Friday, December 21, 2012

Transistor Radios, VHS Porn and Vibrators

So AG and I were talking yesterday. He was looking for a transistor radio. Kitty had to teach AG how to use Amazon. I know I know...should we start with AG being old enough to enjoy "transistor" radios? Or should we discuss the fact that he reads blogs and surfs porn on the web but has never dealt with Amazon? I'll tell you what...let's let both sleeping dogs lay for now because once I directed AG to Amazon he then said he was also looking for a VHS player!! This all led to a conversation about my father having a porn stash in VHS as well as super 8. We then discussed the fact that my mother wants me to get my father's porn stash out of her house so that nobody finds it know. AG told me he has the same concerns about his porn stash. I told him I think it is more acceptable in the eyes of the public to find porn in the home of a single man as opposed to a single senior citizen female. This all led to my asking AG if he ever read this post that I had written about vibrators. And so, I am re-posting because I just can't expect my dear, sweet, AG to find his way to this post on his own when he can't even deal with Amazon...

Picture this…your mother passes away suddenly. You are in charge of sorting through her worldly possessions and in that drawer right next to her side of the bed…you find…her vibrator collection!!!!

Horrifying right?? Well I for one would be surprised but not horrified. I did actually bring the Susan Lucci Youthful Essence attachment potential up to my mom. See, my mom bought me the Susan Lucci Youthful Essence kit and there is a “massage” attachment which looks suspiciously like something that you should put up against your…um…your CLIT. She was suspiciously nonchalant about it so I have my guard up.
My own kids are a different story. If I were to get into a tragic accident in the now I would hope that Angry Guy has the sense to remove any and all toys which would potentially scar my young children. This is highly unlikely as he quite often used to leave my warming gel front and center on the nightstand after he used it.

Okay so what about when I am my mom’s age?

WTF?! Do I have to live everyday like it will be my last? Is that what that expression means?? CLEAR YOUR DRAWERS OF ALL YOUR SEX TOYS!!!

Well what the hell am I supposed to do? For now I am staying put and the toys stay where they are which is practically in plain sight. Maybe that is a good thing. If my kids get used to seeing them then when I die they won’t be scarred. They will just chuck my big green friend in the trash.

I hope they take the batteries out first so they can use them for something else. That would be a terrible waste of batteries. Don’t ‘cha think??

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Naughty Kitty Kifle

I know, I know…Kitty is a slacker! Well in an effort to show my dedication to my fellow bloggers and to let you all know that I am still alive and well and as naughty as ever…I got my ass in gear and found yet another delicious cookie recipe for the cookie exchange. Enjoy everybody and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

2 Sticks Butter
8 oz. Cream cheese
2 C. Flour
Combine dough ingredients. Roll small dough balls into small flat circles in a flour/sugar mixture. Fill with jelly. Fold in ½ moon shape. Bake 350 degrees 15-20 minutes. Dust with powdered sugar.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Bad Memories

I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately. I am not sure why. Maybe it’s because his hometown is all over the news after Hurricane Sandy. The news is talking about all the devastation especially to the high end homes. I wonder if his home was one of them.

I think about how much of an influence he has had over my life over the past year and how I haven’t affected his at all. I suppose he thought of me as a pest after that afternoon that we had together. But it really wasn’t my fault. I hadn’t realized it was a onetime thing. I mean all along he swore he wanted more. And like a fool I believed him. He lied every step of the way and I believed each and every one of his lies.

I think that’s what bothers me so much. That he purposely and consistently lied to me.
I know in time it won’t bother me so much. I may be able to drive past the Starbucks where we met without thinking about him. I may even be able to go in sometime and order coffee. I may be able to hear the name of his town someday without hearing his voice in my head. I may even be able to listen to the songs that reminded me of him without becoming sad at the thought.

I have moved on with my life and I have never been happier. I don’t regret that part of my life but I don’t miss it either. I love my life. I love my family and friends. Happy Holidays friends. There are many more happy times to come.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tied in Knots

Even though Kitty and AG are enjoying vanilla life for a while, AG is well aware of my naughty side. So when we are up in Kitty’s room fucking, the sky is truly the limit and AG knows I will try to fulfill his every wish. I have to admit that on occasion I am not in the mood for one thing or another but I will always TRY to please AG even if I don’t do EXACTLY what he requests I will always lick that special sweet spot right at the point where the head meets the shaft. He seems to like that move.

So the other day AG and I were playing in Kitty’s bedroom AG mentioned something about tying me up. Actually AG has been threatening promising to tie me up for months. Well that sneaky AG actually went out and bought the restraints. He waited and waited and at one point I made a joke about being tied up and sure enough that AG pulled the restraints out of his jeans. The problem with Kitty’s bed is that I don’t have a headboard so AG fumbled a little bit before he had me tied and bound. He put the blindfold on me and I lay back ready to enjoy. 

I have to say that covering my eyes made the experience all the more sensual. I felt him move his hands inside my thighs taunting my pussy but not quite touching me. There was a brief moment with nothing and then I felt him climb over me then felt the head of his cock up against my lips. I ran my tongue over it. I leaned up to take it further into my mouth and he pulled away. I leaned back. He pressed up against my lips one more time. I sat up as much as I could to take him in my mouth. The restraints held me back and he pulled away moving his mouth down between my legs running his tongue into the folds of my pussy moving his tongue inside then nibbled my clit just a little bit. He removed the blindfold then each of the restraints then returned to Kitty’s hot spot. I moved my way around into the 69 position.

AG and I agree that 69 is our favorite position with each other although I have to admit, Kitty LOVES being tied down and worked up. I wonder what other toys AG keeps in his jean pockets.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Kitty is on a “List” and for a change it is not a HIT LIST or a SHIT LIST although I am sure I am still on plenty of those. No, Kitty made the 100 Top Sex Bloggers list!!! Kitty is SSSSOOOOO excited and HONORED!!

Thank you to all and anybody who made this possible. And for those of you who are looking for some fun and sexy blogs to reach check out the list here:
 And AG, feel free to jot down anything you might see or read that you would like to try. You know your Naughty Kitty is open to just about anything.

Happy Holidays everybody!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meeting My Kids

AG is coming over today. It’s not our usual play date. AG is coming over to meet my kids. Since he and I have been openly communicating over the phone my kids are anxious to meet him. We have planned this for a few weeks now. My son who initially told me he wants to be the only man in my life FOREVER said the other day “I want to meet [AG]. I want you to invite him over.” So I did and I am sure we will have a great time.

But the Naughty Kitty in me is going to torture AG. I started texting him last night. I told him he is not to touch me when the kids were around. This probably didn’t bother him. Although he is very hands on when we are together he is not necessarily a PDA type of guy.

I told him that the next time we ARE together I won’t let him touch me. I am going to make him watch me play with my toy…my vibrator. He said he would lick my clit and I assured him he would be across the room in a chair watching me as I move the toy in and out of my pussy. Then I will take the tip of the toy and run it ever so gently over my clit where AG’s tongue would ordinarily be.

AG will sit just out of reach. I wonder if he will be satisfied watching or if he will long to touch me. Maybe he will play with himself as he watches me. Maybe he will walk over and take control. He will grab a hold of the vibrator and begin moving it in and out of me with greater force than I was using as I lose control of my senses and fall into that special place where my body shakes and quivers and then becomes limp with exhaustion.

Maybe AG will come over to me with his cock long, straight and hard. He will take the vibrator from my hands and climb on top of me throwing my legs over his shoulders as he enters me and thrusts until we both cum.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Where Oh Where Did Kitty Go?

I’ve been receiving emails from my blogger friends checking in to make sure I am okay. Thank you all! I really do miss you. I miss my blog as well…sort of.

Even AG hasn’t checked in on my page lately. What am I supposed to write? That AG and I are having amazing sex on a semi regular basis? That we are going out to dinners, talking on the phone and emailing regularly? That now that he found his perfect little pill that cock of his gets nice and hard for Kitty???

I could write all of that. And it would all be true. Like I said to AG a few weeks ago, “I’d rather LIVE it right now and write about it if and when I find the time.”

I haven’t gone anywhere dear friends. I am living my new life and I am loving it. I just got a new job. I am taking care of my house and my family all on my own and I am enjoying every minute. Oh I have had a few tough days here and there but through it all I couldn’t help but think to myself, “I have never been happier.” And it’s true.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

In My Room

There is something about bringing AG up to my bedroom that makes me feel like a young girl again. Maybe it’s sneaking upstairs like I used to do with Bad Boy back in high school. Maybe it’s the stuffed animals strewn about here and there. He arrived at 10:00 a.m. on the dot. We were sneaking in a play date while the kids were at Hebrew School. We went immediately up to my room and began to undress. I slipped under the covers. It’s starting to get cold here on the east coast. AG followed behind me. We began kissing as we have done in the past.

Something was different today. I couldn’t put my finger on it but there was definitely something…I reached down to touch his cock. It looked different somehow. As I stroked it I noticed it becoming…HARD! This was a surprise for Kitty. AG warned me early on in our relationship about his heart condition and that the probability of getting hard enough to fuck was improbable. And yet here it was…a full blown erection.

I hesitated talking about it. I didn’t want to jinx it or make it shrink up. I wasn’t quite ready and AG wanted to go right to 69 which we both agree is our favorite but I just didn’t want to waste this opportunity. As AG began to go down on me I asked him to “please put it in me”. He hesitated but I insisted. We all know Kitty gets what Kitty wants. I hopped on AG’s rock hard cock and began to enjoy the feeling of him inside of me for the very first time. It was strange in a way but felt very natural. We have been together several times by now. We are well aware of the likes and dislikes of the other. 

Our tongues and our fingers have gone just about everywhere on one another’s bodies and yet…AG’s cock has never been inside of me.

I told him how good he felt inside of me and moved somewhat gingerly so as not to disturb the delicate balance that allowed his cock to become so magnificently hard. I tried not to let myself get too far into it for fear that he would lose it.

As we rocked together he mentioned…just gave me a hint that he had done it. He had taken a pill. He had taken Viagra. “I thought you’d be mad at me,” he said. I insisted that I wasn’t angry. My hesitation was that Viagra would be bad for his already weak heart. He had mentioned the idea of taking it in the past and I immediately told him not to even discuss it with the doctor. When we were in bed and we were fucking and he was telling me about his conversation with the doctor, he assured me everything was fine and the doctor showed no concern.

And so, Kitty enjoyed AG’s rock hard cock this morning. I enjoyed riding him cowgirl then reverse cowgirl then I had to feel him doggie style and finally missionary. Kitty got to feel AG’s rock hard cock every which way…in my room.

Thank you for a beautiful morning AG.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Birthday Party

It took a lot of planning and several cancellations but it was finally time to celebrate Auditor Guy’s birthday. We decided to get a hotel room since it would buy us more time although I think in the long run we didn’t need it.

Sadly AG and I made several attempts at meeting to celebrate his birthday. We did see each other on his actual birthday but he was getting over a bad cold so we opted for today. It’s pretty difficult for Kitty to plan these things although you wouldn’t think so.

For one I had been waiting to hear about a second interview for a new job. AG knew it was important to me. When I hadn’t heard anything by Friday I asked him what if they called on Monday and wanted to interview me on Tuesday. Luckily for whatever reason they called me Saturday and I took the interview Monday. Whew! That was close!

So today was the day. I went to work as I normally do dressing in something just a little sexier than usual just in case AG took a moment to notice me. Oh, I forgot! AG sent me a link to an erotic massage video. This chick rubbed this dude down completely with oil. Toward the end of course she worked his cock exclusively giving him one hell of a hand job. I was trying to figure out how I could get to the store to get some oil in time for AG’s birthday party but it was no use. We will have to save the cock massage for our next play date but rest assured I will have the oil by then.

So pretty early in the morning I received a text from Angry Guy. He was in the hospital. He had chest pains. Although I was concerned for him there was nothing I could do. I have to admit that I was angry for lack of a better word. This is just the thing that I expected from him. He makes no effort to take care of himself and has neglected his health for years. In addition he is acting horribly around the kids and capable of just about anything to manipulate his way back into the house. Fortunately we are all in a much more peaceful place when he is not here so his return is not even a consideration. I didn’t even realize how trapped I really felt until I began to enjoy the freedoms of single womanhood.

I did text AG to let him know what was going on but in the end told him that I wanted to meet for his birthday party. To add to the excitement I received a text from none other than T-Bone. He wanted to know what I was doing today. I told him I had a play date with a friend. He asked if I wanted a three-way but it became clear that he thought I meant I was going out with another woman. When I mentioned AG, T-Bone’s texts ceased immediately.

While driving to the hotel I noticed something different. There was a lack of nervousness that I had while driving to meet the other men I have met. I thought how nice it is not to have to hide anymore. AG and I are two single people enjoying one another completely guilt free. There is something about that that appeals to me.

I arrived at the room number which AG texted ahead. He wasn’t expecting me so early but had already made himself comfortable. He greeted me warmly and we chatted quickly as I began to turn off the lights one by one. He pointed out how silly that was but I continued.

It didn’t take long for us to undress and begin kissing in bed. I climbed on top of AG and began to get wet as he removed my bra. Quickly I removed my panties as he worked his way down…down. It was the first time I had the pleasure of feeling his mouth on my pussy. He had been talking about “eating” me for weeks since our first encounter and yes his mouth felt wonderful against me. I wanted desperately to suck his cock at the same time. That comes very natural to me…sucking while being sucked.

As we moved into position it became clear to us both that this was OUR position…69. He asked me to move my fingers into his ass first one then two. I sucked his cock as I did this all the while he was going down on me. Amazingly I was able to concentrate. 

We moved with one another this way then that. Each time my fingers found their way inside of AG as my mouth found his cock. I toyed with the head inside my mouth as he groaned and begged me to tell him what I was doing. I made sure he could see me. AG likes to watch. AG is very easy to please. We took short breaks here and there until he let me unwrap his special gift. It is called “The Wave” which you can imagine is a butt plug of sorts with graduated ball shapes (waves) running down its length. I was careful about working it into AG’s ass but he took it well and although he said it was a different sensation seemed to enjoy it. Yes, he admitted that he preferred my fingers as they gave him a more intimate feel but I was happy to offer the variety.

It was nice to pleasure Auditor Guy. He is very sweet and kind in bed and out of bed. He admits that he struggles with romantic words but Kitty assured him that he does just fine. I have to say that AG wore me out. I enjoyed our little party but when the time came for AG to cum Kitty was just not up to swallowing his cum. I’m so sorry AG. I just wasn’t feeling it at that moment.

I sure hope Auditor Guy enjoyed his special birthday party. Don’t you just love a party where everybody cums?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Kitty Losing My Touch

I think I might be losing my touch a little bit in my new vanilla life. Oh don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it! I love being able to do whatever I want pretty much whenever I want to. I love being able to talk to whoever I want to on the phone and not having to worry about who I am texting, when and why.

So yesterday was Auditor Guy’s official birthday and although I wanted to make it super special and sexy for him, he is getting over a terrible cold. Kitty is not very sexy when I am sick so we opted to postpone the play date and I intended to take AG out to dinner. Oh believe me when AG and I finally have our birthday play date, Kitty has a gift which consists of a special toy just for AG and I have every intention of using it on him.

In the meantime Kitty emailed AG

 I'm sorry we can’t spend the day together but I am looking forward to celebrating on Tuesday.  I can’t wait to have that dick in my mouth and your tongue on my clit. Oh and let's not forget the special toy that I bought for you!

 Have a great day baby! I will be thinking about you all day and wishing we were together...naked...touching eachother...licking each other...sucking each other.


Pretty sexy right? And pretty standard for Kitty. I mean poor AG loved my blog before we started seeing each other. My recent lifestyle change and our budding relationship has left me with little or no time to write much less incentive to be naughty with anybody but AG.

AG of course responded with an equally sexy email about where his tongue would like to explore and where he would like Kitty to put her fingers. AG as you may know enjoys anal play.

So Kitty opened AG’s sexy email, read it and then as I often do went back to read my original email to AG which in reality read like this…

I'm sorry we can’t spend the day together but I am looking forward to celebrating on Tuesday.  I can’t wait to have that dock in my mouth and you tongue on my flit. Oh and let's not forget the special toy that I bought for you!

 Have a great day baby! I will be thinking about you all day and wishing we were together...
baked...touching each other...licking each other...sucking each other.

Kitty’s autocorrect obviously has a mind of its own. Kitty has got to step up my game I think. Have a great weekend everybody! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It’s All a Big Scam

Long before Auditor Guy and I became acquainted, Kitty signed up for a few online dating sites. I thought at least I would get some good writing material. Before you sign up for the sites they have photos of these gorgeous people. Of course the photos for me were of gorgeous men supposedly over the age of 50. No sooner did my credit card swipe did these gorgeous men get replaced by the real men over 50 who are not necessarily unattractive but DAMN are they particular. Most if not all pass up Kitty once they see my photos. Yes, I have been told my photos are not the greatest but these are quite frankly the only photos that I have and they are recent. Some of these men are either lying about their age or posting photos that are 20 years old.


That is neither here nor there. Basically I learned immediately that these sites unfortunately are a breeding ground for I DON’T KNOW WHAT!!! I realized almost right away that I wasn’t going to meet anybody of quality which is fine. I am lucky enough to meet people all day long. Hell, look at Auditor Guy!!


As the end of my memberships to these sites SLOWLY comes to an end the thing that is REALLY getting to me is the number of SCAMS!! I mean JEEZ-US!!


Now keep in mind Kitty was on Ashley Madison. I know there were some scams directed at men on that site but basically the men I came across with the exception of one in particular were pretty truthful.


The scams on the “Legitimate” sites like, Ourtime and JDate are plentiful. They range from men trying to swindle money out of desperate lonely women to in my case hacking into my account and completely hijacking my profile.


So what’s got my panties in a bunch today? Well, I received a message this morning from a former Ashley Madison acquaintance. He apparently contacted me on one of the vanilla sites. He did not post pictures obviously or I would have recognized him. He obviously did not list “married” as his status. When I asked him why he said “Because that wasn’t one of the choices.”…um…yeah because those sites are for SINGLES who want to meet OTHER SINGLES!!!


I apologize for my rant but is NOTHING sacred????


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Special Birthdays

One of the awesome things about Auditor Guy is that we can be completely open and honest with each other. He knows all about my past and he has become a daily reader of my blog.

 Another awesome thing is that since we are both single, theoretically we can both let those walls come down. You know the “WALLS”? The walls that we have built up which prevent us becoming attached to anybody from the opposite sex for fear of becoming attached?? You know THAT WALL!

So yesterday I posted about “New Beginnings”. I posted about another man in synagogue. Without realizing it I think I may have hurt Auditor Guy’s feelings. We texted a little bit about it last night. Even though Auditor Guy knows me in person and knows how I talk, I guess that blog was just a little TOO honest. Kitty gets that and I appreciate Auditor Guy being honest about that. Auditor Guy’s honesty makes Kitty wet.

And so, Kitty will be focusing entirely on Auditor Guy and his cock. Auditor Guy has a birthday coming up and Kitty can’t wait to make it a special birthday. I have even purchased a special gift for Auditor Guy which I will be reviewing after we play with it.
So let me ask you all. What kind of things makes YOUR birthdays special? What kind of things do you think Auditor Guy might like Kitty to do to make his birthday a special one?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Beginnings

It’s that time of year again. The Jewish New Year. I happen to really love this time of year. I love the change in seasons. I love spending time in synagogue and I love NEW BEGINNINGS. That was what the rabbi was talking about at services yesterday. I could feel his wife’s eyes bore into the back of my head as he was talking. Oh, she is a good friend of mine as some of you know. And she knows all too well about Kitty’s shenanigans and she also knows that Kitty has a fresh start.

My kids sat quietly throughout the service. My son later told me that to pass the time they play little games like counting how many blondes are in the room. Kitty plays that game too only a more “adult” version.

According to my son one of the highly esteemed members has a “crush” on me. I highly doubt it. This man is happily married and is almost 20 years my senior. He is handsome and in great shape. So while the rabbi went on and on about New Beginnings, Kitty was looking at Senior. Could he see me from way up front high upon the pulpit where he sat? Where was his wife? I hadn’t seen her in months. Was she sick? Were they divorcing? He seemed to look over at me but it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

As he walked around holding the Torah for the entire congregation to touch he glossed over me. I was stuck in the back. He didn’t even look my way. He returned to his seat and again my mind wandered. Does he have a big cock? Does he like dirty talk in bed? How would his cock feel inside Kitty’s mouth? Can I give him something his wife never did?

When it was my turn to stand upon the pulpit I looked over at him. He was smiling at me. He was smiling in general. My main concern was making sure I didn’t trip down the steps in high heels.

I didn’t get to see him at the end of services or at the beach later. I had another appointment. The good thing about the Jewish holidays is that there is another one next week. Here’s to finding out more about Senior and here’s to NEW BEGINNINGS.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I smiled as he walked to my door. He was more handsome then I remembered. Toned and firm. Our plan was coming together. I had the kids out of the house and we had all night to play. That’s just the way I wanted it. No distractions. No time restraints…just time.

I gave him a quick tour of the house then of course we ended up in my bedroom. No sooner had we gotten over the threshold he started kissing me. I of course reciprocated but I wanted to go slowly. Instead of tearing off our own clothes I slowly undressed him then myself and we lay on the bed. Kissing lot’s of kissing. Our tongues danced and as he ran his hands over me I heard myself moaning into his mouth. I rubbed his cock which was not quite hard. We knew this might be an issue. “I have a bad heart,” he told me in an earlier conversation. “It doesn’t always get hard.” I assured him we would work it out. As I suspected his fingers proved to be an ample stand in for the rock hard cock that I long for.

Very slowly and gently I sucked his cock, licked his balls and ran my tongue up his shaft. “What are you doing?” he asked. “I want to watch”.

It was late afternoon so daylight was still shining in my bedroom window. We played for quite sometime. We watched porn together which eventually became distracting to both of us. “Put your finger in my ass,” he told me. I complied after squeezing a blob of lube on it. I worked my middle finger in his ass to the same rhythm as I sucked his cock. He seemed to enjoy this. I enjoyed pleasing him. As he became excited I became excited. “Here, put this inside of me,” I handed him my vibrator and explained later that I prefer he use it on me to working it myself. Our version of 69 proved enjoyable.

As dinnertime came and went we decided to go out to dinner. We sat comfortably talking about work, family, previous lovers. He asked me later if I was looking at him thinking “I had my finger in this guy’s ass 30 minutes ago.” I explained that I am enjoying being my vanilla self through the day and Naughty Kitty at night with him. I told him that I think I can be happy with that.

He asked me if I had a problem with the fact that he enjoys anal play. I don’t. I like to please my partner and I love the fact that he can tell me what he wants and I can provide that. I can tell him what I want and he will provide it.

After dinner we returned home. He asked if he could take a shower. I told him to make himself feel at home. We both went upstairs to settle in. It was nice. It was comfortable. We had time. We played in bed. We touched and licked and sucked. He enjoyed the way my tongue worked the head of his cock. I long to make that cock hard. I can get that cock hard. I know I can. It just takes time. Lucky for him, we have plenty of time.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Slumber Party

One of the things that I have always found sexy was well…the SECRET in my secret life. I mean to most people in my life I am a responsible, hard working, dedicated woman, mother, wife, professional. At least that’s what they tell me to my face. I’ll admit that there was a part of me that was afraid that I would always want to sneak around…always want to search. But that is not the case. Somehow and don’t ask me how, I have found a very special someone who can appreciate the ME that is ME and then he can REALLY appreciate…Naughty Kitty.

And so, Auditor Guy and I after a long week of naughty emails, texts and phone calls finally had the opportunity to have a real life play date in Naughty Kitty’s real life house. I have to admit that it was strange bringing Auditor guy here. I am so used to motel rooms but seriously. Kitty is single now although Angry Guy is known to stalk here and there even if he DID see Auditor Guy; we agreed to live as single people who are married on paper for administrative reasons.
So, yes I felt juvenile asking Auditor Guy to park across the street so that Angry Guy would not see a strange car in front of the house. It wasn’t so much that I was afraid of Angry Guy seeing us. It was that I didn’t want him to knock on the door and interrupt our play date.

As Auditor Guy walked out the door this morning at 6:30 a.m. we both laughed as each of my neighbors one by one came out to retrieve their newspapers and watched my overnight guest walk to his car. I think Auditor Guy will agree that it was an interesting night full of touching, kissing, sucking and licking. Aside from the fact that Kitty’s monthly cycle nullified several of our plans, Auditor Guy and I both were able to achieve orgasms.

We have chemistry Auditor Guy and I. My body is responsive immediately when we kiss and he has a way with his fingers that I have never experienced before. In time his tongue will find its way down to my awaiting pussy but we have time. The thing I enjoy most about the single life is being able to let down my guard and enjoy time.

I enjoyed our late afternoon playtime then enjoying a nice dinner out with a nice bottle of wine. I also enjoyed coming home and inviting Auditor Guy back to my bedroom for a little more play and then some rest. I reached over several times in the middle of the night to feel if he was still there. He reached over to stroke me. And then it was time for him to go because although Kitty is single now I am still a mother and my children are still my first priority. Auditor Guy gets that. So off he went early in the morning. I hope he enjoyed our play date as much as I did and I sure hope we can do it again soon.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Kitty's Happy Weekend

Kitty is super frisky today and Kitty has been super happy. Would you like to know WHY Kitty is happy? Well it is because Kitty is having Auditor Guy over for a play date this weekend. I know RIGHT?!?!

I can’t be sure how Auditor Guy feels but Kitty is SO excited. Kitty really digs Auditor Guy although Auditor Guy always plays it cool. Of course he does…he’s an AUDITOR!

So Auditor got just a little sample of Kitty on our first date but now Auditor Guy is going to get the full Monty. That’s one of the things I love most about this new single life of mine…the sky is the limit.

Now I know Auditor Guy is very open to being part of my blog and has given me license to write if I feel the need to write about our encounters but Auditor Guy has also agreed to play with some toys with Kitty so that Kitty can review them on the blog. I for one think that is going to be lots of fun. I may finally get that Sex Candy testing job I have been lobbying for.

So I hope you all have a great weekend. I will be back next week hopefully with a fun and sexy blog post with Auditor Guy.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

“I haven’t done that since high school,” I said, and it was true. It was Sunday night and he and I decided to meet for dinner. Kitty is thoroughly enjoying the single life and going out for dinner with friends and dates is just part of the fun. We sat at the bar and chatted for a bit. It seemed comfortable to me. I was starving so we got a table and talked some more over dinner. It was hard for me to tell where his head was. Was he into me? Our conversation was safe and platonic until he mentioned my blog. He started asking a few questions. I’m more than happy to answer questions but the conversation began to cross over the line into friendship.

We finished dinner then dessert and coffee and made our way out to my car. He gave me a peck on the lips. “That was nice,” I thought to myself. And then he said something. I had turned away so I didn’t quite hear him. “Is that it?” he repeated. “What else do you want?” I asked as I thought to myself “this guy wants a blow job. He kissed me more passionately and pulled my hand toward his cock. “Rub my balls,” he said. I tried but it was still daylight and Kitty just wasn’t feeling it yet. I’m used to some notice. I’m used to some planning but I like him and I wanted to make him happy.

“Come in the car,” he said. We got into my car but I just couldn’t get comfortable. We kissed. His tongue touched my tongue and I wanted him. He pulled his pants down and I began to stroke him. “Does that feel good?” I asked. He nodded his head. I stroked then he stroked while I played with his balls. There were people passing my car. I wasn’t so concerned about this as the side of my seat digging into me. I bent over and put my head in his lap. I sucked his cock slowly as he held my head and began to move it to his rhythm. There were points where I told him I’d rather be somewhere else, somewhere private. “Do you want to go to a hotel?” he asked. “We don’t have time.” I answered. He began to suck my finger. “Touch your pussy and let me taste it,” he said. Kitty is always happy to please so I did it. “Mmmm you taste sweet,” he said. We kissed some more. I sucked some more and then…he came.

“I haven’t done that since high school,” I said. He answered, “Yeah, wasn’t it neat?”
Next time baby I want to go someplace quiet, someplace private so Kitty can REALLY show you a good time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


He asked me to call him last night. The timing was right and I was able to sneak away for just a little bit. At first I was unable to say the things he wanted me to say. I was not alone. I didn’t want the young ones around me to hear me talking about sucking his cock.

He wanted me to talk to him about cooking naked together. He wanted me to describe us in my kitchen naked…preparing a meal to eat before clearing the table and fucking. He said there would be no touching. That drives Kitty crazy. Kitty loves to touch and be touched.

My story was different. We would be naked in my kitchen. That I agree. I would be slicing vegetables and he would be standing behind me with his hand over my hand on the knife. He would be grinding up against me and I could feel his rock hard cock wanting to come in. He would bury his nose in my hair. He would slowly inhale my scent and then he would begin kissing down the back of my neck as he gently removes the knife from my right hand. He would position my hands in front of me and gently guide my hips back. I reposition my legs to make room for him to come in from behind. He stands at a slight distance behind me and looks at me. He runs his right hand around and down on my clit while his left hand strokes my back. He steps in closer for a moment and I can feel that cock up against me. I crave that cock. I am wondering if he is going to fuck my pussy or take me anally. The anticipation alone makes me wet. 
He slips his finger inside me and begins to rub then strokes his cock just a little bit. He kisses my back as he gently guides his cock inside of my pussy. He thrusts ever so slowly at first then begins to pick up the pace. I long for him to rub my clit. He holds my hip with his left hand then runs his thumb up against my ass…then INTO my ass. He is thrusting harder now and moving his thumb in rhythm. I am moaning with pleasure. I am crying out in ecstasy. And then he calls out, “I’m cumming!” he says. I can feel his hot cum pumping into me. He pulls out and admires the sight of his cum dripping out of me.

He kisses my back once again. I turn to look at his face then say, “What’s for dinner?”

Monday, August 27, 2012

And Here We Are...The End

Every so often I check into Ashley Madison to check on some of my old friends. My profile is hidden so I don’t consider myself active. I usually just sign on and check my favorites list then sign off.

Today when I signed on my favorites list seemed a little longer than usual. And then…I saw him…Hammer. I’m not sure if he is looking for someone younger, prettier, thinner, and sexier.

Oh I understand that Hammer and I were never going to have a happy ending. I understand that we weren’t in love. I understand that he was bound to get tired of me. I just didn’t expect to see him on there without some sort of warning I guess.
I thought for sure we would be able to get through the summer together. We were both busy and Kitty was looking forward to seeing Hammer soon. We were so close Hammer. Just another week or two and we would be home free. We were still emailing and he was reading my blog. I hadn’t heard from him all week. I assumed he was busy with work or his family so I sent him a quick message to let him know I missed him.

But he was already gone I guess. I keep telling myself it was bound to happen and so the end is here. Hammer, if you are reading this I wish you the best and hope you find what you are looking for.

As for Kitty…well…I am moving forward.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Early Bird

Kitty had my first date last night. For whatever reason the guy wanted to meet at 2 in the afternoon. I had to work for XXX so I asked if we could make it 3 or 4. In the end we made it at 4:30. So of course Kitty and my friends had a field day with the fact that this was an Early Bird thing and then throw in young Parker teasing me about dating older guys and I present to you EARLY BIRD.

Early Bird’s profile said he was 50. He looks a little bit older but Kitty tested him at dinner and he is in fact 50. Kitty doesn’t care about age as we all know and for the most part Kitty doesn’t care about looks but Early Bird has some rough looking teeth and Kitty at least wants a nice smile to look at. Early Bird does have nice blue eyes so I tried to focus on that.

The date went well except the ending was very awkward. As we walked to my cars, instead of walking closer to me Early Bird left a HUGE space between us…I mean like shouting “goodnight” to one another space. Kitty tried to coax Early Bird closer for a little kiss but I assume he wasn’t feeling it. No problem. In the meantime he did ask what I was doing this weekend and he did email me that we should do it again so…

I have to say that XXX was furious over the ending of the date. I had been working with him prior and he gave my outfit and hair a big thumbs up. He was actually shouting drunken insults about Early Bird over the phone later when I gave him the details. I insisted it was fine. There simply wasn’t any chemistry. When you are with men like Hammer, T-Bone and now JDate guy you realize that chemistry is a big factor.

So if Early Bird follows through Kitty would see him again. I’d even fuck him…but that’s about it I think.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rain Rain Cum and Play

Ahhhh. It’s raining outside. That means an encounter with HIM.

HE works outside and in the rain…well…no work. Was it WRONG that I did a rain dance when I found this out? Was it wrong that the weather channel said it wasn’t going to rain until tomorrow and I WILLED the storm clouds to come out?

Well, regardless I was on my way to work figuring HE was going to work since the rain hadn’t started yet. It’s obvious because the outfit I was wearing was an outfit I would wear on a day when I am not expecting to run into anybody I want to sleep with.

So sure enough I get a text saying that he is working. Then the rain started. So I got another text saying “What time are you done with work?” And then Kitty thought to myself “FUCK!” But then Kitty thought to myself “NICE!”

So WE are finally meeting at a pre-determined hotel. Now I have to admit that as the time drew closer I became more and more nervous…not the kind of nervous that would prompt me to cancel. Kitty would never do that. But as I thought about it that initial “hello” and entry into the room is a bit nerve wracking for me. Once the first kiss is out of the way and the clothes are off Kitty is good to go.

Can I just point out that I knew things were going to be awesome at one point because #1 I hit no traffic and #2 I hit all the green lights on the way to the hotel. The only thing that really freaked me out was that when I got to the room there was a black cat sitting in front of the door. Is that some kind of an omen?

I tapped on the hotel room door. HE opened it and smiled his warm smile. I pointed out the black cat but he seemed completely uninterested.
So as I mentioned before HE is handsome, rugged and an amazing kisser and you all know what that means. He was wearing a denim shirt and jeans and god did he look hot. I am not sure if he planned it but that outfit brought out the blue in his piercing blue eyes as well as his salt and pepper hair.

Now HE and I had a little joke going. See HE has an amazing body and like most men these days with amazing bodies he likes to exhibit his body. He sent me some beautiful pictures of himself when he was a little younger and yes, he was beautiful but to be quite honest with you, I think he is just as beautiful now.

My concern was how serious HE was about teasing me when it came to letting me have his cock. We began to undress each other. I was anxious to get out of my work clothes so I was undressed in no time. That left HIM. I unbuttoned his denim shirt without any problem. He immediately began to lick and suck my nipples. My objective was to get him closer to the bed and to finish undressing him but he pushed my hand away from his pants and warned me gently that I had to wait. He immediately went down on me bringing me to orgasm in no time. He was strong and knew his way around my body which is exactly what I love about men my age or older. He ran his fingers inside of me and went down over and over as he told me how good I tasted. I begged him to let me have his cock. He insisted he wanted me to cum. But I came baby, I came. Please let Kitty have the cock now!

Finally he began to remove his jeans and quickly put on a small striptease for my benefit. He exposed his huge erect cock and began to stroke it gently. I reached for it and expected him to once again push my hand away but he didn’t. I was ecstatic so I took the opportunity to put it in my mouth and boy did he taste good.

He took his jeans off entirely and laid in the bed for just a moment before I hopped on top of his erect penis. He felt so good inside me it was no time before I came again. I believe he came as well. We continued kissing for quite a while playing in between. I was thoroughly enjoying sucking his dick. He asked me what else I wanted to do and I opted for doggie style. Our bodies fit together perfectly once again. He told me he liked the way his cock looked moving in and out of my pussy and the mere thought of it along with the wonderful sensation of actually doing it made me cum once again. Again we moved back to kissing. Did I mention that he is an amazing kisser? Again he asked me if there was anything else I wanted. I told him this time I wanted him on top of me with my legs over his shoulders. These three positions well by most people's standards I guess they would be considered pedestrian. I only say that because there was very little kinky ness going on which is quite alright with me. Over the past few months I realize that although I am an open minded Kitty, I am quite satisfied with the classic positions and sex acts in general.

There was just something about HIM and I. We just seemed to really fit well together. I loved the way he said to me "it is so sexy to watch my cock move in and out of your pussy" while he was thrusting from behind.

I love how gentle he spoke when he asked how deep I could swallow his cock.

I love how he continued to kiss me nearly every second. I love how he knew exactly where and when to touch me.

When we parted he gave me a gentle goodbye kiss on the lips. He promised to stay in touch and gave me a wink.

I went about my day and tried to get some shopping done. I was completely unfocused. God only knows what I bought. As I was driving home I thought about HIM. There is something special about him. He is laid back and calms me. I like that. I walk away from our encounter fulfilled. I walk away happy and satisfied. He and I can actually say we are going to be friends and mean it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

JDate SUCKS! But…

Kitty swore I wouldn’t do it. I SWORE I wouldn’t sign up for especially after JDate has been such a flop. I have no idea why these Jewish guys don’t like Kitty. Too bad. They don’t know what they are missing. Oh there were one or two that started contact but for the most part they were game players. Kitty just likes to play games in bed.

So after a few months of ZERO action on JDate I broke down and signed up for I was smart this time and just signed up for one month. Don’t be a hater! I know it’s more expensive but I figured if it sucks as bad as JDate I just lost $35 as opposed to $70.

So anyway I broke down and signed up. I threw a few random photos of myself online which are the same photos I used for JDate and BAM! I got winks and IM’s and emails!!! YAY!!!

Kitty was so happy that I winked back and emailed back. One guy in particular peaked my interest. We even had a phone conversation and are going out this week. Isn’t that AWESOME?!?!?!?

So maybe XXX was right. Maybe Kitty is going to do well on So far so good.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Something in the Air

There must be something in the air around here. All of a sudden I am hearing from playmates from out of the blue. Well…not ALL playmates. A few JDate guys. Have I mentioned that these guys move as slow as turtles??? Okay granted I am used to the swift pace of Ashley Madison but still…we are talking about it taking forever for an email response not to mention a phone call. I often wonder how on the ball some of these guys would be if they knew they are dealing with Naughty Kitty. Can you imagine? XXX insists that I am “every guy’s wet dream”. Well, I don’t know about that but I do know that I have a lot to offer.

One thing that is making Kitty happy is keeping in touch with some of my playmates from Ashley Madison. See, most guys would freak once Kitty left Angry Guy. I mean most guys don’t want to be with single women. My playmates know better. They know that Kitty is not looking for anything other than some fun playtime. That hasn’t changed.

The other day Kitty got a double surprise. First I got an email from my old friend T-Bone. We haven’t spoken all summer. I knew he would be busy and let’s face it; I am in the same boat. I was satisfied with the way we left things on a friendly note. So I got a nice email from T-Bone and then that son of a gun actually commented on my blog! Wow, you KNOW comments make Kitty wet!

So things are going well here. Kitty is happy and free.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last Night

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I thought of our emails today and what our first meeting is going to be like. I closed my eyes and thought about meeting for coffee. You are dressed in a suit and tie from work and I am in my work clothes as well. When we meet at first we both extend a hand then both lean in to kiss on the cheek like old friends. We sit and have coffee as we talk to one another we are each evaluating the possibilities for more. At one point you reach over the table and grab my hand. You look me in the eyes and say “Wanna get out of here?” I am so overwhelmed with your forwardness and your charm that I follow you. We find ourselves next door at the hotel. As we enter the room you lead the way then stop, turn and kiss me gently on the mouth. We draw the blinds and adjust the lighting so that it is dim but still allows us to see each other. We meet again and kiss gently at first then more intense as our tongues touch I get wet. I reach for you and you grab my hand moving it to your crotch allowing me to feel that you are already hard. This makes me weak with passion. I begin to unbutton your shirt and you loosen your tie and take off your jacket kissing all the while. We remove each other’s clothes then slip out of whatever is left ourselves.

I slip under the covers and you follow coming in close to me from behind. You kiss the back of my neck then turn me towards you reaching between my legs, running your fingers among the folds of my pussy. “Mmmm you are so wet, “you say to me. I am unable to speak as your fingers glide inside of me and rub me to my first orgasm. When I catch my breath I begin kissing you first on your mouth. I hold onto your cock which has become fully erect now. I begin stroking it firmly in my hand then work my mouth down to it. I suck on the head slightly then take the entire cock into my mouth until the tip touches the back of my throat. Your hand is on my head and you are saying something but all I can focus on is the sweet taste of your precum as it begins to slide down my throat.

I slide off of your cock before you explode. I want you to hold on just a little longer. You move me onto my back and begin nibbling my lips hard. Our tongues explore each other. You kiss my ear and gently nibble my ear lobes then plant gentle kisses all over my face and neck. You work your way down to my breasts then begin to nipple my nipples as your hand rubs and slides into my waiting wet cunt. You explore the folds to find my swelling clit. Then you move your lips down from my pink erect nipples kissing and licking my body downward toward my inviting wet, hot pussy. My clit whispers “suck me” and you oblige. While you nibble and suck endlessly I moan “fuck me! Fuck me! Oh god, fuck me!” You continue to tease me then you move your cock slightly into the folds of my pussy. Your cock moves ever so slowly and with just the head you rub up and down against me. I look into your eyes and with mine screaming “further! Further! FURTHER!” Slowly you move the head further into my accepting, burning cunt. You move in and out a little faster with each moment. You tell me that the heat from the fire in my pussy is shooting up your cock and filling your entire body. You are ready to cum but I am not there yet and we want to end our journey to ecstasy together.

Finally you turn me over on all fours and plunge your rock hard cock in from behind. You grab my hips and begin to buck almost violently. I lean back into you trying to envelope every inch of you. You reach around and begin rubbing my clit while still thrusting into me. “I’m going to cum,” I cry out. In my head I count three long hard thrusts from you and all at the same time we moan as we both cum together. I am ready to collapse as you pump the last of your hot cum inside of me then we both curl up you are spooning me from behind just as we first began.

Neither of us can move. We lie together naked, hot and happy intertwined in each other’s arms. We happily talk about silly things and at times a serious note with a little dirty talk for good measure. You begin to kiss me sucking on my top lip then the bottom inviting my tongue. You softly move your hand to my breasts. I lie still while you kneel at my side bent over sucking my nipples until they swell and point up toward heaven. I stroke your shaft until your cock swells once more to ready. Your lips move to my clit and you suck as I slide over and wrap my lips around your seemingly red hot head. As your tongue slides in and out of me you are sucking my clit and I am taking in all of you with my warm lips. You kiss and lick my thighs as I whisper “don’t stop eating me.” As we both explode one more time you cum never seems to end. You collapse in my arms. We lie still for a while until the clock warns it’s time to return to reality. We dress silently then the short cold walk to our cars. As I am about to get into my car and before you unlock yours you ask…no you plead “Same time, same place next Monday?” I stop, turn, smile and say “deal”. You blow a kiss. I bounce it back. The engines grind to a start and we move our separate ways as it must be but we both smile. We know this day was the beginning of a long happy journey…the beginning.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Text

Today started like any other day. I was working with Big Cheese who has finally returned from his damn vacation…then the afternoon with XXX. Things were finally beginning to feel normal again I sat with Big Cheese in his office daydreaming. I dreamt that I received THE TEXT. It said “My place? Same time.”

AHHHH… THE TEXT. What was a kitty to do? I didn’t want to be too rough on him because I had a feeling he had a not so good weekend based on his horrible mood the Friday before so I decided to be a nice kitty and texted back “sure”.

When the time arrived I left the office but noticed that his office door was still open. I continued out to my car and made the oh so familiar drive on an unseasonably warm winter’s day. When I got to his place he still had not arrived. I hesitated but grabbed the hidden key and let myself in. I took off my coat still a little confused but then decided to make the best of things and prepare for him. Generally he is there to greet me and lead the way. This was an opportunity for me to greet him for a change. Something told me he needed that.

When I reached the top of the stairs things began to make sense. We were once again on the same page. The bed was neatly made. There was a hot pink gift bag in the middle of the bed with a long stem rose beside it. I smiled at the thought. Not only do I love gifts but I love the sexy thought behind it.

Out of the bag came a beautiful French lace black bra with matching g-string and thigh high stockings as well. I glanced at the clock and allowed myself another 5 minutes before he came home so I quickly I slipped everything on. Nearly perfect fit. How did he DO that?

Sure enough I heard the door open and close downstairs. I heard him put his keys and his sunglasses on the kitchen counter. I pictured him talking off his coat and heard his steps as he walked up the steps toward me. I stood still as he came into the room. He took a long look at me and smiled as he ran his eyes up and down my entire body. Had it been anybody else I would have coward but today I was ready.

He stepped up to me looking into my eyes now and gave me that first kiss. It was no surprise to me how warm and welcoming that kiss was even though for a change I was welcoming him. He began to speak but I kissed him again knowing that this would signal “No talking zone” at least for a few moments. I wanted to enjoy this quietly. I wanted to gaze into those crystal blue eyes and drink him in. I wanted to enjoy every moment as though it were our last.

As we kissed I began unbuttoning his shirt. He easily slipped it behind him then reached between my legs. I was already so wet. I could feel him smile again as we continued to kiss not saying a word. I unbuttoned his pants but got no further before he pushed me toward the bed nearly throwing me down. I lay on my back as he removed the rest of his clothing and lay down next to me. He took another long look at me and once again began to speak. “I knew this would be perfect on you, Kitty,” he said. “Do you like it?” I smiled and nodded still not speaking.

He leaned in again to kiss me and slipped his finger past the string of the panties and immediately put it inside of me as he rubbed my clit with his thumb. “Go slow” I told him. He slowed down a bit and kissed my mouth. “You talk too much,” He said as he smiled. I reached down and he was hard….REALLY hard. I wanted to slip him inside of me but decided to wait a little bit. We kissed a little while longer. I think we both missed it. It had been a long time for both of us and it had been a long time since we were together. I kissed down his neck then began to run my tongue down the center of his chest slowly toward his stomach then down just to his hard cock. “Put it in your mouth,” he said.

I began licking his cock but took a quick second to say “You talk too much,” as I smiled. I looked up at him. He was looking back at me and seemed in no mood to goof around so I took my orders and moved his hard cock into my mouth slowly inching it in and trying with all my might to touch the back of my throat. In a few seconds he was in. I could hear him moaning and calling out my name so I knew he was enjoying it. As his breathing became deeper, his moaning louder and his cock harder I prepared. He had never cum in my mouth before but I wanted to be prepared. Just before he came though he stopped himself and said “I don’t want to cum yet. Come over here.” He motioned for me to lie next to him. We began kissing and he reached between my legs again. I chuckled a little because I could tell the string was getting in his way. He was becoming impatient. “Take it off.” I told him. He grabbed it in his teeth and pulled at it finding his way down to where I wanted him to be. His tongue teased my clit while his fingers moved inside of me for just a few minutes before I was the one moaning. He was on his knees next to the bed and had pulled me to the edge. I closed my eyes for a moment and before I knew it he replaced his fingers with his cock which was still remarkably hard. “God you feel amazing, “he blurted out. As he was thrusting into me he bent over to kiss my breasts realizing that I was still wearing the black lacy bra. “Damn!” He said realizing that he was the initiator of all the clothing today. Thinking quickly he turned me over on all fours on the bed and un-hooked the bra leaving me in just the thigh high stockings. He positioned me in sight of the mirror reminding me that he likes to watch then entered in one strong thrust from behind. I squealed initially but then assured him that it was a squeal of pleasure not pain.

He is not one to be forceful and is always concerned for my comfort and today was no different except for the fact that he knows that anything he does never hurts me physically so he proceeded thrusting hard from behind reaching around to alternately rub my clit then my breasts then my hips. Again I could feel him getting close to cumming as was I. If he had slipped his dick from my pussy to my ass I would have lost all control but again he stopped and said “I want you to cum on top of me. I know that’s how you want it.” He was right. This is an old standard. This time he lay on his back. I climbed on top of him and began rocking and moving him in and out of me. He sat up and sucked on my nipples as I moved breaking only to whisper in my ear, “cum for me now baby. I know you want to cum for me.” He kissed my mouth just after that and on his command I came. He kissed down my neck as I continued to moan. Before I had the chance to fall into him he pulled me up and quickly turned me back on all fours driving into me one last time. This time he drove hard and deep holding onto my hips. I leaned back into him trying not to fall forward and enjoying how wonderful his hard thrusts felt when he shoved his thumb in my ass putting me right over the edge. I literally lost my breath and began to cum again. As I cried out he drove into me one last time hard. I felt him quivering and heard his voice cry out my name. We collapsed onto the bed at the same time. He stayed inside of me for a moment and spooned me kissing my neck and shoulders from behind before slipping out.  We lay like that silently for quite a while when I felt him kissing me again I realized I had dozed off.

"Thank you for taking me back, Kitty," he whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes again and sighed. I am completely relaxed for the first time in a long time.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Homes

I know you are all tired of hearing about my wonderful friends but tough! I happen to have this awesome friend he is a contractor and builds high end homes for the rich and famous in our area. Every now and then he asks me to join him in one of these homes during construction then post construction so he can show off his talents. Believe me; I am well aware of his talents.

I do enjoy meeting him on the jobsites though. I am generally dressed from a day in the office with Big Cheese so I enter the construction site and am quite out of place in my high heels. Generally there are workmen all over the place including carpenters, electricians, plumbers you name it. I am pretty sure my friend likes to torture me with the temptation as well. We always start out with my friend making a general introduction, “This is Kitty. Be nice to her. She pays you.”

I have to admit that I feel like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” when he does this. You know the scene when Richard Gere takes her shopping and tells all the salespeople to kiss her ass and they do. Well that happens here as well. At this point a lot of the guys already recognize me but they are just nice overall.

That combined with the idea of a three story house chock full of strong well built men with rough hands, blue jeans, Timberland boots who drive Ford 150’s makes Kitty a little wet. Do you blame me?!?!

So we are walking through this absolutely gorgeous house the other day and my friend is pointing out all the fine detailed woodwork as well as the tile work and trying to explain to me how the decorator determined all the variables. We walk together room by room and yes this house is absolutely exquisite. We work our way upstairs slowly. There are bedrooms and bathrooms on each floor. There are two laundry rooms and an elevator. The kitchen is on the second floor and overlooks the bay. The house has been decorated with all sorts of built ins and although I am not a kitty who is envious, I admit to my friend that this is by far the most gorgeous house that I have ever seen. He beams with pride having consulted on each and every one of the details that I love.

We finally make our way up to the third floor where there is a laundry room a beautiful children’s room with a bathroom that is nicer than any I have ever seen before. The kid’s bedroom is decorated from top to bottom for the two little boys that will spend their summers there.

I admire the boy’s room when my friend calls me in to see the master suite right next door. He holds my hand and shows me the closets and the master bathroom which is filled with the most beautiful marble and cabinetry. The entire suite overlooks the bay again. The views are spectacular. My friend guides me to French doors that overlook the water. He rests his hand on my shoulders as he has done many times before and so I am not at all disturbed by this.

He hugs me gently and wraps his arm around my shoulder as we both admire his work. He is filled with so much pride. He is truly a wonderful man and a gifted craftsman. As we turn around to walk out of the master suite I notice something. It is disturbing to me initially and now I become irate. My friend asks what the problem is.

“The headboard of the master bed is up against the same wall as the headboards of the boy’s beds.” He looks at me and smiles. “Kitty,” he says “It’s just a summer home for these people.”

I could not believe my ears. I looked at my friend searching for some sign that he was joking then said to him, “Believe me, if MY husband had this house built for me I WOULD be fucking him in that suite!”

My friend laughed out loud, gave me a hug and a gentle kiss on the lips letting his tongue just slip in and out of my mouth. He held my head in his hands,looked into my eyes and  said, “I am sure you would Kitty! I’m sure you would.”

Friday, August 10, 2012

Kat's Kinky Sex Blog Chain

Good morning everybody! Yes, Kitty is STILL here! I promise. I did manage to get a link in for Kat's August Sex Blog Chain. If you want something fun to read click on over. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Writer’s Block

I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning. That’s typical for me. What’s not typical is the feeling that I have now. I can do anything I want to. So as I sit here I am trying to decide what to write. A lot has been going on here especially since Angry Guy has left. In fact as I type this I believe I just saw his car drive by. Ordinarily I would be worried. He is angrier than ever. Bad Boy has encouraged…ORDERD me to change the locks on the house and even though I was planning on waiting originally, Bad Boy made some comments the other night that scared the shit out of Kitty. And so, today the locks will be changed.

So what else? Well…Hammer has been super busy as has Kitty so we haven’t had time to meet up. I am in need of some serious “inspiration” though. Once the kids get back to school and we are back in our routines hopefully we can make some time for each other. I sure do miss Hammer’s rock hard cock inside of me.

Oh, we have a new reader on the Naughty Kitty blog…Auditor Guy. I haven’t had the chance to ask him how he knew I had a blog but last night after I shot him a few clips from previous postings he asked me for the link to my blog. So I sent it to him. I wonder what Auditor Guy thinks of my blog.

So I DO apologize for today’s lackluster post but I promise Kitty is not out to dry. I just need a little time to re-group, organize and get some ROCK HARD inspiration.