Thursday, April 23, 2015

Duck to Water

Was there really any doubt that Kitty would take to a MMF threesome like a duck to water? Especially when Kitty is the “F”?

This morning I woke up still smelling of his cologne…THEIR cologne. Last night was a slow and easy transition into what Kitty’s blogging bestie refers to as “The Lifestyle”. Kitty arrived to the house five minutes before they did. I smiled as I saw Esq.’s car whipping around the corner as he was running late. We all got out of our respective cars and greeted each other warmly like old buddies. Esq. holding out his long lanky arms for a hug which always makes Kitty giggle just a bit as it is so out of character for an attorney of his stature. Esq.’s bestie Sidekick approached Kitty as well. He asked for a kiss and a hug and immediately complimented Kitty on tasting good. Kitty thought to myself, “This is going to go well.”

The three of us went into the house and Sidekick and I chatted as Esq. turned on the heat, poured some wine and lit candles to set the mood. Sidekick couldn’t have been more engaging and not at all the personality Kitty expected. Esq. had described him as shy yet he was warm and flirtatious with Kitty and at one point quietly muttered to Kitty, “are you up for this?” 

Kitty looked into Sidekick’s eyes, smiled myself and said, “ABSOLUTELY! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while.” Just looking at Sidekick made Kitty wet. He was a handsome man with a charming personality. He was open and forthcoming when Kitty asked questions and we joked at how protective of him Esq. is. I told Sidekick that Esq. told me once that I will never be alone with him or be able to communicate with him directly. That was Esq.’s rule and although I knew it was a bit controlling, it was a turn on to Kitty on some level. The three of us discussed the fact that Sidekick’s career does not lend itself for any type of security gaps and so Kitty agrees to no direct contact with Sidekick and secretly gets wet at the thought of having Esq. between us.

The conversation then turns to Kitty’s career and both men discuss how they could use Kitty’s professional services in the future. And then Esq. says, “it’s good to have friends like [Kitty]”. He leans toward me, holds his long arms out once again for me to come closer and we begin to kiss. Kitty thought this was funny. All the times I played this out in my head I never thought Esq. and I would start the ball rolling. I had always pictured myself breaking the ice with Sidekick first. But alas, that is the beauty of a threesome. It’s just so darned unpredictable.

Kitty lost myself in Esq.’s kiss and a part of me felt a little bad that Sidekick was left out and maybe felt a little uncomfortable and then realized that he should be joining in. Sidekick got up and announced that he was going out for a smoke. Kitty laughed as Esq. made a comment to Sidekick about brushing his teeth before he joined us upstairs.
Kitty and Esq. brought the candles and the wine upstairs. We began to kiss and although Kitty thought it might be a good idea to let Sidekick undress me, Esq. began the task. Undressing Kitty down to my panties and bra. I could feel his gigantic hard cock rub up against me and lost sight of the fact that Sidekick was there until I heard some rustling about.

“What took you so long?” Kitty asked not waiting for the answer. “Come over here.” I said and turned to him and began to kiss him as Esq. stood behind me. Sidekick undressed himself then knelt before kitty and began licking my pussy like he had done this before. I meant to ask for confirmation if this was his first time but lost myself in the sensation of Sidekick licking me from the front as Esq. kissed me on the back of my neck and let his hands roam over my body. The sensation was unreal.
Esq. grabbed my hand and put it on his rock hard cock which I immediately tilted around just enough to suck on it. He encouraged this by holding my head down ever so gently.

“Let’s go to the bed,” Sidekick said.

Kitty smiled to myself and we all moved over. Entangled in one another Sidekick arranged us in a sixty nine position as I stroked Esq. cock with my hand looking up at his smiling face every few moments.

Esq. then pulled me toward him and positioned me doggie style on the edge of the bed as Sidekick knelt in front of me. I had mentioned that this was my ultimate fantasy and was curious as to whether Esq. remembered this. I began sucking Sidekick’s cock as Esq. fucked me from behind harder than I can remember ever being fucked before. I could hear myself moaning but was lost in the sheer ecstasy of the moment and could hear both Esq. and Sidekick moan themselves as Esq. came. He pulled out of me and excused himself as Sidekick and Kitty continued to play.

I thought it was pretty considerate of Esq. to leave me and Sidekick alone for the remainder of the play date. Esq. is usually good for at least 2 orgasms but this time he puttered downstairs, took a shower and wandered quietly as Kitty rode Sidekick’s cock and whispered softly into Sidekick’s ear.

“What can I do for you? Does that feel good? Is there anything that you want? Anything that you’ve wanted to try?”

Sidekick remained very shy and quiet and then finally said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I would be so freaked out by this. I’ve never done this before and I am so nervous.”

“It’s okay. You are doing great. There is no pressure here and you have nothing to worry about with me. Just relax and tell me what you want…what you crave.”

The fact that Sidekick was nervous came as quite a surprise to Kitty. He was able to maintain a nice hard cock throughout the entire evening which surprised me in light of the fact that Esq.’s cock was quite a bit larger and harder.

So Sidekick and Kitty lay next to each other talking in soft voices for a few moments. Kitty told Sidekick that he is very sexy and Sidekick told Kitty that nobody has ever told him that before. And then just before the evening ended Sidekick slid down between Kitty’s legs. He worked Kitty’s clit with his tongue until Kitty could not hold on anymore and Kitty came.

Kitty and Sidekick lay side by side in bed quietly when Esq. walked into the room after his shower. He sat on the side of the bed next to Kitty and Sidekick and asked Kitty how I liked my celebration “massage”. Kitty assured both men that I was pleased. As the three of us sorted through the pile of clothes that lay on the ground Kitty smiled and thought how very strange and very comfortable this all was.

We walked out to our cars after we dressed. I gave each of the men a kiss and assured them that I would love to meet them both again. Kitty has taken to “The Lifestyle” like a duck to water. I am not a bit surprised.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Belated Celebration

Today was quite a day for Kitty. I’m hoping tomorrow is even better. While things are still quite hectic at work Kitty is beginning to get that itch…no not crabs silly! Kitty is feeling like I want to…no Kitty NEEDS to play.

Yesterday against my better judgment I reached out to him…Ebony. We exchanged polite pleasantries and then Kitty asked, “Do you ever think about that night we were together?”

Ebony replied, “All the time!!”

Kitty was not surprised by that answer. It was a great night one of the sexiest I’ve ever had. Over the course of several hours Ebony and Kitty texted our sexy texts and then Ebony asked, “I know you have had bigger and better cocks. Why do you want mine?”
Now the thing about Kitty is that it’s not always all about cocks for me. As I explained to Ebony, it was about the way his lips felt on mine when he kissed me…like we had been kissing forever. It was about the way our tongues wrapped around each other in just the right way. It was about the gentle touch of his hand, the sound of his voice when he said my name as he moved his cock in and out of me. It was about how his tongue felt on my clit and yes, it was about how his cock felt oh so perfect inside of Kitty.

Ebony’s response? “I have to fuck you REEAAALLLLLL SSSSOOOOOONN!!”

This morning he followed up with more sexting. The problem with Ebony of course is that he wants Kitty to do all the work. He wants Kitty to take off from work, he wants Kitty to book the room and ultimately pay for the room. Kitty is all for sharing expenses but COME ON!!!

As Ebony was trying to convince Kitty to take off from work to meet him in a hotel that I would ultimately pay for it came…the text…from Esq.

We had been planning to get together a few days ago but he couldn’t make it. No problem. For whatever reason Kitty is very patient when it comes to Esq. Maybe it is because he is so nice. Maybe it is because when I do see him he lets Kitty suck on his beautiful hard cock. At any rate when he told me he couldn’t make it the other day, 
Kitty said, “I was looking forward to feeling your rock hard cock inside of me. You will have to make it up to me.” Esq. assured me he would.
This morning he texted that our rescheduled date of tomorrow was looking good and the text that really made Kitty wet?

“It looks like [Sidekick] will be able to join us and help us celebrate”. Oh yeah...Kitty just had a birthday and Esq. promised a belated birthday threesome.

So according to Esq.’s text he and his friend Sidekick will be pleasuring Kitty at the same time tomorrow. Sounds pretty cool right?!?!!?

Kitty is so excited I couldn’t concentrate all day. I have so much to do to prepare. What should I wear? How should I shave? How can I sneak in a shower after work but before our play date?  Will Sidekick like Kitty? How will we start off?
Esq. is a chatterer. He likes to have a chat before we fuck. We catch up on family stuff and then we go upstairs. Will Esq. let me start off with Sidekick and then join in?

These are all questions that I can’t wait to find the answers to. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Long Cold Winter

It’s been a long cold winter for Kitty and I am just getting back in the swing of things. Kitty is still fulfilling promises I made back before the New Year. There were days of course there were days where I longed for the warmth of a man’s body next to mine. 

There were nights when I came home from work and wished someone were there to comfort me…to cook for me…to tell me everything would be alright.
Occasionally I would go back to look at his picture online. Yes, there is a picture of him. He is standing on a ladder, wearing a ripped tee shirt and shorts that show his beautiful athletic legs. I closed my eyes and tried to remember those legs as I knelt before him sucking his cock. Kitty tried to remember the sound of his voice as he moaned when he cums. I tried to remember he way his tongue feels on my clit…like velvet I always thought.

The last time Kitty felt that velvet tongue was months ago. We thought we’d see eachother again in a few weeks but the weeks turned to months and well…that’s the way this life goes. Kitty has learned to treat each encounter like it’s the last. Lovers come and go and that is okay. The men…they find newer, younger, thinner, more beautiful models…but do they realize Kitty can do the same?

It is spring. Spring means new life. Kitty is feeling better than ever. How was YOUR winter?