Wednesday, December 28, 2016

They Can't Stop Thinking...

I guess he can’t stop thinking about Kitty. I mean he JUST got married this past summer and he’s reaching out to me already? I can’t say that I am surprised. He was trying to get with Kitty before he finally tied the knot. He’s one of those guys that swears once the ink is dry he’ll be faithful. YEAH RIGHT!!!

But Kitty has changed. Married men don’t necessarily appeal to me anymore. Wait…let me rephrase…NEW married men don’t necessarily appeal to me these days. Kitty is quite content with the few married lovers that I have and then should Kitty meet a new single prospect…well…we will cross that bridge if and when we ever come to it.

So yes, Kitty owes you all yet another apology for dropping out of site. But Kitty’s vanilla life is quite busy leaving no time for Kitty to write not to mention trying to keep things sexy for you all.

In reality, yes, Kitty still has sex but as I said to a blogging buddy of mine, it’s not the “dirtier the better” sex that Kitty has had in the past. The sex Kitty has been having is more fulfilling. Kitty’s lovers have been around for a while and so our sex has become familiar and comfortable which is nice for Kitty but maybe not so exciting to read about.

Ahhh well. I do want to wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2017 and please feel free to email Kitty. I love keeping in touch!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

End of Summer Fucking

Hey there!! How are you all? I’m not sure about you but Kitty is sort of looking forward to the end of summer. This has not been a great one for Kitty but I sure don’t want to complain. Thank goodness 

Kitty seems to be in good health and working on my last pesky issue with my back/sciatica. Yeah…it’s really been keeping Kitty honest that’s for sure. Aside from IMYM who left the scene early in July, Kitty has only had one play date.

Kitty always believes that things work out for the best and I’m not sure about you but I’ve noticed that play dates especially with married men pretty much come to a halt during the summer. I suppose it’s because kids are home from school, spouses are on vacation…whatever the reason it is not quite as easy to fly under the radar. Kitty totally gets that. Kitty still has to fly under the radar as well. Even though Kitty is single, I still have my secret life.

So today Kitty got a signal that summer is coming to an end and playmates are in touch and looking forward to playtime with Kitty and believe me the feeling is mutual. Kitty is surprisingly busy at work for this time of year so corresponding today was difficult. Just as an example I heard from Esq2, The Traveling Salesman, Dodger, Hammer…

Kitty was doing some work for one of Esq2’s clients. I made the mistake of texting him and said, “I’m working on one of your clients and all I can think about is riding your cock. How fucked up is that?!?!?!”

Esq2’s response was, “Understandable”. Can you believe what a mother fucker that guy is?? Man, his ego is incredible but damn does his cocky attitude make Kitty wet. I am pretty sure he knows it too.

Quite the opposite is IMYM. Now he and I have not been together since early July. Kitty has very little patience for IMYM’s drama with his Asian girlfriend. Mostly it bugs me when he lies to me about her and blows me off to do some ridiculous with her like play bingo for the 10th time in a week. The last time he did that I confronted him about it. He curled up in a little ball and disappeared until today.

Kitty made the mistake of calling him to ask a favor for a friend and yes it was a little bit of a rush knowing that I was calling him in the middle of playing his regular Wednesday morning bingo game with the Asian. I let the phone ring but did not leave a message. Damn! IMYM must have jumped up and threw his Bingo cards all over to bolt out and call me back. I’ve been laughing at the visual all day. So after the issue with the favor was resolved Kitty made the mistake of asking IMYM how he is. Sadly he took the whiner’s approach and whined, “Not real good.” Now listen, I don’t mean to be harsh but Kitty is strong and in charge 23 1/2 hours a day. Is it too much to ask that the men she fucks be MEN for just 30 minutes?!?!?! To make a long story short Kitty agreed to meet IMYM sometime but then Kitty got to thinking about fucking IMYM and that just distracted me even more. So I’m thinking about maybe just fucking IMYM when it’s convenient and scratching the whole vanilla dating thing. I mean he’s got a great cock and there is something sexy about sneaking around with him. So we will just have to see about that.

Ahhh and then there is the Traveling Salesman. Kitty sure does love to get him wound up. He’s a tough one to describe. He seems very straight laced sort of like Kitty but I just feel like there’s a dirty little male slut aching to get out so today of all days Kitty took the bait and toyed with the Salesman. Oh we had our usual vanilla emails back and forth. “Does Wednesday work for you?” “I’m looking forward to seeing you.” Blah blah blah but then the devil in Kitty pushed the envelope and emailed, 

“What do you have in mind?”

Traveling Salesman: “I would stay at the Homewood Suites, we can share some appetizers, have a little wine, some cuddling, some foreplay. Maybe you can complete this?”


So I emailed, “Oh my! I have so many filthy ideas but in the end we always have better luck and more fun going with the flow don’t we? I do miss feeling you inside of me”

Okay so maybe that was a bit of a stretch. As much as I adore the Traveling Salesman his little cocktail weenie cock is hardly noticeable inside of me. But still when he responded with, “such as?” I had to let go.

“Well I’m a girl that likes to be directed in bed. I like for the man to take charge so first and foremost your wish is my command. Having said that I do enjoy everything we have done so far and am always up for trying something new if the mood strikes you. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to pleasure you so kneeling in front of you and sucking your cock is always something I enjoy doing. I hope you enjoy the way I suck your cock. I did enjoy riding your cock last time we were together. I have a funny story to tell you but I did come across a pair of handcuffs at neighborhood thrift. I can bring those if you are in the mood to play. I do enjoy being restrained but if that does not appeal to you we can skip that. I enjoy being fucked from behind but again that is totally up to you. Do you have any thoughts or did I miss anything that you might like to try?”

Traveling Salesman: “I really enjoy the way you suck my cock. Even when we were restricted in the back of your car, remember that? Loved it. Sure, bring the handcuffs would love to try them out. Certainly looking forward to seeing you, my cock is already at attention.”

My god! It’s like pulling teeth to get some of these men to step out of their comfort zone. For god’s sake! You are fucking a woman other than your wife!!You took the first step! You have a woman who is prepared to fulfill your wildest dreams! Now make the most of it!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summertime Getaway

“You have a choice of three things that I can do to you. A. I can lick your pussy until you cum. B. I can fuck you from behind or C. I can get on top of you and fuck the shit out of you”

He offered these options as I was riding his cock. Unable to think clearly all I could do was listen to my body. That’s what the doctors have been telling me to do lately so I thought, “Kitty, what is your body telling you?”

“Well, it’s a win/win/win for me now isn’t it?” I asked to buy myself a little time. His cock felt so good inside of me, I could not bear to move and risk that feeling going away.

“We both win.” He said as he moved inside of me ever so slightly letting me take the lead for the most part.

“I think I’m going to have to ask you to fuck me from behind,” I said thinking I wasn’t sure when I’d get the opportunity again and let’s face it being fucked from behind is just oh so delectable.

“Go to the edge of the bed,” he directed,

Kitty obeyed as he moved up from behind me and moved his cock inside of Kitty’s already wet pussy. God it felt good! I heard myself moan among his then felt him push his cock into my back while he came. RELEASE…

We both needed it. The days and weeks ahead will be grueling for him and hopefully Kitty will be working through my own health issues.

I have to say, those few hours locked away in our little hotel getaway will sure keep Kitty smiling.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Summertime Blues

I’ve wanted to write for some time now but just haven’t been able to. It’s funny. When I was married, I had no life but plenty to write about. Now that I am single I am living life with little or no time to write about it. Between you and me, I’ll take the latter.

This summer has been a bust so far. Kitty has come down with a mean case of sciatica. I’m hoping you all know what that is but basically it is a pinched nerve that runs the full length of your leg. The pain is excruciating and it’s constant. So far I’ve tried chiropractics, ART (Active Release Techniques), stretching, exercise you name it.  Anyway, I know you all don’t want to read Kitty’s complaints. Believe me; Kitty is NOT happy right now.

Being that Kitty always likes to find the silver lining, my massage therapist is quite wonderful with his hands and he is absolutely gigantic. Damn Kitty would love to get a piece of that. But alas the young stud is spoken for and monogamous I am sure. Just to give you an idea of what we are dealing with, he is a former professional NFL lineman. His stats say he is 6’2” 329 or something like that but he is immense and has the most wonderful sense of humor which for any of you who know Kitty in real life know that humor is the biggest turn on for Kitty…well that and a huge cock. For the most part Kitty prefers playmates that are a bit older than Kitty but for this guy, I’d make an exception.

I’ve lost my patience with more than a few of my playmates including “I’ve Missed You Man” but in the end Kitty is better off. I forget if I mentioned it or not but last year Kitty met someone on Tinder. We never met in person but he was here with his daughter and her family so we matched up. We texted for a few days then he left without one word about meeting in person. Over the winter he found Kitty on facebook then sure enough when he made his annual trek here we agreed to meet. In the end Kitty is not sure if there was a legitimate misunderstanding or just a general disrespect for Kitty’s time but he texted me 7:00 p.m. the day we were supposed to meet to ask what Kitty where Kitty wanted to meet. Fuck that!!! By 7:00 p.m. Kitty is slowing down not gearing up. So basically that jackass missed his shot. A few weeks later Kitty just had to know the truth. Did he have another date that did not go well so he thought he’d squeeze Kitty in? Well he won’t admit to it but honestly sometimes Kitty feels like screaming at these idiots, 


Oh don’t worry about Kitty. There is always another playmate just around the corner and even so Kitty is plenty busy in my vanilla life. Other than the physical pain of sciatica, life is good. My kids are healthy and happy thank God. They will be out of the house in no time at which point Kitty is seriously considering a big, exciting move.

So I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. If so, please share. Kitty loves to read your comments. Or as always feel free to email me

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Lovers

His cock gets as hard as an 18 year old boy yet he is 14 years my senior. He moans as Kitty gently takes the head of his cock into my mouth. I run my tongue around it enjoying the sweet and salty taste of his precum. I take in more of his cock. He rests his hands gently on my head letting me know not to stop. His breath quickens and I move up to his face. He begins kissing me feverishly...passionately. He pulls me on top of him. His cock slides into me very easily almost like the missing piece of a puzzle. I feel those sensations. My pussy is wet. I am riding his cock. He is looking me straight in the eyes. "This feels good," I tell him.


He closes his eyes briefly then opens them and says, "I love watching you."


I think to myself, "I love that you love watching me."


New lovers are so much fun aren't they? Kitty especially loves new vanilla lovers who have no idea what to expect from Kitty and then realize that you can't judge this particular book by it's cover.


The best part of this new vanilla lover of Kitty's is that he is under no pressure to perform for me. If he doesn't go down on Kitty, I can always count on Surfer Dude...or at least I hope I can. That velvet tongue devil! Esq is always good for a good pounding from behind and let's not forget about the threesome and potential threesomes to come with Sidekick.


Kitty even loves that this new lover has another girlfriend that he is hiding Kitty from. In other words Kitty knows about her but she does not know about Kitty. I wonder if she realizes how hard Kitty makes her boyfriend's cock! I wonder if he cries out when he cums...IF he cums when he is with her. According to him he's not been interested in sex for a while. I'm confident I've changed all that for him. At least he's plenty interested in sex with Kitty. I have to say he really is quite a competent lover. He is very warm and gentle. After we both cum we lay in his bed and fall asleep. It's really very sweet and quite different from the "fuck me and leave" sessions that I have with the others. But let's face it, without the others Kitty would be bored. Afterall, as I always say "Variety is the spice of life."


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I've Missed You Man

Kitty has been quite a busy Kitty lately…and quite naughty thereby living up to my name. Among other things Kitty has met a vanilla boyfriend. I call him “I’ve missed you man”. You see Kitty has known IMYM for years. We pray together but IMYM is painfully shy. The others at our place of worship would tease Kitty because I would say hello to IMYM and he would disappear for months. One day this past fall IMYM decided to approach Kitty at the social hour after services. Not to sound conceited or anything but Kitty is quite popular among our group as I am one of the few single women under the age of 85 so when IMYM came up to me it seemed like everything else stopped. And that night after IMYM left all the 80 and over women gathered in the kitchen for a little hen chat.

I’d see IMYM at services every so often and we would chat just a little. He would blush the entire time and then disappear for weeks. Over the winter there was a break since the weather can get harsh here and we are dealing with quite a few senior citizens. OH!! Did I mention that IMYM is 64?!?!?! No worries though. The other women assured me that men that age can still “get it up”. WHEW!!

So a few weeks into the spring we are all back to praying in our regular sanctuary still getting over the loss of a few of our beloved congregants. After a few weeks IMYM comes up to Kitty and tells Kitty to wait because he has something for me. OH SHOOT!!! I forgot to mention that IMYM’s birthday was in December and Kitty gave him a card and a little bag of candy as a token. Kitty’s birthday is in March so I suspected that he was going to repay the favor although I had no idea how he would know when my birthday was.

So IMYM left the sanctuary and returned with the most beautiful purple envelope covered with pictures of butterflies. He went into an entire explanation about giving me the card and having it but not seeing me yadda yadda. Then Kitty’s teenage daughter came out into the hall where IMYM asked me to meet him and IMYM completely lost his somewhat shaky composure.
In the car Kitty read the card and it said, “I’ve missed you and I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s day”. Now isn’t that just the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard?!?!?!?!

Unfortunately IMYM did not leave any contact information. Kitty used her connections to get his email address and a beautiful somewhat fucked up vanilla relationship has formed.
You see IMYM is kind of a down on your luck kind of guy. He is semi retired but never put any money away for retirement so it seems like he lives on social security or disability and a little part time job he has. Not that Kitty is a snob or anything but I am quite motivated professionally so while 

I adore IMYM, I know right away that I will never be monogamous with him.
So Kitty and IMYM went out on a traditional dinner date last week. It was nice. IMYM has made great strides in coming out of his shell over the past few days. We had a nice conversation at dinner then walked to the beach and talked there. Then Kitty drove IMYM home because he doesn’t have a car…I know…I know!!!

The thing about IMYM is that even though there is an age difference between us it is very subtle and does not hinder our conversation. For example on the way back to his place he said, “Do you like Woody Allen?” and Kitty said, “of course!” then IMYM went into how in “Annie Hall” they get the kiss over with at the beginning of the date to get past the awkwardness. This surprised Kitty somewhat since I was kind of thought maybe he was gay and/or just wanted to be friends. But Kitty being Kitty went with the flow and kissed IMYM. I have to say the kiss itself was just okay. IMYM’s moustache seemed to get in the way but I could see there was potential so Kitty went with it.

A few days later IMYM and Kitty met up at our sanctuary at the social hour. IMYM blushed the entire time of course but we kept things pretty vanilla in front of the other congregants. I did take him home that night. We were chatting and he mentioned that he left his cell phone at work. Kitty made a joke about hoping no one sees his sexting and he said, “Something like that”. This intrigued Kitty.
Kitty texted IMYM later that night and asked if he’d like to meet me Wednesday for dinner. He agreed and texted, “I hope Wednesday comes quickly.” See…those little things warm Kitty’s little Grinch heart.

I couldn’t stop thinking about IMYM’s comment about the sexting. There is obviously more to him and Kitty wants to get to the bottom of it. The next night Kitty decided to blow off chores and asked IMYM what he was up to. We decided to park and just chat for a while. We began kissing and talking about sex. It turns out IMYM is into porn. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get it out of him. That’s what the sexting comment was about. He was afraid someone at work would see his history on his phone. He likes lesbian porn. When he was telling Kitty this Kitty was grinning from ear to ear. He was confessing like I was a priest and I think he was pretty surprised by my reaction which was,”yeah you and every other man in the world like to watch women have sex with one another. Don’t sweat it!”

IMYM admitted to Kitty that he doesn’t much enjoy sex. He says he feels “inadequate” whatever that means. Then talk about mixed messages…he invites Kitty in after some pretty intense kissing. IMYM fortunately trimmed his moustache so the kissing was much better and made Kitty quite wet so yes of course I went inside with him!!!

We lay on his bed in the tiny apartment that he shares with 2 other men. Quite a sketchy bunch but let’s face it, Kitty is not one to judge. It did not take long before IMYM began to undress Kitty. So much for not enjoying sex!! When Kitty undressed IMYM I exposed a nice sized hard as a rock cock. VERY NICE. Kitty rubbed it just a little and IMYM pulled Kitty on top of him. Just the way Kitty likes it. Kitty rode IMYM’s nice cock until he came which did not take long but Kitty thought it was a nice start.

A few days later…a little more of the same…so you see IMYM is becoming a nice little vanilla fuck buddy for Kitty. Surprisingly enough though IMYM has another woman that he sees. Apparently she is more down on her luck as well. She is Vietnamese, jobless with a gambling problem and oh yeah! She’s possessive of IMYM not to mention the fact that she has other boyfriends. What a fucking mess!!!

When IMYM told me about her again I think he was surprised by my reaction or “non” reaction. Sure, why shouldn’t IMYM continue to see his Asian girlfriend? Kitty is not threatened and of course Kitty has her own bag of tricks.

So last night when Esq. texted and asked if I’d be around just one night after fucking IMYM for the second time Kitty jumped right on it. Esq. has a Kitty’s blogging bestie points out has turned into quite the diamond in the rough. He is not the best at oral and he is kind of a pain in the ass with his last minute invitations but in the end Esq. has the greatest hardest cock and when he fucks Kitty from behind it is pure bliss.

So last night while Esq. was fucking me hard from behind while reaching around and rubbing my clit as I cried out in ecstasy all I could think was “oh what a lucky little kitty I am”.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Back By Popular Command

Kitty is back! Kitty is back! Well…sort of. Kitty has had quite a few men asking when I will be back. Actually I never really left. I just lacked inspiration. That’s not to say that Kitty hasn’t been playing. Kitty had a pretty hot play date just yesterday. My sweet, wonderful Surfer Dude kidnapped Kitty for the day. We spent the entire day in bed fucking for hours. It was wonderful and relaxing to say the least. That man has ruined Kitty with that velvet tongue of his. Nobody can make Kitty cum with their tongue like he can. I believe at one point in the midst of one of my many orgasms Kitty confessed this to him.

On a separate note today was an absolutely shitty day at work. Kitty never has bad days at work. This is the first in several years. To make matters worse Kitty received texts from several former playmates. I call them former playmates because after the day I had I’m in no mood to put up with their nonsense. Kitty doesn’t ask for much from my playmates but I think as a result some of them lack respect for Kitty.

Take T-Bone for example. He’s going through some shit at home. Kitty won’t get into it but I’ve been a good friend to him even offering to let him stay with me while he gets his shit together. Today he texted me while I was at work and starts telling me about this new chick he is dating. Then he starts sending me pictures of her. Kitty doesn’t want to hear or see that shit! Kitty knows my playmates have other women. Let’s face it, Kitty is not exclusive but hearing about other women is not a turn on for Kitty especially in light of the fact that T-Bone makes promise after promise to keep in touch with Kitty and the only time I hear from him is when he wants something. So T-Bone, if you happen to be reading this please don’t text or call me anymore. Kitty isn’t your doormat.

While we are on the subject of pet peeves, something else has been pissing Kitty off. It seems certain men, namely Ebony posts all this lovey dovey shit on facebook about his wife and how she is the “love of my life” then that bastard starts texting Kitty to try to hook up. Again, I know these guys love their wives. Kitty realizes my purpose is to get them off because their wives won’t. I have no problem with that but why on earth would you rub my nose in it. Goodbye to you, Ebony.

The smart one in all of this is Esq. He says all the right things and keeps his other playmates to himself. Esq. plays it just right and he comes with a Sidekick that makes a nice little threesome.

Kitty is hoping tomorrow is a better day. I know it will be but every now and then I can’t help but think it might be nice to get an honest to goodness down to earth hug from someone who may actually care.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

High School Musical

There aren’t many men any more that can make Kitty feel small and somehow he can. He’s not particularly handsome or rich. He IS smart. I will give him that and I suppose that is what is attractive about him to Kitty. We also joke quite a bit (albeit by text) which is always a turn on for Kitty. I haven’t seen him in person since that night at his back woods house. The night that I fucked his incredibly large cock and then he refused to kiss me afterwards.

After not hearing from him for months he finally “pocket dialed” Kitty. We began to text. I asked him what went wrong. Why didn’t he keep in touch? I thought he thought the sex was bad. He said, “You lost your cool.” What the FUCK does THAT mean?!?!?

At any rate, we got past it and have been texting on and off since then…for 8 long months. We talk about meeting for lunch. We talk about fucking again. We talk every so often about a threesome with one of his down and out friends. But in the end it’s all just talk.

There’s an arrogance about him. That’s what keeps Kitty intrigued along with that dominance. Kneeling in front of him while I attempted to suck his enormous cock. Having him force himself on me to a certain degree. It’s a turn on to Kitty.
Bad Boy said he must have been one of those guys that never got laid in high school. He must have been one of those guys that none of the girls liked and so now that he is a successful attorney he is taking it out on all of us. Bad Boy may be right but as we all know, Kitty cannot turn away from a challenge.

For whatever reason Kitty texted Esq. 2 and said, “We should have a play date.” He was out of town all last week. He was at a conference. We texted throughout the week and he was due to come home. I hadn’t heard from him so I followed up the next day which happened to be his first day back in the office. Of course Kitty knew he’d be swamped with work but when Kitty offers up a play date the polite thing to do is at least ACKNOWLEDGE the invitation!

Instead he said he was busy. Okay…I didn’t mean that EXACT moment. It kind of make Kitty feel shitty that he blew me off that way. He’s kind of an asshole. It’s funny though because I mentioned it to my teenage son and he said, “You can’t expect him to read your mind. You have to be specific. I mean, I’m not the guy’s biggest fan but he’s not wrong here.” And I thought to myself, “Kitty, he’s RIGHT! You have to be specific. You have to give him a chance.”

So I texted Esq. 2 with a more specific time and date. He said, “Let’s touch base tomorrow.” Okay then! Now here is the thing…I’m not sure why Esq2 is different for me. Maybe it is because he is a work associate, maybe because he is so local or maybe because I REALLY like him intellectually and aside from his gigantic cock he offers very little sexually for me. For whatever reason even though Kitty offered the play date, I just wasn’t sure about it. Esq2 and me…we have a lot to work out as far as compatibility. Kitty is all about kissing and Esq2 not so much. Esq2 is about dominance which is great inside the bedroom but outside; he’s really kind of a DICK.

So when he said, “Let’s touch base tomorrow,” Kitty thought…”okay let’s wait and see.” And then…he texted,

“Is Fred invited?” Fred…his down and out friend.

Kitty being honest and somewhat taken aback texted, “I hadn’t thought about it.”


“I’m not quite ready for that”

“Sure you are…lol”

“I was thinking about some one on one attention but we can make it for another time.”

And then….nothing…just like a high school kid not getting his way. We all know that Kitty is not afraid of a little threesome especially with two men but there is a way to do things right. I try to explain to these guys. I was with Esq. dozens of times before we had our threesome with Sidekick. Esq. and Kitty have chemistry and there is just something about him that Kitty trusts. So these guys that Kitty has only been with one time who want to jump into threesomes well…those days are over for Kitty…not the threesomes…the” random, desperate sex with strangers” thing.

So yeah, Esq. 2 shutting Kitty down because he isn’t getting his way hurt Kitty’s feelings a little sort of like back in high school. But in the end Kitty knows it’s not right and it’s not necessary. And in the end Kitty and Esq2 are just not meant to be.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Taking the Hard Line

It’s funny really how different each of us can be from one another. I’m always joking with my work bestie about how I wish I could take Esq2’s cock, combine it with Esq.’s personality and The Surfer’s tongue. “The perfect man,” I tell her.
Esq and Kitty have been trying to get together now for quite a while. In his defense Esq. has offered to come down Kitty’s way several times and Kitty just didn’t make the effort to drop everything and meet him. In Kitty’s defense these meetings would be in the middle of the night. Kitty would have an hour to shower, shave, dress and apply make-up. Given Kitty’s chosen profession along with the type A personality you would agree that this sort of thing doesn’t always work for Kitty.

But yesterday Esq texted Kitty at work and asked if I would be interested in meeting after work. Now Kitty had planned to go out to dinner with one of my tight ass friends but ditched the idea somewhere around noon thinking the longer I had Esq, the more orgasms I could have.

When I arrived at his house I walked in and called for him. No answer so I called again and then quickly realized that he was on the phone still dressed in his business suit talking about some big case and about “taking the hard line”. Listening to Esq take the hard line made Kitty super wet. This is the part of Esq that turns Kitty on. Esq is not a typical asshole guy at least not to Kitty. He is always very sweet, warm and giving. He apologized to me as the person on the other end rambled. I assured him it was fine. In reality it was sort of foreplay for Kitty.

When he finally got off the phone he grabbed a water for Kitty out of the fridge. He had lit about 10 candles lighting the otherwise dark room. We chatted and then mid sentence Esq began to kiss Kitty. Contrary to Traveling Salesman Kitty and Esq have a chemistry. We have a rapport. We decided to go upstairs to the bedroom taking two of the candles with us. The house was like an icebox as it was built in 1890 with little or no insulation and it was an absolutely frigid day.

We quickly undressed and slipped under the covers. Esq was warm and quite nice about letting Kitty warm up next to him even though I was freezing.

Now Kitty can’t be sure but I suspect Esq has or had another mistress. He had some new moves which Kitty happened not to care for. One thing I have learned after a year with Esq is he likes to do his thing. He likes to go down on Kitty even though he just doesn’t have the touch I need. He was able to make me cum right after our threesome with Sidekick. It was as though he observed Sidekick’s technique and followed it the letter. But yesterday, he was too hard…too rough. Someone he fucks must like it but Kitty likes it slow and gentle. I told him I wanted his cock. He said, “You’ll get it”. So I laid back and tried to lean into the pain.

Luckily he gave in and said, “Roll over”. Kitty happily obeyed. Esq slipped that beautiful hard cock of his inside Kitty and slammed into me over and over while holding my hips. His cock seemed bigger than ever. Kitty heard myself moan, and then he moaned and rested on my back. Kitty had missed getting fucked from behind. In fact I think the last time was back in June which was the last time I saw Esq.

We lay in bed talking. Esq likes to talk…A LOT. We took a look at the clock and it was almost time to go but Kitty needed to cum so I began to kiss Esq. Kitty leaned down and put his half erect cock in my mouth and damned if that thing did not become nice and hard in a matter of seconds. Kitty climbed on top of Esq hard cock and began to ride him and boy did it feel good. I could tell that he was ready to cum before I was but Kitty persevered. I rode and rubbed and gyrated. Sure enough Esq came but Kitty didn’t stop. Kitty went to my happy place where Esq is standing behind me thrusting and Sidekick is in front of me with his dick in my mouth. Thinking, visualizing and wishing Kitty finally came.

I must have worked harder than I thought because as soon as I got home I crawled into my own bed, fell asleep and was finally able to relax.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bringing it Home

Kitty received a very sexy email the other day…well…it was sexy to Kitty. See, Kitty and the Traveling Salesman were making plans to meet. He gets a really nice hotel suite nearby and he’ll pick up some wine while Kitty will try to provide a snack of some sort. Last year on New Years I made up a beautiful, festive fruit and cheese tray. The last time we met I made chocolate fondue only something went wrong and it was a terrible disaster. So as we were making our plans via email I told him I might try the fondue again since it bothers me that it was so bad the last time. I asked him if he had any cravings.

His response which Kitty found terribly sexy was, “I crave you.” Damn! Don’t ask me why but to this day that line makes me wet even knowing the truth about the Travelling Salesman.

It is difficult to describe the Traveling Salesman. First of all, we have been fucking for a year now and I don’t believe he knows Kitty’s name…and I mean my FIRST name. I find it funny and sexy and pathetic all at the same time. It just kind of got lost in the shuffle. At first it was a game to conceal it but now it’s simply too late for him to ask. 
I’m not quite sure. Maybe he wants it that way.

So our usual routine is that kitty goes to meet him at his beautiful hotel suite. He had laid out a beautiful spread on the coffee table in the living room area. He set out two plates, forks, napkins a cocktail shrimp plate and two glasses of wine. Kitty arrived and quickly got the fondue together which by the way was perfect this time.

We sat and chatted for about an hour which is actually quite nice. We talk like friends about family, work and then he excuses himself to go to the bathroom.

“I got you a gift,” he said on his way back to the couch. It was a candle. Kitty loves gifts from lovers all though they are few and far between but just the thought makes 
Kitty wet and making Kitty wet buys extra cock sucking for that person.

We began to kiss and although Kitty adores the Traveling Salesman he just does not have the skill set Kitty is used to. Kissing on the couch is very awkward so we move to the bedroom. We kiss and I can feel that he is already hard. We undress and slip into bed but this time Kitty knows not to go down on the Traveling Salesman. Kitty has the need to feel his cock inside of me and going down on him gets him too excited. Kitty gets the feeling that the Traveling Salesman is vanilla all the way. Try as I might he will not admit to any fantasies or desires. Kitty does most of the thinking. In fact he never even hinted that he’d like kitty to suck his cock and when I did he lost all control.

This time however Kitty played it safe. As we lay in bed kissing Kitty rubbed the Salesman’s cock and we found ourselves in the perfect spot for Kitty to roll on top of the Salesman so I did. Typically Kitty prefers the man to take control but “Desperate times call for desperate measures” as they say. As soon as I put his cock inside of me, I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn’t going to last long with me on top. The bad part is that I could hardly feel his dick inside of me which made me sad. But alas, Kitty is a GIVER so I decided to make the best of it and rock the Traveling Salesman’s world without a thought for myself.

Kitty rocked and gyrated on top of the Salesman as his face twisted and turned. I sucked on each of his nipples giving each a little nibble and within a matter of minutes kitty could see and hear that he was cumming. Kitty pulled off of his cock quickly giving him a moment to catch his breath.

The thing about the Traveling Salesman is that he is not one to snuggle or caress after he cums. When he is done he is done which is fine with Kitty. We did take a few moments to regroup. He said a few nice words then we dressed and Kitty braved the bitter cold night to go back home.

You may ask, “Kitty, weren’t you disappointed that you didn’t cum?” Well…Kitty likes the Traveling Salesman. Maybe he can’t bring it home in bed but he is kind and sweet and if Kitty can give him some pleasure then that in a sense makes me feel good too.