Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Kitty is pretty open and honest about the fact that sex is much better for me when I can trust my partner and when I can let my guard down. As a result, I don’t like my lovers to lie to me. There is really no reason to actually. I mean Kitty is a very reasonable woman so I expect the truth. I always tell the truth to my lovers. I have nothing to hide.

Ironically Kitty received an email from Hammer not too long ago. Hammer had an idea for me to call his house and ask him to come do some work for me at mine. Supposedly I would be the wife of a work buddy or something like that. This would enable Hammer to come see Kitty either to do work around my house or to play. Can you imagine giving your lover license to talk to your wife or your kids?!?!?! Hammer, I am honored that you trust Kitty enough to invite me into your real life. I do adore you and I would never betray your trust. And I trust you in return. Hammer doesn’t lie to Kitty. There is really no reason to. I ask for nothing but the truth. I’ve never really had a problem until recently.

We found each other through Tinder. He looked older than he admitted to in his profile but there was something about him. He reminded me of the old guy in the porche that I fucked. The one that said to thank Bad Boy for teaching me how to give a blow job because it was the best he had ever had.

The man from Tinder admitted right away that he was married and looking for a friend with benefits. I tried to resist. I told him I am not looking for that. But in the end Kitty could not resist. There is something about a man whose wife refuses to satisfy his needs that turns Kitty on. There is something about releasing that dirty side of a man that makes Kitty wet.

So Kitty and the man from Tinder began to filthy text and I have to admit that I have a real flair for it. I figured just because the Geek blew it there is no reason that the man from Tinder shouldn’t get to enjoy Kitty’s talents. So I asked him what he likes. I asked him what his wife won’t do for him. I asked him if he watches porn. Kitty uses words like “cock”, “tits”, “pussy”, “cum” and “fuck” and the man from Tinder eats it up.

“I want you [Kitty]”

“When can we meet?”

Quite the opposite of the Geek, the man from Tinder played it just right. He let me pick the place, the day and the time. This puts Kitty at ease. Don’t get me wrong. Kitty is not a spoiled brat but as you all know, meeting someone strange for the first time in a sleazy hotel for the sole purpose of fucking is not exactly safe. So Kitty tries to look for clues. Over the course of a few days Kitty asked the man from Tinder a series of questions. Kitty’s questions vary from vanilla questions about family to “what is it your wife won’t do for you that Kitty can help you with?”

Getting a feel for my lover is a turn on and also enables Kitty to be more at ease and that’s when the orgasms flow.

One thing that the man from Tinder told me right off the bat was that this was his first time. He told me that he and his wife hadn’t had sex since their teenage son was conceived. Later he told me he had a girlfriend 10 years prior. Other comments he made did not make sense. He told me he had been in threesomes, that he had been told his cum tasted good and that he loved to give (oral sex). These comments for some reason gave Kitty the impression that the man from Tinder had been fucking much more recently than he admitted to.

We met as planned at a hotel Kitty had been to before. As agreed we did not speak. He kissed me and after a few seconds I began to remove his pants and kneeled in front of him. I recognized his cock from some pictures he had sent me. I began sucking him and in no time he came.

Kitty thought this was too soon but never the less, Kitty was in deep now. We moved over to the bed and yes, the man from Tinder gave Kitty some incredible oral and yes, Kitty did in fact cum. I don’t mean to seem ungrateful but what Kitty was really looking forward to after chatting for days with the man from Tinder was feeling his rock hard cock inside of me. Kitty LLLOOOOVVVVEEESSSSS a rock hard cock.

We lay in bed as Kitty silently prayed for the erection that the man from Tinder had promised. The man from Tinder held Kitty close and lavished all sorts of kind words upon Kitty.

It wasn’t until the man from Tinder mentioned something and I forget now what it was that Kitty asked “when was the last time you had sex?”

“January,” the man from Tinder admitted.

Kitty’s pussy immediately dried up…LIE!!! Kitty played it pretty cool from this point although it was quite obvious that I was disappointed with the untruth that the man from Tinder had told me. First he told Kitty this was his first time. Then He told Kitty he had a girlfriend 10 years ago and now Kitty finds out that the man from Tinder has had sex as recently as January. He does this as much as I do!!! WTF?!?!?

Okay, I’m sure you are thinking, “Kitty, don’t be so naive. All these men lie. They lie to their wives every time they cheat. What makes you think they won’t lie to you?”

Kitty has no answer for that. All I can say is that once Kitty is deceived in that nature, I am unable to trust that person again. I told the man from Tinder not to come inside me. Maybe he didn’t…or maybe he lied. See, without that trust what else do we have?



Jack Bader said...

Trust is a big thing to me, especially if it is with a person you are being intimate with.

If they are going to lie to you about the last time they had sex, they could be lying to you about STDs or anything else that could cause problems. While we all may practice safe sex, I would hate to have to worry about that type of situation.

Naughty Kitty said...

Exactly my point Bader :)

Jack Bader said...

Its too bad kitty that you don't live closer to me...

I would never lie to you ;)

Anonymous said...

I find it hard that one needs to lie to you, you're so open and understanding as I would be with you. I know you confide in me as I would with you. You are a good lover and friend... :)


Naughty Kitty said...

Why thank you, Hammer <3