Thursday, May 8, 2014

The End of My Secret Life

Did I scare you? Aww…no worries. I was just joshing. I’ve thought about this a lot.  In fact I was talking to Bad Boy about it just the other day. I will ALWAYS have a secret life. There will always be this little part of me that nobody knows about. I love that!

For one thing I enjoy fucking guys and writing about it without them knowing. For some reason it makes the sex more “real” if I know they won’t be jumping onto the computer as soon as they get home to read my review. I also love that I can be honest if for some reason there is something I want to address.

Like this latest guy that Kitty just started to see. He’s really short. Kitty has never been with a really short guy before…well…G was kind of short but I think this guy might be shorter. Kitty wants to know if even though this new guy is short if he has a big, hard cock. Kitty may or may not find out. One of my friends just told me that the fourth date is the turning point. Isn’t that funny? FOURTH date?!?!?! I don’t think I have EVER been on a FOURTH DATE!!!

See? That’s what I mean. Kitty’s real life friends know that Kitty is sassy but they don’t know just HOW sassy Kitty can be. I don’t think they would ever believe that I have met strange men in hotel rooms for the sole purpose of having sex with them. And like I said…I LOVE that little secret.

I love that Bad Boy is the only person in my real life that knows that about me. I love when I talk to him about these guys who have rejected Kitty for one reason or another without ever getting to see that naughty side. To look at me you would never guess. Bad Boy says he always knew I had it in me but he is partly to blame credit. After all Bad Boy taught me how to give a blow job, a hand job and he taught me how to swallow. Priceless I would say. Anyway, don’t you worry.  It may take Kitty a little longer to get material to write about but I will always be trying and I will never EVER give up my secret life. xoxo


Red Shoes said...

"I don’t think I have EVER been on a FOURTH DATE!!!"


I love this about you!!


Naughty Kitty said...

Thanks! I kind of love it too!

Anonymous said...

I too Kitty, love when you write, even our encounters it's a whole different excitement to read it in your Blog here.


Naughty Kitty said...

I'm glad you enjoy it Hammer. I enjoy writing but I mostly enjoy fucking you :)

Whores N Hookers said...

I hear you girl, I suspect Im right there with you all the way. My fuckbuddies remain my friends and confidants on my dark side. I love writing about it too. All fiction of course!