Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It Must Be a Full Moon

Kitty just had the craziest IM conversation with an old friend on Facebook. He and I had been friends in high school. He had a crush on Kitty I think at the time but was too shy to act on it I think. We came in contact once again through Facebook. He is happily married with a beautiful family and lives a safe distance from Kitty. We are in the same profession and he has quite a few health issues so he is on and off of Facebook and will occasionally make a comment about how beautiful Kitty’s kids are or even how beautiful Kitty is!

Last night while Kitty was juggling the logistics of meeting T-Bone HS Crush began to text me. I missed his text initially but this morning he IM’d me again and said he was dealing with some heavy stuff. I immediately assumed it was health related when in reality his wife had just asked to open up THEIR marriage!!!

Now Kitty has no idea what made him reach out to ME with this information and by the end of the conversation we were both laughing but initially he said “if you were presented with this situation what would you do?’

Kitty: “Would you believe me if I told you I was presented with this situation just last night?”


So Kitty and HS Crush had an online conversation about all sorts of things related to open marriage, divorce affairs and Kitty told HS Crush the abbreviated version of my secret life.

Not much surprises me anymore but I have to admit, the concept that of all the people HS Crush should confide in Kitty right off the bat about this…well…you have to admit there is something cosmic about it.

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