Monday, July 9, 2012

Coming Clean to My Sister

The other day I had to come clean to my sister. We are not particularly close which is a shame. I actually have several sisters. We are civil to one another for my mother’s sake but it’s doubtful we will maintain contact once my mother has passed. Part of me is sad about that but then I remember that when I divorced my first husband each and every one of my sisters ducked and covered. Not one of them supported me. No problem. I obviously survived and THRIVED.

So this time around I told my sister just so that my mother would not feel uncomfortable keeping a secret. I couldn’t decide how or when to tell her so the other day when she emailed me I went that route. I just sent her a quick and casual email. It was kind of like “the weather here is great and Angry Guy and I are splitting up.”

Sure enough she called and left a voicemail for me. When I called her back she was supportive on the surface. In other words she was trashing Angry Guy and rooting me on. The funny thing is with my sisters, I never know whether they root me on like this because they are truly happy for me or because they WANT me to fail.

I never used to feel this way. I would do just about anything for my sisters. I would really support them if one of them chose to leave their husbands. I am happy for their successes and sad for their losses. The fact that they don’t feel the same for me doesn’t bother me anymore.

And so now the truth is out…well…SOME of the truth.

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