Monday, July 16, 2012


I deal with a lot of “agents” in my line of work. Not talent agents. More like federal agents at least I think that’s what they are called. Okay for the sake of simplicity they are AUDITORS. Even though I am not technically a receptionist or secretary I answer the phones and anybody who doesn’t know me would automatically assume that I am the receptionist.

So anyway there has been this federal auditor that has been calling Big Cheese to try to wrap up this audit that’s been going on and on. Now Kitty being the playful Kitty that I am tends to toy with these auditors especially the men.

This one guy’s voice sounds like Roz from “Monsters Inc”. He would call up and complain about his job or whatever. He would call when Big Cheese stepped out to get the mail so I would try to keep him on the phone until Big Cheese returned. As a result we have had some pretty silly conversations. Oh yeah, Kitty is just as silly at work as I am on my blog.

So the other day this auditor called and in the midst of our conversation he told me I have a sexy voice. Now I happen to hate the sound of my own voice but this guy made the comment which I posted jokingly right onto my Facebook status. Sure enough later in the day I got a text from none other than Bad Boy who confirmed that yes, I have a sexy voice. That Bad Boy! You can always count on him to add fuel to the fire.

So this morning wouldn’t you know that the auditor called before Big Cheese got into the office. I told him that he was just silly to expect Big Cheese to be in by 9:00 a.m. and he was clearly calling just to talk to me.

He agreed then told me I need to send him a picture of myself in a bikini. Now COME ON! Kitty doesn’t wear a bikini! Sadly Auditor Guy and I had to end our conversation before we got any real information about each other. I did find out his age which is a good 13 years older than Kitty.

Now the audit has come to an end so Kitty has to rely on Big Cheese to describe Auditor Guy since it doesn’t look like we will ever get to meet in person. 

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Anonymous said...

The office needs to switch to SKYPE calling???? That will end the mistery....