Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Auditor Guy

It’s difficult for Kitty not to let my true self shine through. So it didn’t take long before Auditor Guy and I were naughty chatting. Somehow I managed to get him to give me his email address. In our line of work that is a “no no” but he did. It’s okay. He can trust Kitty. He wanted a picture. Kitty HATES pictures. Between Parker and me we found one of me on the beach that pretty much hid everything except my breasts.

My first major decision was whether to use my “Naughty kitty” email address or my vanilla email address. Kitty was feeling playful so I shot him an email using my Naughty kitty address. BINGO! After a few one line emails he admitted that he wanted to talk dirty. Ahhh, another one of Kitty’s weaknesses. I explained that I can WRITE dirty but when it comes to saying the words out loud…well…I guess Kitty gets stage fright.
He told me to send him something. He said he was “tingling”. Hmmm. I thought to myself “Which of my pieces should I send him?”

I decided to send him this:

I’m getting that feeling again. You know…that feeling like I want you inside of me. I close my eyes and think of you. My nipples begin to harden and my pussy becomes wet. You like that don’t you? I think about you kissing me and how our lips immediately found each other effortlessly.

We undress and slip into bed. I can see right away that your cock is completely hard. I try not to stare but want so badly to put it inside of me or at least in my mouth. I don’t want to seem too eager so I kneel next to you and begin to kiss you. Long, slow, deep kisses. You are so gently and warm I can hardly believe it. Your hands are stroking me. I reach down to touch your cock. It is as hard as a rock. I stroke you momentarily but must have you in my mouth. I move down and begin to suck on the head of your cock. I move the entire cock in my mouth. I think I may choke because you are so large but I want to please you. I want the entire thing in my mouth. You touch the back of my throat. I can hear your breathing change and you moan just a little bit. Does that feel good baby?

Your hands seem to motion me and I return to kiss your lips. The urge to climb on top or your rock hard cock is overwhelming so I do. I tease you just a little bit and begin by gently riding the head alone. Each time you push inside me just a little deeper. When you are completely inside of me I moan in ecstasy. You feel so good inside of me baby.

You roll me over and fuck me with my legs wrapped around your waist. Your cock finds its way in and out with each thrust. The sensation that I get each time you enter is indescribable. We continue this way for what seems like a long time. I say “I want to ride you.” You say “not yet”. Being denied makes me want it even more. The idea of you telling me "no" is exciting. Kitty wants what she can’t have. I lay back and enjoy your slow thrusting, letting each stroke of your cock shower me with pleasure. 

And then finally you tell me it is time.

Riding your cock is overwhelming. I cum and cum again. The orgasms sneak up on me one by one and then you gently tell me to turn over. This feels natural to me too Baby. I get on all fours and prepare for you cock to enter me from behind. The feeling is again amazing. You tell me my pussy feels different in this position. I enjoy it too Baby.

I want you to cum. I want you to fuck me hard and cum. You tell me “Maybe…maybe not.” God, I want you to cum. Finally, I hear it in your voice. Your moaning becomes stronger. You pull your cock out and rest it up against me cumming on my back as I have requested. Your orgasm seems to last and that pleases me.

You gently rub the warm creamy cum into my skin. I collapse onto my stomach as you go into the bathroom. I begin to rest and wait for you to return when you do with a warm damp towel. You gently clean off my back. This is heartwarming to me. You curl up next to me and we talk very gently then stroke one another to prepare for round two.

Whoever said it takes time to develop chemistry has never met you Baby. I feel the chemistry between us. Do you?

I wonder if Auditor Guy will like it.


Anonymous said...

Love the write.... :)


Max said...

Yeah, he'll like it. :-)

Tom said...

No doubt about it!

Same sassy girl said...

I sent a certain fellow to look at this and he liked it!

David Benz said...

I sent a certain fellow to examine this and he preferred it!