Friday, July 27, 2012

Kitty No Speeky Da Englis

Kitty has all but given up trying to talk to Angry Guy. Oh, we talk about surface topics. We coordinate schedules and when I will be working, when I can help him pack, oh today he asked if we could still share our membership to the wholesale club which costs all of $35. Those topics for the most part are no problem. More often than not though I will repeat myself over and over and he will claim I never said what I KNOW I said…in English…VERY clearly and without any food in my mouth.

The reason I am questioning myself now is because I am having a similar problem with XXX only not on such a serious level. I was working with XXX yesterday. We were alone which was a really nice change. Both of his assistants were out of the office. XXX and I are more relaxed when his assistants are gone. He was extremely touchy/feely. XXX is generally a touchy/feely person as is Kitty. When his assistants are in we both refrain. Yesterday he was holding my hand and rubbing my shoulders on occasion. I know you think he was coming on to me but I assure you he was not.

Of course we discussed our personal situations and the fact that we are both sort of single at the same time. I told XXX that the anniversary for the first time we fucked is coming up in September. He asked me how I wanted to celebrate. Oh COME ON!!! Kitty only wants to celebrate any occasion ONE WAY!!! I looked at him and gave him my devilish smile. His crystal blue eyes sparkled and he smiled his knowing smile.

Then we moved on to the topic that we have all been waiting for…if and when XXX and Kitty are going to get together. Well…That’s where the whole speaking English thing comes in. Now I don’t know whether I am not speaking clearly, or I am simply speaking a foreign language but DAMN! It seems like XXX and I go over and over this and I say the same thing over and over…

So XXX said yesterday “I wish we didn’t work together. We would be such an awesome couple if we didn’t work together.”

To which my response was “Work isn’t the problem. We were fine when we were fucking and working together. The problem is your fucknut wife.” XXX smiled and agreed and I continued by saying,

“Listen; now that I am single I am not fucking around. I am not putting up with any bullshit. You are awesome and we would make an awesome couple but there is no way in hell that I am going to fuck you then have you break my heart the next day because your fucknut wife decided she can’t handle you moving on with your life.”

If I have said this once to XXX I have said it a million times. So why doesn’t he comprehend? Tell me…am I speeky da englis???


Anonymous said...

It maybe the Failure Factor setting in. That he is not sure how to handle the whole thing.


Naughty Kitty said...

Welcome home baby. I missed you xoxox