Friday, March 8, 2013

Pain Pain Go Away

Pain Pain Go Away
The pain of rejection is not new to me. I can’t figure out why some instances effect me more than others. Take the Spicy Italian. I thought we had a certain connection. In reality he pushed the sex too early. I wasn’t quite ready. Why you ask? Well, for one thing I am still self conscious about the weight that I have yet to shed since Angry Guy and I have split. The Spicy Italian has an amazing body for a man of his age although I have to say that he listed his height in his online profile as 5’6” and Kitty is thinking he is more like 5’2”. Since Kitty is quite short myself, the Spicy Italian’s height was not that much of an issue.

And so after that fateful night when Kitty slinked away from the Spicy Italian’s restaurant and back to my own office just a block away Kitty did not hear back from the Spicy Italian. I did see him online however. He was shopping for other women. He was clearly not satisfied or impressed by my performance in bed.  That infuriated me. And so just a day before Valentine’s Day I texted him as I saw him online on POF and said “find anybody interesting on POF?”

Thirty minutes later or so I received a text back from him saying “Driving to Philly”. I expected that to be the last I heard from him. To add insult to injury on Valentine’s Day I received a text from him saying “GM [Kitty]. You are a great person just don’t think we are compatible.”

WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!?!? Based on some of the wonderful conversations we had over the past weeks I thought we were DEFINITELY compatible. This was clearly physical and damn did it STING.

Over the course of the past few weeks I watched him online as he searched and searched for someone younger, thinner and more beautiful than Kitty. Oh and he will find her. You mark my words.

Once again having dealt with the pain of rejection for a good portion of my life not to mention through some of my Ashley Madison encounters I have come to realize one very important thing. Yes, the men do move on and they move on quickly. The Spicy Italian probably doesn’t EVER give me a thought. I would be surprised if he recognized me or even remembered my name at this point. But one thing that I have learned is that the pain DOES go away. Sometimes it takes a few weeks sometimes YEARS but this pain of mine. The pain of lost potential will go away. And Kitty will be stronger than ever. You mark my words.