Tuesday, July 3, 2012


For those of you who don’t know what “J-Date” is, it’s the dating website for Jewish people. As a goof the other day I signed up. I was joking around with XXX since he is on Match.com. So I told XXX that I was going to sign up for J-Date because I saw a few doctors and lawyers on there so I thought “Why not”. Sure enough as soon as I entered my credit card number those damn doctors and lawyers evaporated. WTF?!?!

Suddenly all that was left are “partially educated” men with food babies, bald heads  and bad teeth. It’s an interesting transition for me to go from Ashley Madison to J-Date for several reasons. First of all I got a lot more interest on Ashley Madison. I don’t know if the men were less particular, desperate or just nicer but DAMN! Those men on J-Date are TOUGH! I have to admit that although I had some help writing up an amazing profile, my pictures are not the greatest but DAMN! Give a lady a break will ya?!??! I mean these men are particular.

Now XXX more or less promised that I would “have dick falling out of my pockets” as he likes to say. Not the case. I have had some men view my profile but not nearly as many as on Ashley Madison and certainly these men are not following through and contacting me.

It’s funny because I can’t get used to the idea that these guys offer up their real names and cell phone numbers up front. QUITE different than Ashley Madison.
There was one guy. He thanked me for viewing his profile. I don’t remember actually viewing it but I responded to his email. He seems extremely nice. He has decent teeth and is older which we all know Kitty LOVES an older man. We made arrangements to speak on the phone but due to extenuating circumstances we missed each other.

Needless to say Kitty is going to have to sit back and just see what happens with this one.


Ben said...

My cousin, a widowed doctor, is on Jdate. He lives too far away for you, kitty. I helped him write his profile and do an initial scan. He has gone out with a few women, only one two times. He is sticking to women who lost their husband, feeling that it puts them on a similar path. He says the women he has met have been nice, educated, professional, interesting. For my cousin, the biggest hurdle has been either distance, by which he means an hour away, or being in a different stage of the loss and grieving process. The same will apply to people after a divorce.
Hope it turns out well, my friend.

Best wishes.

Naughty Kitty said...

Well...the Jews around here do not LIKE Kitty. As XXX says, I am better in person but these guys are TOUGH!

Tom said...

I think the biggest difference between AM and JD is on JD, these are guys looking for "marriage material", at least in my opinion. Why else would you be on J-Date if you are not looking for a new Jewish girl to bring home to mother? If you just want to fuck, who cares what religion she is?