Monday, March 2, 2015

"Monday Morning You Sure Look Fine"

This morning I blew off the gym. The roads are icy. Kitty just got a new car and the first week out I slipped into a ditch. No harm done but now I’m a bit gun shy. So this morning I decided to take advantage of the quiet house and get some personal finance items taken care of. And then the email came…from him…cross country I am assuming which would make it approximately 2:00 am his time. The email said:

“Man, I need you…Bad”

Kitty immediately got wet. I tried to remember back to when we were last together…early fall. I kept thinking…I STILL think we had the perfect situation. He was bicoastal. The plan was for us to get together while he was here then go back to our lives when he returned home then three weeks or so later…but he never came back…or at least he never told me when he did. Kitty has no idea why he would come back and not let me know and in all honesty I do believe he is still home and that it is a coincidence that after hatching our well thought out plan, his contract completely changed.

At any rate Kitty’s Monday morning is looking bright.