Monday, July 2, 2012

Back In The Saddle

Can I just tell you all how excited I am at the prospect of dating again? Dating has changed drastically since I was single. Online dating has revolutionized and I for one am going to embrace it. Really I have to add that my experience on Ashley Madison will help me cope with the ups and downs of sites like and J-Date. I was thinking about it this morning.

How strange is it going to be to communicate with a man and not have that communication centered on fucking? It might be pretty nice actually. How nice will it be to go anyplace I want to and not worry about running into someone I know? How nice will it be to slowly build up the anticipation from date to date so that sex may possibly be more than…well…just fucking?


Anonymous said...

I agree the thought of running into someone always lingers on my mind unless I'm far away.


Anonymous said...

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