Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I am longing for him today. I wonder if he feels the same way. I long to see his smile. I long to hear his voice calling out my name. I long for his kiss. The last time we were together I waited for that kiss, ever so gentle. I long to feel his touch also gentle. Running his hands and his mouth over my body thoroughly making me crave more. I long to hold his cock in my hands and then my mouth…deep in my throat as I suck the tip of its head. I long to feel him inside of me. Oh it doesn’t really matter in which position. I love them all…with him. I long for him. I wonder if he feels the same way.

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orange.poppy.2341 said...

May all of your longings be fulfilled soon;leaving you with new exciting cravings to relish in until they are met with passion.