Tuesday, January 19, 2016

High School Musical

There aren’t many men any more that can make Kitty feel small and somehow he can. He’s not particularly handsome or rich. He IS smart. I will give him that and I suppose that is what is attractive about him to Kitty. We also joke quite a bit (albeit by text) which is always a turn on for Kitty. I haven’t seen him in person since that night at his back woods house. The night that I fucked his incredibly large cock and then he refused to kiss me afterwards.

After not hearing from him for months he finally “pocket dialed” Kitty. We began to text. I asked him what went wrong. Why didn’t he keep in touch? I thought he thought the sex was bad. He said, “You lost your cool.” What the FUCK does THAT mean?!?!?

At any rate, we got past it and have been texting on and off since then…for 8 long months. We talk about meeting for lunch. We talk about fucking again. We talk every so often about a threesome with one of his down and out friends. But in the end it’s all just talk.

There’s an arrogance about him. That’s what keeps Kitty intrigued along with that dominance. Kneeling in front of him while I attempted to suck his enormous cock. Having him force himself on me to a certain degree. It’s a turn on to Kitty.
Bad Boy said he must have been one of those guys that never got laid in high school. He must have been one of those guys that none of the girls liked and so now that he is a successful attorney he is taking it out on all of us. Bad Boy may be right but as we all know, Kitty cannot turn away from a challenge.

For whatever reason Kitty texted Esq. 2 and said, “We should have a play date.” He was out of town all last week. He was at a conference. We texted throughout the week and he was due to come home. I hadn’t heard from him so I followed up the next day which happened to be his first day back in the office. Of course Kitty knew he’d be swamped with work but when Kitty offers up a play date the polite thing to do is at least ACKNOWLEDGE the invitation!

Instead he said he was busy. Okay…I didn’t mean that EXACT moment. It kind of make Kitty feel shitty that he blew me off that way. He’s kind of an asshole. It’s funny though because I mentioned it to my teenage son and he said, “You can’t expect him to read your mind. You have to be specific. I mean, I’m not the guy’s biggest fan but he’s not wrong here.” And I thought to myself, “Kitty, he’s RIGHT! You have to be specific. You have to give him a chance.”

So I texted Esq. 2 with a more specific time and date. He said, “Let’s touch base tomorrow.” Okay then! Now here is the thing…I’m not sure why Esq2 is different for me. Maybe it is because he is a work associate, maybe because he is so local or maybe because I REALLY like him intellectually and aside from his gigantic cock he offers very little sexually for me. For whatever reason even though Kitty offered the play date, I just wasn’t sure about it. Esq2 and me…we have a lot to work out as far as compatibility. Kitty is all about kissing and Esq2 not so much. Esq2 is about dominance which is great inside the bedroom but outside; he’s really kind of a DICK.

So when he said, “Let’s touch base tomorrow,” Kitty thought…”okay let’s wait and see.” And then…he texted,

“Is Fred invited?” Fred…his down and out friend.

Kitty being honest and somewhat taken aback texted, “I hadn’t thought about it.”


“I’m not quite ready for that”

“Sure you are…lol”

“I was thinking about some one on one attention but we can make it for another time.”

And then….nothing…just like a high school kid not getting his way. We all know that Kitty is not afraid of a little threesome especially with two men but there is a way to do things right. I try to explain to these guys. I was with Esq. dozens of times before we had our threesome with Sidekick. Esq. and Kitty have chemistry and there is just something about him that Kitty trusts. So these guys that Kitty has only been with one time who want to jump into threesomes well…those days are over for Kitty…not the threesomes…the” random, desperate sex with strangers” thing.

So yeah, Esq. 2 shutting Kitty down because he isn’t getting his way hurt Kitty’s feelings a little sort of like back in high school. But in the end Kitty knows it’s not right and it’s not necessary. And in the end Kitty and Esq2 are just not meant to be.


Same sassy girl said...

Wait... you talk with your son about these guys? Wow. It is great to see you doing it the way you want to now. Or not doing it. Bravo!

Naughty Kitty said...

Well obviously I don't tell them EVERYTHING!! They know that I date. They know their first names and sometimes what they do. Esq2 is local and we have friends in common so they know more about him than most. It's one of the things I love most about being single. I don't have to lie. Do I bring these guys home and fuck them in my bedroom while my kids are here? NONONONO!!! But if I'm going to meet one of them my kids feel better knowing who I am going to meet then of course the details of what we actually do are a little blurry.

We DO joke about them being married because to be quite honest even the "single" men I date are still married on some level. Mostly they are eternally separated and like Esq2 for whatever reason will not finalize the divorce. I tend to think it's financial. In the end I don't care because let's face it I do not want to get married again.

Mike said...

are you still around?

Naughty Kitty said...

I am!!! Just too busy to write lately. Feel free to email me. My email is Naughtykitty314@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

never give in to someone else's desperation. it's a quicksand you can't escape from.

Naughty Kitty said...

Nah, I won't give in. In the end Esq. 2 and I are not compatible. I know that.