Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guess Who

You’ll never guess who came to MY house the other day…my old sweet buddy and former lover HAMMER! I know…RIGHT?!?!?!

Kitty needed some pipes cleaned and who better to clean Kitty’s pipes than the master himself?

Actually Hammer really DID fix my pipes and although there were moments that were a little awkward, we managed to get through it and Kitty now has a brand new shower.

What awkward moments you ask?

Let’s start with me asking what his real name is after fucking him a half a dozen times.

When Hammer first arrived we did the half mouth half cheek kiss because Kitty’s kids were hanging about and Kitty is in no mood to explain to the kids why I am kissing the guy fixing the shower.

Hammer showing me the shower when it was done and resisting climbing inside of it with him. That was an especially tough one for Kitty because no matter what happened between the two of us that energy is still there and Kitty still gets wet at the site of Hammer.

I guess the last awkward moment was when Hammer was leaving. Both of us hesitated for a moment and then realized that not only were my kids around but my neighbors were all out as well.

I texted Hammer later to thank him again and we chatted a bit about maybe getting together. The thought of Hammer’s hands on me and the thought of his hard cock inside me are just enough to make me smile and say “Let’s try out that new shower.”

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In Touch

It’s kind of funny really when you think about it that some of my closest friends lately are a few of the men I fucked from Ashley Madison. Can I just say that the single guys on Plenty of Fish have NOTHING on Hammer, T-Bone or even XXX for that matter. Yesterday which was the last official day of Kitty’s busy season at work, I had the pleasure of hearing from all three of my faves not to mention ex-husband number one. Strange right?

Don’t ask me why but these guys are some of the greatest guys I know anymore and even though they at one time dipped their “wicks” into Kitty, they are all warm, passionate men who are trapped in marriages that just don’t give them everything they need.

Is Kitty going to fuck them again? Probably not…maybe…not sure yet. But it is still great to keep in touch and talk on a level that we never have before.

And after all we have all been through together, it gives Kitty a great sense of peace that we can all be friends and comfort each other when the occasion arises.