Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Belated Celebration

Today was quite a day for Kitty. I’m hoping tomorrow is even better. While things are still quite hectic at work Kitty is beginning to get that itch…no not crabs silly! Kitty is feeling like I want to…no Kitty NEEDS to play.

Yesterday against my better judgment I reached out to him…Ebony. We exchanged polite pleasantries and then Kitty asked, “Do you ever think about that night we were together?”

Ebony replied, “All the time!!”

Kitty was not surprised by that answer. It was a great night one of the sexiest I’ve ever had. Over the course of several hours Ebony and Kitty texted our sexy texts and then Ebony asked, “I know you have had bigger and better cocks. Why do you want mine?”
Now the thing about Kitty is that it’s not always all about cocks for me. As I explained to Ebony, it was about the way his lips felt on mine when he kissed me…like we had been kissing forever. It was about the way our tongues wrapped around each other in just the right way. It was about the gentle touch of his hand, the sound of his voice when he said my name as he moved his cock in and out of me. It was about how his tongue felt on my clit and yes, it was about how his cock felt oh so perfect inside of Kitty.

Ebony’s response? “I have to fuck you REEAAALLLLLL SSSSOOOOOONN!!”

This morning he followed up with more sexting. The problem with Ebony of course is that he wants Kitty to do all the work. He wants Kitty to take off from work, he wants Kitty to book the room and ultimately pay for the room. Kitty is all for sharing expenses but COME ON!!!

As Ebony was trying to convince Kitty to take off from work to meet him in a hotel that I would ultimately pay for it came…the text…from Esq.

We had been planning to get together a few days ago but he couldn’t make it. No problem. For whatever reason Kitty is very patient when it comes to Esq. Maybe it is because he is so nice. Maybe it is because when I do see him he lets Kitty suck on his beautiful hard cock. At any rate when he told me he couldn’t make it the other day, 
Kitty said, “I was looking forward to feeling your rock hard cock inside of me. You will have to make it up to me.” Esq. assured me he would.
This morning he texted that our rescheduled date of tomorrow was looking good and the text that really made Kitty wet?

“It looks like [Sidekick] will be able to join us and help us celebrate”. Oh yeah...Kitty just had a birthday and Esq. promised a belated birthday threesome.

So according to Esq.’s text he and his friend Sidekick will be pleasuring Kitty at the same time tomorrow. Sounds pretty cool right?!?!!?

Kitty is so excited I couldn’t concentrate all day. I have so much to do to prepare. What should I wear? How should I shave? How can I sneak in a shower after work but before our play date?  Will Sidekick like Kitty? How will we start off?
Esq. is a chatterer. He likes to have a chat before we fuck. We catch up on family stuff and then we go upstairs. Will Esq. let me start off with Sidekick and then join in?

These are all questions that I can’t wait to find the answers to. 


Anonymous said...

It is rumored that Jean-Paul Sartre once said, "Do not spend too much time choosing between the cream puff and the eclair." Hope your Wednesday goes well ;-)

luvinfunnc said...

I am so happy for you. I hope it goes great and that we hear a great story.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday: So how did it go?