Monday, August 3, 2015

Another Interesting Day in the Office

Things are moving painfully slow in Kitty’s world these days. I’m sure you are all aware based on lack of posting on my part. That’s not to say that there haven’t been playdates…

So over the weekend Kitty was playing on Plenty of Fish out of pure boredom. While Kitty was flipping through the “Meet Me” options who should pop up but good old E2.

Oh yeah well E2 and Kitty had a falling out of sorts after our night at his place. He claims Kitty lost my cool. Kitty disagrees. We did agree however to move on and I suppose be platonic friends for now.

So when Kitty saw E2 on POF of all places I just could not just let it go. When we were at his place I had asked if he did the online dating thing and in his arrogant tone he said, “Ha! I don’t have a problem meeting women!”

So what’s up with that?!?! His pictures sucked and there was nothing to his profile but “I have a pulse”. After thinking about it I realized that this really was an excellent depiction of E2’s personality “Arrogant Attorney”.

While Kitty did email him on POF, he never responded…until today…

Kitty was just working away as I tend to do on a Monday when I receive his text:

“Don’t like that site. Didn’t put much thought into it.”

Kitty thought, “Ya THINK?!?!?”

Then that funny E2 started a conversation with Kitty…vanilla at first then Kitty made a threesome joke about one of my besties who told me that the thought of a man putting his hands on her made her skin crawl. Can you IMAGINE?!?!?!

Anyway that led to E2 asking about Esq. and correct me if I am wrong but Kitty detected the slightest hint of jealousy in E2’s texts. Did this amuse Kitty? Well…Kitty cannot tell a lie. E2 is so damned arrogant that it does not make Kitty sad. He needs to be knocked down a few pegs.

In addition Esq. scored some major points with Kitty yesterday. Kitty was at the beach and a little bored. I began dreaming about our next threesome and texted Esq, “miss me?”

Kitty’s gotta give that Esq credit. In just a few minutes he responded, “As a matter of fact I do. How’s your weekend going?”

Now how many high profile attorneys do you know that text like that to their wives much less their mistress? Listen, it doesn’t take much to score points with Kitty but this sure helped brighten my day so score one for Esq.

Okay back to E2. He must have been super frisky today because he asked me to describe in detail via text about my threesome. Kitty was tempted at this point to give E2 my blog link but I thought better of it. As Kitty described it I couldn’t help but wonder if E2 was getting hard in his office. Kitty sure was getting worked up remembering.

Then that silly E2 asked Kitty, “ever done 3?”

“Lol no. I’m not a circus act. It was something we wanted to try. It was a very controlled environment. As vanilla as you can get in a threesome situation lol.”

Then Kitty texted, “You and I kind of had a nice time…”

E2: “We did…”

Kitty: “Nice kissing”

E2: “and”

Kitty: “I was about to tell you that I couldn’t cum when I was riding your cock. Then you started sucking my nipples and brought it home.”

E2: “Perfect”

Kitty: “Perfect??”

E2: “U came…”

Kitty: “and did you like it?”

E2: “yes”

Kitty: “Specifically??”

E2: “When you were on your knees”

Can you tell that it’s like pulling teeth to get anything out of E2 in the way of a compliment?

So here I sit, reading and re-reading my texts with nothing better to do for now. Wondering what the next move is and when it will be.