Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Back By Popular Command

Kitty is back! Kitty is back! Well…sort of. Kitty has had quite a few men asking when I will be back. Actually I never really left. I just lacked inspiration. That’s not to say that Kitty hasn’t been playing. Kitty had a pretty hot play date just yesterday. My sweet, wonderful Surfer Dude kidnapped Kitty for the day. We spent the entire day in bed fucking for hours. It was wonderful and relaxing to say the least. That man has ruined Kitty with that velvet tongue of his. Nobody can make Kitty cum with their tongue like he can. I believe at one point in the midst of one of my many orgasms Kitty confessed this to him.

On a separate note today was an absolutely shitty day at work. Kitty never has bad days at work. This is the first in several years. To make matters worse Kitty received texts from several former playmates. I call them former playmates because after the day I had I’m in no mood to put up with their nonsense. Kitty doesn’t ask for much from my playmates but I think as a result some of them lack respect for Kitty.

Take T-Bone for example. He’s going through some shit at home. Kitty won’t get into it but I’ve been a good friend to him even offering to let him stay with me while he gets his shit together. Today he texted me while I was at work and starts telling me about this new chick he is dating. Then he starts sending me pictures of her. Kitty doesn’t want to hear or see that shit! Kitty knows my playmates have other women. Let’s face it, Kitty is not exclusive but hearing about other women is not a turn on for Kitty especially in light of the fact that T-Bone makes promise after promise to keep in touch with Kitty and the only time I hear from him is when he wants something. So T-Bone, if you happen to be reading this please don’t text or call me anymore. Kitty isn’t your doormat.

While we are on the subject of pet peeves, something else has been pissing Kitty off. It seems certain men, namely Ebony posts all this lovey dovey shit on facebook about his wife and how she is the “love of my life” then that bastard starts texting Kitty to try to hook up. Again, I know these guys love their wives. Kitty realizes my purpose is to get them off because their wives won’t. I have no problem with that but why on earth would you rub my nose in it. Goodbye to you, Ebony.

The smart one in all of this is Esq. He says all the right things and keeps his other playmates to himself. Esq. plays it just right and he comes with a Sidekick that makes a nice little threesome.

Kitty is hoping tomorrow is a better day. I know it will be but every now and then I can’t help but think it might be nice to get an honest to goodness down to earth hug from someone who may actually care.