Monday, November 24, 2014

Gaining Perspective

This weekend was a weekend of enlightenment for Kitty. In fact, the past few weeks have opened my eyes to a lot of things. Kitty has been doing a lot of research on Feng Shui and have started to make changes to my home specifically my bedroom in order to invite fortune as well as LOVE. Yes, I know…horrifying isn’t it? Kitty is ready to find love…well…just about ready.

Another thing I did was go to see a “Medium” and as I explained to one of my blogging buddies…yes…I am one of THOSE. Kitty is constantly searching for that connection to the other side. I’m not sure how legitimate the medium was but we had a very nice conversation and she really touched on some sensitivities that Kitty has…or HAD.

So while Kitty is working on enlightenment I met a man. He’s a nice guy. Very well spoken, highly educated and he absolutely adores Kitty…kind of like the way Kitty felt about The Cowboy.

So, what’s the problem? You are probably asking. Well…as much as Kitty likes “Mr. Down and Out”, Kitty is simply not attracted to him. We have spoken on the phone every night since we met online and as I mention over and over Kitty HATES talking on the phone. During our conversations Kitty has learned that Mr. Down and Out has no family. He was laid off from his high paying job and is doing temp work. He is divorced, had a falling out with his kids and is being medicated for bi-polar disorder. See what Kitty is saying?

So what would the obvious thing be to do in a situation where you meet a Mr. Down and Out? You got it! Kitty invited him for Thanksgiving!!! Now, Kitty is not having regrets about that…not at all. In fact as I tell my kids, it’s the whole premise of the season the way I see it. So Mr. Down and Out will be joining Kitty’s family this holiday season.

Sadly, Kitty had to explain to him that we are never going to be a couple. Kitty tried to explain to Mr. Down and Out that this winter will be a particularly difficult time for me at work and so the idea of starting a relationship at this time would be foolish.

The interesting thing about all of this is that I had a revelation. The way I feel about Mr. Down and Out is the way The Cowboy (and probably many other men) feel about Kitty. They “like” Kitty. They just aren’t ATTRACTED to Kitty. There is simply nothing Kitty can do about either situation. You are turned on by who you are turned on by and there is no rhyme or reason. It just is.

Kitty wishes you all a happy and healthy holiday season. Kitty will keep plugging away according to the “Medium”, 2015 is Kitty’s year to find love and good fortune. I sure hope so. Kitty could use a little love and good fortune.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Kitty had every intention of baking cranberry bread last night. The kids were going to dinner with Angry Guy. Kitty has been doing well on my “diet” and even planned a healthy dinner for myself before the baking was to commence.

I received an email from him on AM. Just a “how ya doin’ ?” type of email which I thought was kind of funny in light of the fact that he can and sometimes does text me directly at no charge.

I texted him back and asked if he was working or if he had his kids. He said “neither” so I invited him for a drink. We’ve met before…just once for dinner over the summer. We’ve kept in touch. We’ve become friends.

We texted for a bit…playful texts. He said something about lifting my skirt and taking a picture for him so I texted him a nipple shot quickly. He was driving and I will admit there is a naughty side of me that enjoys distracting men while they are driving. He’s calmer though, not easily distracted. He said the picture made him hard.

He was right. By 6:00 that evening Kitty had her hands all over his rock hard cock and it felt nice. Initially he planned to tease me with his cock. Yes, he occasionally reads this blog and knows that’s kitty’s kryptonite. It didn’t take much coaxing before his rock hard cock was thrusting into Kitty’s warm, wet pussy first in missionary then he felt oh so nice fucking Kitty from behind as he stood at the edge of the bed. As he fucked me he said things like, “I love this ass” as he gave it a smack. Knowing how much Kitty enjoys riding a hard cock he gave me the opportunity to do that. At one point he looked into Kitty’s eyes and said, “You are a good looking woman.”

After we were both satisfied we lay in bed chatting. He reminded Kitty that the last time we texted I had fallen for someone. I let my guard down and got cut off at the knees. I liked that he cared enough to ask and was happy to report that particular person was out of my life but the sting of the Cowboy’s disinterest still cut like a knife.

I asked him what he thought about the situation but as we fucked and as he complimented my body, my looks, how much he enjoyed my mouth and my pussy I couldn’t help but feel as though things were going to work out for the best. Everything happens for a reason. I tell my kids that all the time and yes, I believe it.

Someday there may be a man that will appreciate Kitty in my vanilla life. The possibility does exist.

In the end Kitty had to leave. One of the last things he said to me was, “with all the exercise we just got and missing dinner tonight Kitty will be at fighting weight in no time.”

Funny…Kitty was thinking the same thing.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The File

This morning when Kitty got into work I put his file away. We aren’t expecting to hear any news until late December and quite frankly it’s torture seeing his name constantly through the day. Every computer file I open has his name on it or one of his family members. Seeing his handwriting and knowing that he’d never be writing anything to Kitty directly other than something work related is just too much to bare right now.

We did finally get out to the farm to visit The Cowboy. For Kitty it was like being in heaven. It was a particularly cold and windy Sunday. Kitty and daughter drove over an hour to get up there. He and his brother were waiting for us. Kitty’s Grinch heart leapt when I saw them both. The Cowboy’s brother is quite a bit younger, handsome, and well-educated and has the sexiest voice Kitty has ever heard. He was the first of the brothers to charm Kitty and it was a pleasure to finally meet him in person.

The brothers gave us a brief tour of the farm. We joked about Kitty riding one of the cows and The Cowboy saddled up two horses then The Cowboy took Kitty’s daughter for her very first horseback ride. The brothers were so kind and hospitable Kitty can’t help but fall head over heels. But alas, The Cowboy simply does not feel the same way about Kitty.

In an effort to show what a good farmer’s girlfriend Kitty could be, I made a pumpkin bread for The Cowboy as a “thank you”.

“How did you know I love pumpkin bread?” He said as I handed it to him. Kitty smiled inside.

He made a comment to Kitty’s daughter about learning how to cook and Kitty secretly hoped The Cowboy was thinking, “Damn this woman is a PERFECT!”

Kitty hoped and wished all week that The Cowboy would call. I did call him for a faux work related question. He said the bread was “good” and “moist” and that he and his brothers “devoured it before it could get into the house”.  And while Kitty hung onto these words hoping that they meant something more, in the end they were just kind words from a really nice guy who has no romantic interest in Kitty what so ever.

Does this make Kitty sad? Absolutely! Kitty can see myself with The Cowboy long term. I can see myself spending the weekends on the farm working, and playing. Kitty can see myself taking care of The Cowboy. I can see myself cooking for him and after a long hard day on the farm making love to him.  I can see myself enjoying his big family and all the wonderful occasions they enjoy together.

This past weekend The Cowboy was in a wedding…another brother’s wedding. We talked a little about it. Kitty was hoping that by some miracle he would invite me to be his guest. Apparently there was some drama with the mother of The Cowboy’s son. She was invited to the wedding as well but was throwing a tantrum over not being invited to the bridal shower.

Kitty wanted to shout “TAKE ME!!! I’M DRAMA FREE!!!” Instead Kitty told The Cowboy to have a good time and to send me pictures of himself all dressed up in a tuxedo. Kitty knows The Cowboy cleans up nice.

But as the song says, “I can’t make you love me if you don’t” so before Kitty loses what is left of my dignity, I decided the best thing was to put The Cowboy’s file back downstairs where it belongs, re-wrap my heart in bubble wrap, re-build my walls and move on.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Team Kitty

Last night Kitty had a great conversation with my old friend Bad Boy. I would have to say that he knows me better than just about anybody inside and out. I don’t want to gush too much because I think it makes him feel uncomfortable when I write about him and our conversations but I have to include him in my unique group of friends that I like to call “Team Kitty”.

Last night Bad Boy and Kitty were texting as we tend to do here and there. Bad Boy is always very cordial and always invites Kitty to call him. Kitty is not big on talking on the phone for several reasons but especially since my kids are usually around and hear bits of my conversation with Bad Boy which at times can be rather inappropriate.

So we were texting…Bad Boy and Kitty. We exchanged the “what’s new?” We both of course said “not much”. I did mention about my pending threesome with Esq. and Sidekick and we briefly discussed it. I then mentioned that T-Bone’s wife had called me when Bad Boy texted, “U really need to call.” Kitty had to smile and then Kitty called Bad Boy.

As Bad Boy and Kitty were talking and Bad Boy was urging Kitty to be safe, Kitty realized that I really DO have quite a unique group of friends a.k.a. Team Kitty.

Team Kitty consists of friends both real and cyber mostly men and mostly platonic all concerned for Kitty’s safety as well as my happiness.

I think when I wrote that post “One Hellava Night” it may have shaken a few of my friends up. Kitty didn’t mean to do that. I was simply trying to add a little spice to the blog post and for those of you who really got upset, I apologize.

I want to assure you all that Kitty takes many many precautions when I go on play dates. Kitty always tells at least one person on Team Kitty where I will be and with whom which I think is a good policy for anybody living this secret life.

Kitty has also become more selective believe it or not about my play mates. Bad Boy and I were discussing that as well. When Kitty was trapped in a sexless marriage I was absolutely bananas for sex. Kitty did some really unsafe things with some really unsavory characters. Luckily everything worked out but I did learn my lesson. The funny thing is that now that Kitty is free to fuck whoever I like I don’t have that feeling of desperation that I used to have when I was married.

That doesn’t mean that Kitty has lost my drive. OH NOO!!! It’s just that Kitty can afford to be more discriminating. I don’t put myself in unsafe situations anymore and like I said I have the support of Team Kitty.

So I want to thank all of you for all of your concern and all of your support.


Naughty Kitty


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It Must Be a Full Moon

Kitty just had the craziest IM conversation with an old friend on Facebook. He and I had been friends in high school. He had a crush on Kitty I think at the time but was too shy to act on it I think. We came in contact once again through Facebook. He is happily married with a beautiful family and lives a safe distance from Kitty. We are in the same profession and he has quite a few health issues so he is on and off of Facebook and will occasionally make a comment about how beautiful Kitty’s kids are or even how beautiful Kitty is!

Last night while Kitty was juggling the logistics of meeting T-Bone HS Crush began to text me. I missed his text initially but this morning he IM’d me again and said he was dealing with some heavy stuff. I immediately assumed it was health related when in reality his wife had just asked to open up THEIR marriage!!!

Now Kitty has no idea what made him reach out to ME with this information and by the end of the conversation we were both laughing but initially he said “if you were presented with this situation what would you do?’

Kitty: “Would you believe me if I told you I was presented with this situation just last night?”


So Kitty and HS Crush had an online conversation about all sorts of things related to open marriage, divorce affairs and Kitty told HS Crush the abbreviated version of my secret life.

Not much surprises me anymore but I have to admit, the concept that of all the people HS Crush should confide in Kitty right off the bat about this…well…you have to admit there is something cosmic about it.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hellava Night Part 2

Kitty let the call go to voicemail then waited until I was in a private place to listen to the message. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe T-Bone when he said this might happen. It’s just that Kitty thinks his wife is bi-polar and will regret the call once she realizes shit’s getting real.

Once I got to my bedroom I listened to the message. Sure enough it was her voice. Much calmer than the first time she called me years ago and threatened to come after me if I ever went near her husband again.

This time her voice was steady and calm…almost human. She explained who she was and that I have her blessing to “text, call or even fuck” her husband.

Once I heard the message, I texted T-Bone “WTF?!” His reply was, “What? You told me to have her call you”.

He was right. He has been telling me for months that they agreed to open up their marriage and while Kitty believes him, I also know how fucking crazy his wife is. I truly believe that she agreed to it thinking that he would never find anybody…and yet he found Kitty three years ago to be exact.

Kitty can visualize the headlines when T-Bone’s bat shit crazy wife hunts me down with one of T-Bone’s weapons. As Kitty explained to T-Bone, I have fought too long and too hard for my freedom to be gunned down by his crazy ass wife.

And so we agreed that if she left a voice mail giving me her blessing, I would continue my relationship with T-Bone.

He and I had a brief conversation after that. We made a play date and he assured my safety once she goes off the deep end and so it begins…again…

Kitty’s blogging bestie is always telling Kitty, “They always come back.” Damn if he is not right!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

One Hellava Night

Kitty had one hellava night last night and I have decided to share with all of you because let’s face it; you can’t make some of this shit up!

Let’s see…where to begin…well Kitty’s vanilla life is moving along although work is kind of slow and that means Kitty is getting into all sorts of mischief. Kitty has been doing remarkably well on my diet considering the holiday season is upon us and Kitty wants to get down to fighting weight where I belong but in the meantime Kitty does still like to play. I came upon a match on AM not too long ago. He is an executive for a famous clothing manufacturer. He has a summer home and business trips out to Kitty’s area so when he asked Kitty to meet him for drinks last night, I thought “what the hell”.

Even though Kitty is not one to drive far out of my way for these meetings, The Executive charmed me into meeting him closer to his summer place which was maybe 40 minutes outside of Kitty’s comfort zone. Kitty left right from work to meet The Executive and although I hit quite a bit of traffic, I told myself it was nothing compared to the traffic he must have had to deal with. We met at the restaurant he suggested. As promised he arrived early to get us a nice table and was already on his first beer and deep in conversation with our 20 something server. He was absolutely charming and although from his texts it was hard to believe he was new at this AM stuff, Kitty believes maybe he is based on our dinner conversation.

Dinner went well and was as close to a vanilla dinner date as Kitty has ever had. His Rolex watch glimmered and I noticed it briefly out of the corner of my eye as I listened to his surprisingly interesting stories about work, home and prior AM meetings. Although The Executive travels worldwide, he is very down to earth and interesting so when he walked me out to my car, I asked if he’d like to sit and talk some more. He said yes of course and offered Kitty the choice between my car and his. For whatever reason Kitty chose his car then later thought maybe that wasn’t the safest idea.

He led me into the front seat of his sports car, got in the driver’s side then turned the ignition to start the heat and the radio. We chatted briefly then he asked if he could kiss Kitty. Kitty of course said yes and although we were not spot on like Kitty has been with previous lovers Kitty and The Executive fell into sync within a few minutes. Once we did he began to feverishly paw for Kitty’s breasts. He was talking in low tones and Kitty could barely hear him but I think he asked me to take off his pants. Kitty reached over the center panel and began to unfasten The Executive’s pants. He quickly finished the processed and exposed his own cock. He looked Kitty in the eyes and I had to remind myself that The Executive does not know exactly who he was dealing with. Kitty proceeded to suck his cock as he moaned things like, “You are going to make me cum Kitty. Oh my god you are SO good at this!” Then very quickly The Executive began to cum just as Kitty removed “blow job in a sports car” from my mental bucket list. Unbelievable that Kitty has never done that but true.

The Executive took a moment to clean himself up, give Kitty a few quick compliments then drove me to my car. Kitty’s ride home was uneventful and quicker than the ride there and I thought to myself what a nice distraction the evening had been.

And so Kitty walked through the door and back into my vanilla life when suddenly my cell phone began to ring and I saw his name come up on the screen. Only something told me not to answer. Something told me it wasn’t him. Something told me it was his wife.