Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Special Visitor

He was late to arrive at my office…about 6 months late but he had texted me that he was on his way so when I heard the bell chime and heard him say my name my heart leapt. I took a deep breath and waited for the receptionist to half heartedly announce him. I acted somewhat surprised then walked to the front office to greet him. He looked up at me as though his dog had just died. I smiled trying to make my smile especially warm as I looked into his dark brown eyes. I hadn’t seen him in person since we were at his farm in the fall and although I gaze at pictures of him on facebook seeing him in person was like meeting a rock star. I glanced over at a neatly stacked bunch of papers that he had brought and tried to ease his mind by saying, “Oh look! 
That doesn’t look so bad!!” He followed me back to my office as I mentally tortured myself for not losing that 50 pounds that I had set out to do since I saw him last.

My boss stopped into my office as we went over The Cowboy’s paperwork and carried the conversation as I checked The Cowboy out from head to toe. Underneath his baseball cap I could see that his hair was beginning to turn a salt and pepper color. His skin was flawless and his facial features nearly perfect taken individually. He is not what people might think of as “classically handsome” but imagining his strong hands touching my body made Kitty wet. Hearing the sound of his voice…watching his mouth move and the sight of his biceps pulsating rendered me speechless. I feel the attraction to him completely. I am drawn to him undoubtedly and he is all that I can think of now.

My friends tease me, “You wouldn’t last 2 HOURS on a farm,” they say. But I think I could. I think I might be able to be a wife again…maybe. I’m sure I could be at the very least a dedicated girlfriend to the Cowboy. I’m sure I could have a beautiful meal ready for him after a hard day’s work. I am sure I could make love to him as he slips into bed after checking on the animals for the night.

And then I think about my own life. Could I make that crazy commute every morning to work? Could I give up my house at the beach? Could I spend lonely night after lonely night if he is in fact as tired as he describes and does not WANT Kitty to make love to him?

I suppose time will tell…