Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Sign

Kitty is a very healthy woman. Aside from being overweight and having a little arthritis in my knees, I take no medications and haven’t been to the doctors in years aside from my annual gynecological exam and mammogram.

When I received a call from my gynecologist at work the other day, I immediately got a knot in my stomach. “You tested positive for HPV which is a sexually transmitted virus. You could have gotten it 10 years ago…” Those words rang in my head as she explained all of the possible outcomes and options in a completely non-judgmental way.

I hung up the phone after making an appointment for a biopsy and began to do some research. So basically yes, HPV is a sexually transmitted virus. Different types produce different results from simply existing silently in your body and never progressing to developing into fully blown cervical cancer.

As I was researching I heard my father’s voice behind me saying, “Enough is enough. What are you doing here? Is it really worth it for a cheap thrill in a hotel room?”

This HPV…it’s a sign. Something has to change. Well, many things have to change but first things first. Kitty needs to get through this biopsy and re-evaluate.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Kitty is pretty open and honest about the fact that sex is much better for me when I can trust my partner and when I can let my guard down. As a result, I don’t like my lovers to lie to me. There is really no reason to actually. I mean Kitty is a very reasonable woman so I expect the truth. I always tell the truth to my lovers. I have nothing to hide.

Ironically Kitty received an email from Hammer not too long ago. Hammer had an idea for me to call his house and ask him to come do some work for me at mine. Supposedly I would be the wife of a work buddy or something like that. This would enable Hammer to come see Kitty either to do work around my house or to play. Can you imagine giving your lover license to talk to your wife or your kids?!?!?! Hammer, I am honored that you trust Kitty enough to invite me into your real life. I do adore you and I would never betray your trust. And I trust you in return. Hammer doesn’t lie to Kitty. There is really no reason to. I ask for nothing but the truth. I’ve never really had a problem until recently.

We found each other through Tinder. He looked older than he admitted to in his profile but there was something about him. He reminded me of the old guy in the porche that I fucked. The one that said to thank Bad Boy for teaching me how to give a blow job because it was the best he had ever had.

The man from Tinder admitted right away that he was married and looking for a friend with benefits. I tried to resist. I told him I am not looking for that. But in the end Kitty could not resist. There is something about a man whose wife refuses to satisfy his needs that turns Kitty on. There is something about releasing that dirty side of a man that makes Kitty wet.

So Kitty and the man from Tinder began to filthy text and I have to admit that I have a real flair for it. I figured just because the Geek blew it there is no reason that the man from Tinder shouldn’t get to enjoy Kitty’s talents. So I asked him what he likes. I asked him what his wife won’t do for him. I asked him if he watches porn. Kitty uses words like “cock”, “tits”, “pussy”, “cum” and “fuck” and the man from Tinder eats it up.

“I want you [Kitty]”

“When can we meet?”

Quite the opposite of the Geek, the man from Tinder played it just right. He let me pick the place, the day and the time. This puts Kitty at ease. Don’t get me wrong. Kitty is not a spoiled brat but as you all know, meeting someone strange for the first time in a sleazy hotel for the sole purpose of fucking is not exactly safe. So Kitty tries to look for clues. Over the course of a few days Kitty asked the man from Tinder a series of questions. Kitty’s questions vary from vanilla questions about family to “what is it your wife won’t do for you that Kitty can help you with?”

Getting a feel for my lover is a turn on and also enables Kitty to be more at ease and that’s when the orgasms flow.

One thing that the man from Tinder told me right off the bat was that this was his first time. He told me that he and his wife hadn’t had sex since their teenage son was conceived. Later he told me he had a girlfriend 10 years prior. Other comments he made did not make sense. He told me he had been in threesomes, that he had been told his cum tasted good and that he loved to give (oral sex). These comments for some reason gave Kitty the impression that the man from Tinder had been fucking much more recently than he admitted to.

We met as planned at a hotel Kitty had been to before. As agreed we did not speak. He kissed me and after a few seconds I began to remove his pants and kneeled in front of him. I recognized his cock from some pictures he had sent me. I began sucking him and in no time he came.

Kitty thought this was too soon but never the less, Kitty was in deep now. We moved over to the bed and yes, the man from Tinder gave Kitty some incredible oral and yes, Kitty did in fact cum. I don’t mean to seem ungrateful but what Kitty was really looking forward to after chatting for days with the man from Tinder was feeling his rock hard cock inside of me. Kitty LLLOOOOVVVVEEESSSSS a rock hard cock.

We lay in bed as Kitty silently prayed for the erection that the man from Tinder had promised. The man from Tinder held Kitty close and lavished all sorts of kind words upon Kitty.

It wasn’t until the man from Tinder mentioned something and I forget now what it was that Kitty asked “when was the last time you had sex?”

“January,” the man from Tinder admitted.

Kitty’s pussy immediately dried up…LIE!!! Kitty played it pretty cool from this point although it was quite obvious that I was disappointed with the untruth that the man from Tinder had told me. First he told Kitty this was his first time. Then He told Kitty he had a girlfriend 10 years ago and now Kitty finds out that the man from Tinder has had sex as recently as January. He does this as much as I do!!! WTF?!?!?

Okay, I’m sure you are thinking, “Kitty, don’t be so naive. All these men lie. They lie to their wives every time they cheat. What makes you think they won’t lie to you?”

Kitty has no answer for that. All I can say is that once Kitty is deceived in that nature, I am unable to trust that person again. I told the man from Tinder not to come inside me. Maybe he didn’t…or maybe he lied. See, without that trust what else do we have?


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sexy Secret Continued

So it’s Mother’s Day and Kitty is horny. I haven’t had sex since Hammer and I met over the winter…February I think. THAT’S THREE MONTHS!!!! That’s too long.
So Kitty decided to surprise the Geek with his fantasy “Stranger at the door” date after all. He thinks we are taking a walk but Kitty is going to show up at his door looking like the dirty little slut I am.

I painted my nails red, planned to dress in tight black yoga pants a white button down top which I would have unbuttoned exposing my breasts and wearing black stilettos.
The problem? Well, the Geek started his bullshit. He had planned to meet me after some stupid softball practice or something and it was running late. The ironic part is that Kitty was trying to fit in a fuck session between his fucking softball practice and something he had to do at night. Not to mention the fact that it IS Mother’s Day and Kitty IS a mother so I had my own dinner plans.

In the end unfortunately the Geek just irritated Kitty to the point where I cancelled our play date. Seriously this guy was not worth the trouble.  The way I figure it, if he is irritating outside of the bedroom there is no fucking way he won’t irritate me INSIDE the bedroom.

I think Kitty has learned a lesson. What that lesson is, I will have to let you all know. I really just wanted to let you all know that all is well and Kitty is safe…and still horny L

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sexy Secret

So you all know about the Geek and how he threw up all sorts of red flags when Kitty was planning his fantasy date. I can’t describe WHY I got that feeling I just did.  It started with the hotel room. He didn’t want to get a room. He said he didn’t want to spend the money and he wanted me to go to his house.  For some reason that felt a little controlling and cheap to Kitty.

Anyway, when Kitty texted the Geek that I wouldn’t be fucking him he began texting back what seemed like angry, aggressive texts. He began telling me that I should be grateful to fuck him because he is highly educated professional blah blah blah. Meanwhile Kitty is twice as educated and quite professional myself. We had been texting all day and Kitty finally said “Look, you seem like the type of person who always needs to be right and has to say the last word so I am going to give you that.”

To my amazement the Geek made a complete 180 degree turn and began to calm down and ask what my other lovers had done that was different than him. I explained that they gently coaxed Kitty by making me feel safe in whatever way they needed to. Hammer met me for lunch as our first meeting. BD2 of course took me out for one of the most romantic dates I have ever had. For whatever reason the Geek began to chill. His texts sounded more reasonable. We agreed to meet for a walk.

I explained to him that we didn’t necessarily have to meet in a motel room all the time but for the first time its neutral territory. I told him “When I am your dirty little slut I don’t want to see pictures of my children or yours or even the family dog. When you are fucking me from behind I don’t want it to be on the flowered sheets you and your wife bought together.” Yeah, Kitty did that on purpose knowing that the idea might make the Geek a little hard…and I was right.

The text conversation ended on a high note when the Geek finally had to go to work. We agreed to text in the morning. Kitty went about my business and planted some flowers. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I wanted a calm leisurely day. I began to recount the final few texts with the Geek and then came up with a genius idea.

Now that the Geek is expecting to take a walk tomorrow. Kitty is going to surprise him with his fantasy date. Kitty is going to show up at the Geek’s place dressed all slutty with my tits exposed. Kitty is going to paint my nails red because that’s the Geek’s favorite color and then Kitty is going to fuck the Geek like he’s never been fucked before.

To be continued…

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cock Tease

Kitty doesn’t MEAN to be a cock tease. That’s just the way it worked out. See, it all started when Kitty was bored at work. No good can come of Kitty being bored and that typically leads to Kitty being horny and we all know what comes of that!!
So Kitty jumped on Plenty Of Fish even though my profile is hidden I thought I’d take a gander at my “Top 10 Ultra Matches”. Same guys on for some reason there was this one guy that had emailed me on Easter then never got back to me. He is a computer Geek. Kitty LOVES computer geeks!  Kitty never does this but I sent him a “YO Waz up?” email. Damn if he didn’t answer right away that he meant to get back to me but didn’t. I know…this is getting juicy right???

So Kitty and The Geek (Great name for a movie by the way) began texting through the morning. Now I am not sure when or how this happened but the Geek began asking Kitty if I am a “prude” when it comes to sex. I think we all know the answer to that! This guy then starts talking about threesomes, foursomes etc. Now we all know Kitty is up for just about anything but let’s face it, if you haven’t even MET me and you are ALREADY trying to diversify?!?!?!

Then the Geek made a comment that Kitty could not ignore and see…that’s where Kitty gets into trouble EVERY SINGLE time. The Geek told Kitty he has this fantasy about a woman coming to his door with her breasts exposed. He lets the woman into his house and then she kneels down and sucks his cock. Immediately Kitty’s Ashley Madison days flashed before my eyes. I flashed back to just about every single encounter I had specifically Hammer and BD2. Kitty’s pussy began to get wet and I texted back “I’ve done that!”

Immediately Kitty could feel that the Geek’s texting became more excited and he began asking all sorts of questions like how? What? Where? When? And so the plan to make the Geek’s fantasy come true began to hatch. The problem was that The Geek was throwing up some major red flags and Kitty began to get kind of a tight feeling in my stomach. I used to get that feeling sometimes when I made these plans with other men on Ashley Madison. It was a feeling like “This may be the time a guy kills me or hits me with the date drug and steals my organs”.

So this morning, as I type this, I text the Geek and tell him the plan is off. I won’t be sucking his cock tomorrow afternoon. I won’t be letting him do bad things to my body for sheer pleasure. Needless to say he is not taking it well. His angry texts are yet another red flag for Kitty. I think back on all my previous lovers…Hammer, AG, Bad Boy, and Tom Hagen. They all have a calming gentle way about them that makes Kitty feel safe. THAT’s when the threesomes can come into play…when Kitty feels safe.

Kitty wants the whole enchilada. Kitty wants the emotion…Kitty wants “Love”.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The End of My Secret Life

Did I scare you? Aww…no worries. I was just joshing. I’ve thought about this a lot.  In fact I was talking to Bad Boy about it just the other day. I will ALWAYS have a secret life. There will always be this little part of me that nobody knows about. I love that!

For one thing I enjoy fucking guys and writing about it without them knowing. For some reason it makes the sex more “real” if I know they won’t be jumping onto the computer as soon as they get home to read my review. I also love that I can be honest if for some reason there is something I want to address.

Like this latest guy that Kitty just started to see. He’s really short. Kitty has never been with a really short guy before…well…G was kind of short but I think this guy might be shorter. Kitty wants to know if even though this new guy is short if he has a big, hard cock. Kitty may or may not find out. One of my friends just told me that the fourth date is the turning point. Isn’t that funny? FOURTH date?!?!?! I don’t think I have EVER been on a FOURTH DATE!!!

See? That’s what I mean. Kitty’s real life friends know that Kitty is sassy but they don’t know just HOW sassy Kitty can be. I don’t think they would ever believe that I have met strange men in hotel rooms for the sole purpose of having sex with them. And like I said…I LOVE that little secret.

I love that Bad Boy is the only person in my real life that knows that about me. I love when I talk to him about these guys who have rejected Kitty for one reason or another without ever getting to see that naughty side. To look at me you would never guess. Bad Boy says he always knew I had it in me but he is partly to blame credit. After all Bad Boy taught me how to give a blow job, a hand job and he taught me how to swallow. Priceless I would say. Anyway, don’t you worry.  It may take Kitty a little longer to get material to write about but I will always be trying and I will never EVER give up my secret life. xoxo

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sitting Next to XXX

Kitty misses her blog. I really do and the fact that I haven’t kept up with it has nothing more to do with the fact that I haven’t had anything juicy to write about and believe me Kitty has TRIED! I even got a request from Bad Boy for a post and I talk to him all the time! Oh on that subject Bad Boy is planning a visit out my way in the fall so if nothing else maybe I will have something fun to write about then. Bad Boy, if you are reading this…WILL Kitty have something fun to write about when you come visit???

So Kitty has been dating and hanging out with friends and working A LOT. I figured nobody wants to read about that boring everyday nonsense so I haven’t written but I think I may be getting close.

I figured I’d wait but today I actually had a business meeting with none other than XXX. I sat side by side with him listening to him blabber on. All I could think about was “Is he going to think about me tonight when he masturbates?” I sure as hell hope so. XXX is exactly the same as he was when we first met. He is still under his cunt wife’s thumb and she is STILL stringing him along. Meanwhile Kitty is growing and flourishing and damn am I enjoying life!

I have to say, it did make me want to write a post. At first I thought I might do a fantasy post but to be honest XXX does not do it for me anymore. Weird right?!?!?!?

Kitty did have a date this past weekend with a guy who seems really into Kitty. As I told a friend of mine, he is not my typical type and he may just want to get laid. I’m not sure if that is what I am looking for at this point but he’s a nice guy and is making an effort so I will go out with him again. My friend who happens to be male said “well you better figure out what your goal is because I hate to see a good guy spend money on a good burger and not get laid.”

So while I was sitting in the meeting with XXX listening to him blabber on I began to think about it and I thought what the hell?! So I think what I am going to do is just go with it and maybe I will fuck this guy. Maybe it will be a good way to relax after a particularly rough winter. Maybe it will give me something fun to write about. Maybe it will turn into something. That’s the great thing about being Kitty. I just never know.