Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sexy Secret Continued

So it’s Mother’s Day and Kitty is horny. I haven’t had sex since Hammer and I met over the winter…February I think. THAT’S THREE MONTHS!!!! That’s too long.
So Kitty decided to surprise the Geek with his fantasy “Stranger at the door” date after all. He thinks we are taking a walk but Kitty is going to show up at his door looking like the dirty little slut I am.

I painted my nails red, planned to dress in tight black yoga pants a white button down top which I would have unbuttoned exposing my breasts and wearing black stilettos.
The problem? Well, the Geek started his bullshit. He had planned to meet me after some stupid softball practice or something and it was running late. The ironic part is that Kitty was trying to fit in a fuck session between his fucking softball practice and something he had to do at night. Not to mention the fact that it IS Mother’s Day and Kitty IS a mother so I had my own dinner plans.

In the end unfortunately the Geek just irritated Kitty to the point where I cancelled our play date. Seriously this guy was not worth the trouble.  The way I figure it, if he is irritating outside of the bedroom there is no fucking way he won’t irritate me INSIDE the bedroom.

I think Kitty has learned a lesson. What that lesson is, I will have to let you all know. I really just wanted to let you all know that all is well and Kitty is safe…and still horny L


Max said...

You mean there's a lesson beyond trusting your initial instincts? :-)

Poor guy doesn't know what he missed. :-)

Naughty Kitty said...

I tried to tell him Max! I even gave him my website address so he could read about some of the fun we could be having. He told Kitty that I am the one missing out. I highly doubt that! Kitty has become quite intuitive about a man's performance in bed based on his personality outside of the bedroom. This guy would have been very high maintenance and something tells Kitty I wouldn't be able to reach my ultimate goal.

Thank God for my Hammer. He can get me there ;)

luvinfunnc said...
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