Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What a Difference A Year Makes

The other day several women I work with were complaining. I said to them “where were you this time last year?” One was battling breast cancer and had no hair. The second had just lost her father. I was in the midst of a lot of drama with Angry Guy.

Shortly after that I received an email from XXX. He’s back together with his wife and it seems as though she is back to her same cunt self. He was whining about it all the while telling me how they were buying a new expensive house together. I emailed back “where were you this time last year?”

In XXX’s case things are never going to get better. He is stuck in the frame of mind where he wants to be with this woman who is “one of the popular girls” even though she is rotten to the core. As far as I am concerned he deserves what he gets and I have told him this. She is never going to change.

I can always tell that things are not going well with him because on the surface of course everything looks like a fantasy. He’s back together with his wife. They are buying a big expensive house. Everything is going well it seems. But when things are shitty for XXX and he is back together with his wife he cops an attitude with me…an attitude that I no longer indulge. He becomes condescending and pompous.

At any rate, in the midst of reminding everyone to look back for a brief moment at how their lives have changed for the better over the past year, I decided to do the same.
Kitty although not playing with anybody at the moment has never felt better physically, emotionally or spiritually. I no longer have the weight of Angry Guy on my shoulders and he seems like he is actually doing well too!

Would I like to get laid more? Has my blog taken a hit from lack of material? OF COURSE! But I look at it this way…when Angry Guy and I were together I was getting laid by random strangers some of whom were potentially dangerous. Let’s face it; Angry Guy had no interest in sex with Kitty at all. So at least there is potential for Kitty. Kitty hopes to find someone someday who can satisfy my sexual appetite and believe me I WILL be writing about it. But in the meantime Kitty is enjoying all the wonderful things that have happened in just one year.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Memories of the Young One Finale'

We lay in bed together and for a moment I thought we would both fall asleep. S leaned over and began kissing me again while slipping his fingers in and out of my pussy. He rolled over on top of me still kissing me and began to slide his already hard dick inside me. I immediately lifted my legs up toward his shoulders. He slid in even deeper this way. I moaned right away as did he. I came in no time at all and he continued to thrust until I was ready for round two.

The two of us moved together not speaking but moaning constantly. Every move he made felt heavenly to me. His recovery time was almost immediate. This made me smile as I thought how nice it feels to be with a young man. He went from fucking me gently to being a little rougher in a matter of seconds. In the meantime his dick was inside of me the entire time which felt amazing.

After hours S finally slowed down. I was glad. I was ready for a rest and starting to get a little raw. I refused to be the first one to stop though. This was an opportunity that doesn’t present itself to a woman like me very often if at all.

We lay still entwined him behind me. His finally limp dick slipped out of me and we fell asleep.

A few hours later I woke up. He was between my legs running his tongue along the inside of my thighs stopping just short of my clit. I thought maybe his youth precluded him from knowing this was the ultimate goal. I leaned into his tongue but he continued to tease me. It was then that I realized he knew exactly what he was doing. He continued to tease me until I heard myself begging him to put his dick inside of me. He refused, telling me I had to be patient or he would make me wait longer. I lay whimpering as he worked his tongue up down and all around my clit but never touching it.

Finally he turned me over and climbed on top of me. “Can I fuck your ass?” His tone of voice was soft almost as though he was not sure what my answer would be. I moaned “Yes” in a voice that I did not recognize.

He gently began to work the head of his cock in my ass then gave one strong thrust which made us both say, “Oh my GOD!” I could tell that he was trying to maintain some composure and some control but in only a few strong thrusts he drove his cock into me and I could feel his entire body shaking as he came. I collapsed then he collapsed on top of me giving me a few gentle kisses on my back.

He lay on top of me for just a moment before he rolled me over and finished what he had started only this time letting his tongue reach my clit bringing me to one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

Again we rolled over with him spooning me from behind and fell asleep. When I woke again the sun was coming up. S was not in bed with me. He had left a note it said

 “Getting breakfast. Stay in bed. BRB xoxo”.

I dozed off once more before smelling coffee brewing in the kitchen. S was standing at the stove in worn jeans and a flannel shirt cooking up a breakfast for a king. He had sausage working, eggs and pancake batter off to the side. “I wasn’t sure what you like for breakfast,” he said to me. He smiled a warm young smile which made me nearly melt into the kitchen chair.

We sat and ate breakfast together as he told me about a paper that he was writing. I smiled as I listened and finally admitted, “I haven’t the first clue what you are talking about.” He smiled then leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips.

He asked me to stay “just one more day.” It broke my heart to turn him down. As I got into my car he handed me a bag. Inside the bag was a bar of the handmade soap, a box of herbal tea that he swears will help me sleep and a few sprigs of lavender. He had the saddest look on his face as I drove away that afternoon.

We promised to keep in touch and I know we will visit several more times but I always have to be ready for the reality that the next time he will be involved with some other lucky woman.

I only hope to God she can appreciate what a wonderful lover he is turning out to be.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Memories of the Young One Part Deux

S grabbed one of the handmade soaps and ran it between his hands to begin the lather. Then he ran his hands with the soap up and down my back and over my shoulders. He leaned in closer and I could feel his long hard cock up against my rear end. The soap fell to the floor and his hands began to roam about the rest of my body as he kissed the back of my neck. His hands cupped my breasts then moved down between my legs.

I could feel his cock even harder now but his strong grip on my hips prevented me from turning around to look at him. Without a word he bent me over and forced himself inside of me. I immediately groaned uncontrollably. I had never been taken so forcefully. Once the initial shock wore off I realized that he felt good inside of me. This was not a young boy behind me. This was a man who knew what he wanted and was taking it.

His long hard thrusts made me squeal with pleasure and without me realizing it he had slipped his hand underneath to rub my clit. I came almost immediately then one, two, three thrusts after that he came.

We both took a moment to breath. Neither one of us moved and the hot water was still running. He stood erect first, rinsed off then without a word left to get dressed in his room. I took a few minutes more as I was still trying to process what had just happened. Once I collected myself I went into my room and continued to get dressed for dinner.

Once we were both dressed and ready to go S looked at me, smiled and said “You look pretty.” All I could think was “God, you are young and DAMN you are good!”

Dinner out with friends for our mini reunion was fun and effortless. S sat at the opposite end of the table but I could feel his eyes on me throughout the night. Occasionally I looked up at him. He would smile then turn to talk to the friend sitting next to him.

After dinner I went up to the main house to visit with S’s parents for a little while longer. S went out with a few of his friends who had joined us for dinner. When I returned to the cottage it was empty so I undressed slipping into just an old tee shirt and attempted to fall asleep. I must have managed to fall asleep at some point because I opened my eyes and a little more than an hour had passed. I was wide awake. I spotted some herbal tea in the kitchen earlier so I made myself a cup of tea not realizing that S had come home while I was asleep.

As I sat at the kitchen table sipping tea he came up from behind me. I was startled as I did not realize he was in the house. We began talking about insomnia as he poured himself some tea as well. He sat across from me quietly at first then he began telling me stories about each of the friends I had met at dinner. I had all but forgotten about the shower sex as we sat and chatted like old friends

Finally I felt my eyes begin to get sleepy. I excused myself, and stood to go back to my room. S stood as well. He towered over me. He had to be well over six foot tall, probably closer to six foot four. He leaned down and gently kissed my lips. His hands pulled me closer to him. He was strong and insistent. I could not have moved if I wanted to. He began to kiss me deeply as he moved his tongue around in my open mouth. I was helpless. When he was satisfied that I would not push him away he released his grip on me and led me back into my room. Generally I sleep naked but since the weather was getting much colder and I was not sure how cold the house would be I actually had on an old tee shirt with no panties.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Memories of the Young One

The other day I saw him on Facebook. I had to smile. He was as handsome as ever. That smile so young and innocent. It reminded me...reminded me of this post from what seems like so long ago:

In the midst of all that was going on I had to head out to family weekend at my son’s college. I wasn’t looking forward to the long drive but I was looking forward to seeing my son and an old high school friend of mine invited me to stay in his guest house so we could have a little reunion over the weekend. He warned me though that his son was also in the guest house but he would have him straighten up for me. I told him not to worry about it. I was just happy to get away. I was hoping a change of atmosphere would do me good.

When I got to the house my friend’s son (S) was outside fiddling with his car. He was tall, dark and handsome. He was very young and was in grad school for bio-medical engineering. We had met before on one of my last visits so we felt very comfortable hugging and kissing hello when I got out of my car. He pulled my bags from the car and brought them right into the house and the bedroom where I would be staying.

He had straightened up the little cottage. He made the bed that I would be sleeping in with clean sheets and an antique quilt with a sprig of lavender on the pillow. He knew I had trouble sleeping and told me on one of my earlier visits that I should try to grow lavender since it had holistic properties which encouraged relaxation.

After a quick chat S offered to drive me to the football game where we would meet up with my son since S’s father was at work we all agreed to meet for dinner after the game. We had a short ride from the cottage to the stadium. S stayed by my side for most of the game breaking only to talk to friends and professors. After the game and after a quick visit with my son we went back to the cottage to shower and change for dinner where our mini reunion with my old high school friends would be.

S told me to go ahead and take the first shower. He wanted to run out and grab some wine for dinner. After I heard his car pull away I slipped into the newly renovated shower. S had some handmade soaps and shampoos for my use. As I was examining them I heard the front door open, then shut. A few minutes later the bathroom door opened. I had been standing in the hot shower for a few minutes and it took me a moment to process that S had come into the steamy bathroom and was beginning to undress.

His body was lean and lanky with the air of youth that cannot be described. He was muscular and I could tell by looking at him that his skin was still baby smooth and sweet smelling, not yet hardened by age.

He stepped into the shower with me without any hesitation and with a sense of arrogance as though I was in his way. He must have seen my eyes widen at the sight of his naked body and finally said, “Do you mind if I join you? We are running a little late.” I was speechless. This made no sense to me. I turned my back to him slightly as he stepped in 100%. I could see his cock begin to harden.