generally receive a few comments not to mention a few “once over” looks from co-workers. This can be good or bad for Kitty’s ego but I am realizing that I really need to go shopping and pick up some professional outfits if for no other reason to attend these encounters.

So from a planning perspective Kitty is READY for Rav. The question, “Is RAV ready for KITTY”????

Sunday, October 16, 2011


The pressure has been building over my encounter with Rav. It’s a little like Christmas. I just know the present is going to be nice. 11 days is too long for Kitty to wait though. I am all wound up and quite honestly a little crazed.

I know Rav is trying to teach me about patience. That’s just one of the things that attract me to Rav. He seems pretty patient and as a result is a successful business man. That is one of my lifetime goals. I enjoy learning from successful men and women, but for whatever reason I just can’t get the patience part down.

So two things that Rav and I have discussed are anal sex and swallowing. Can I also note at this point that if I have learned anything it’s that I am far from “experienced”?

Don’t ask me why I haven’t done much swallowing but it is not so much because of me. I HAVE done it. It’s just been about 30 years! Oh dear God I am OLD! I did assure Rav that I am up for the task I am just a little nervous about it. Rav assured me that he will be patient but Kitty wants to please Rav so Kitty needs to pull it together and either swallow or lap up that cum like it’s a freakin’bowl of milk. NO PRESSURE!

Don’t ask me why but the anal sex was less of a concern for me. I just get scared when I read about it. I was reading the “Supersex” book and it talked a lot about infections and tearing rectums. That would not be good for Naughty Kitty.

I know you are thinking “Naughty, you dumb ass, why are you reading about anal sex?”

Well, I am a “book” and a “research” person not to mention a PLANNER. After G having his hands all into my “business” during our encounter I wasn’t so much worried about anal but then someone mentioned somewhere about douching and shit like that.

DUDE! What the fuck?!?! All that prep takes the spontaneity out of it doesn’t it?

So, on the eve before my big encounter, I ask you “What do I have to do to prepare my body for this so I don’t make a complete fool out of myself?”

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scary Things Just in Time For Halloween

Naughty Kitty is becoming quite the cliché lately. First I fuck my boss and get dumped now…well…there was the pregnancy scare. Oh that’s just GREAT! How the fuck am I going to explain that in a house where the bed is used strictly for sleeping?

So, I waited and I counted, and I prayed harder than I ever prayed before in my life. I also quickly went through in my head what I would say to XXX if we had to have that talk. The other day I passed his office on my way out. I had just had that terrible text argument with Rav and I considered telling XXX then. I was hoping just talking to XXX about the possibility that I was pregnant with his demon child may relax me. But then I realized that would be a bad idea. I knew we were careful and I knew that I just needed to relax and let my body do its thing. I didn’t see the point in getting XXX all worked up and then the two of us would be waiting, and counting and praying.

I also wanted to minimize contact with XXX and I knew if I told him that I would have to also tell him when I DID get my period and honestly I am not one to shout that off the roof tops.

At one point in the week I realized that I wasn’t pregnant but started to worry that my period would come when Rav and I are supposed to meet. So that made things even worse.

Finally, yesterday my prayers were answered. I have been spared.

Naughty Kitty is not always a “wise” kitty and I am quite often a stupid and too trusting kitty. But I am also a kitty that learns relatively quickly. Thank God kitties have 9 lives.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Out of Sight

I often wonder why men drop out suddenly. Are they dropping out of “The Life” or are they just dropping me?

It’s okay I suppose. There is always someone else just around the corner. I never used to think this way. There was a time when I was a trusting, loving, strong woman. I am not hardened by any means but I am no longer trusting. This makes me sad to a degree. It also makes me reflect on the wonderful people who exist in my life on a day to day basis. These are the people I can love. These are the people who honor my love and do not treat me as though I am disposable. These are the people I can trust. I have forged bonds with these men and women that can last a lifetime.

I wasn’t lying when I told XXX that my life is full of some amazing people. It is. I just need a reminder every now and then.

Those of you reading this have never met me in person and you may never meet me in person. If I had to describe myself I would say that I am loyal. I am loving and I am also very sensitive. When I am happy I am very very happy. When I am sad, which is not very often, I do get very sad.

The lesson that I wanted to learn from Ashley Madison was how to let go of that sensitive side. I wanted to toughen up a bit. I believed that this would build my character and in some way help me in my career.

The lesson that I HAVE learned is that I am ME. I may never be tough and that is okay. I just need to learn to weed out the trash from the amazing people in my life.

Life is a gift that I do not take for granted. LOVE is a gift that I do not take for granted. I am able to receive love but more importantly I am able to GIVE love. If you are lucky enough to get love from me please honor it and don’t just drop out of sight.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Working With XXX

I am not sure if any of you are interested in what ended up happening with XXX. I mean we DO work together. We were able to avoid each other for a decent amount of time but Naughty Kitty had to put my big girl panties on and get back to work.

Between you and me XXX could find someone to replace me in a heartbeat but I had my job running like clockwork and it is a cake job for me so it worked out for both of us that I grow up and get back to work.

Rav advised me to “always look your best” He made a few outfit recommendations which I took for the most part. I had been to the gym in the morning and that generally gets me pumped for the day so mentally I was ready. I wore a snug pair of pants, heels and a tight button down sweater with an extra button undone. I didn’t plan it but for some reason the sweater revealed one of my breasts just a little more than the other. I couldn’t help but think of Rav and how he might like this outfit as I looked down at my protruding bosom.

Now let me tell you something about Naughty Kitty. I am not a vengeful kitty. Oh sure, I can get loud and I can curse like a truck driver but when push comes to shove I never want to hurt anybody and I really do believe that “the best revenge is leading a good life.”

Since I have met Rav I have been particularly generous when it comes to XXX so even though I wanted to look good and feel good for my first day back with XXX I wasn’t looking for him to make a pass at me or anything.

In fact when I got into work and looked at him I was able to act completely normal. Just like the good old days. I like to refer to them as my “Pre-Gutter Days”.

Okay, yes I may have gone into XXX's office a few more times than I ordinarily would and I may have leaned in front of him showing my cleavage but again those are things I normally do anyway so what’s the big deal?

It was nice to see him stumble on his words a little and drop things when I walked in his office but overall I was a well behaved kitty and was content to do my work while texting Rav. I also kept my distance because XXX was hacking and snotting all over the place and I didn’t want to catch any gutter disease from him and I certainly didn’t want to pass anything on to Rav.

When I went into XXX's office to let him know that I was leaving for the day I said “JEEZ-US! You sound Terrible!” at the same time I was thinking “You look like shit too.”

XXX smiled and mumbled something about allergies combined with smoking and even though I am not one to wish harm to another soul, I couldn’t help but think to myself “I guess things aren’t going too well if you are still smoking.”

So things at work for Naughty Kitty are back to normal and yes, XXX is off the hook but no, not really. Something tells me he is not quite as happy as he thought he would be.

Naughty Kitty on the other hand is back on track and made a new great friend along the way.