Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Lovers

His cock gets as hard as an 18 year old boy yet he is 14 years my senior. He moans as Kitty gently takes the head of his cock into my mouth. I run my tongue around it enjoying the sweet and salty taste of his precum. I take in more of his cock. He rests his hands gently on my head letting me know not to stop. His breath quickens and I move up to his face. He begins kissing me feverishly...passionately. He pulls me on top of him. His cock slides into me very easily almost like the missing piece of a puzzle. I feel those sensations. My pussy is wet. I am riding his cock. He is looking me straight in the eyes. "This feels good," I tell him.


He closes his eyes briefly then opens them and says, "I love watching you."


I think to myself, "I love that you love watching me."


New lovers are so much fun aren't they? Kitty especially loves new vanilla lovers who have no idea what to expect from Kitty and then realize that you can't judge this particular book by it's cover.


The best part of this new vanilla lover of Kitty's is that he is under no pressure to perform for me. If he doesn't go down on Kitty, I can always count on Surfer Dude...or at least I hope I can. That velvet tongue devil! Esq is always good for a good pounding from behind and let's not forget about the threesome and potential threesomes to come with Sidekick.


Kitty even loves that this new lover has another girlfriend that he is hiding Kitty from. In other words Kitty knows about her but she does not know about Kitty. I wonder if she realizes how hard Kitty makes her boyfriend's cock! I wonder if he cries out when he cums...IF he cums when he is with her. According to him he's not been interested in sex for a while. I'm confident I've changed all that for him. At least he's plenty interested in sex with Kitty. I have to say he really is quite a competent lover. He is very warm and gentle. After we both cum we lay in his bed and fall asleep. It's really very sweet and quite different from the "fuck me and leave" sessions that I have with the others. But let's face it, without the others Kitty would be bored. Afterall, as I always say "Variety is the spice of life."