Thursday, August 16, 2012

Something in the Air

There must be something in the air around here. All of a sudden I am hearing from playmates from out of the blue. Well…not ALL playmates. A few JDate guys. Have I mentioned that these guys move as slow as turtles??? Okay granted I am used to the swift pace of Ashley Madison but still…we are talking about it taking forever for an email response not to mention a phone call. I often wonder how on the ball some of these guys would be if they knew they are dealing with Naughty Kitty. Can you imagine? XXX insists that I am “every guy’s wet dream”. Well, I don’t know about that but I do know that I have a lot to offer.

One thing that is making Kitty happy is keeping in touch with some of my playmates from Ashley Madison. See, most guys would freak once Kitty left Angry Guy. I mean most guys don’t want to be with single women. My playmates know better. They know that Kitty is not looking for anything other than some fun playtime. That hasn’t changed.

The other day Kitty got a double surprise. First I got an email from my old friend T-Bone. We haven’t spoken all summer. I knew he would be busy and let’s face it; I am in the same boat. I was satisfied with the way we left things on a friendly note. So I got a nice email from T-Bone and then that son of a gun actually commented on my blog! Wow, you KNOW comments make Kitty wet!

So things are going well here. Kitty is happy and free.

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Mrs. M said...

So funny that when it rains it pours! Many times when I've had a dry spell or taken a break all of a sudden any & every lover or man I've ever talked to will write, text or something out of the blue! Never fails. This gets MrsM in trouble!! I love the attention!
I know the typical dating sites are much slower. You know Kitty there is no rule against single woman looking for some good action can't be on AM. A little tweak to the profile & I'm sure you'd have them falling at your feet! That doesn't sound all bad! To each their own! You don't seem like your having any love loss yet! Great stories recently too!