Thursday, November 13, 2014

Team Kitty

Last night Kitty had a great conversation with my old friend Bad Boy. I would have to say that he knows me better than just about anybody inside and out. I don’t want to gush too much because I think it makes him feel uncomfortable when I write about him and our conversations but I have to include him in my unique group of friends that I like to call “Team Kitty”.

Last night Bad Boy and Kitty were texting as we tend to do here and there. Bad Boy is always very cordial and always invites Kitty to call him. Kitty is not big on talking on the phone for several reasons but especially since my kids are usually around and hear bits of my conversation with Bad Boy which at times can be rather inappropriate.

So we were texting…Bad Boy and Kitty. We exchanged the “what’s new?” We both of course said “not much”. I did mention about my pending threesome with Esq. and Sidekick and we briefly discussed it. I then mentioned that T-Bone’s wife had called me when Bad Boy texted, “U really need to call.” Kitty had to smile and then Kitty called Bad Boy.

As Bad Boy and Kitty were talking and Bad Boy was urging Kitty to be safe, Kitty realized that I really DO have quite a unique group of friends a.k.a. Team Kitty.

Team Kitty consists of friends both real and cyber mostly men and mostly platonic all concerned for Kitty’s safety as well as my happiness.

I think when I wrote that post “One Hellava Night” it may have shaken a few of my friends up. Kitty didn’t mean to do that. I was simply trying to add a little spice to the blog post and for those of you who really got upset, I apologize.

I want to assure you all that Kitty takes many many precautions when I go on play dates. Kitty always tells at least one person on Team Kitty where I will be and with whom which I think is a good policy for anybody living this secret life.

Kitty has also become more selective believe it or not about my play mates. Bad Boy and I were discussing that as well. When Kitty was trapped in a sexless marriage I was absolutely bananas for sex. Kitty did some really unsafe things with some really unsavory characters. Luckily everything worked out but I did learn my lesson. The funny thing is that now that Kitty is free to fuck whoever I like I don’t have that feeling of desperation that I used to have when I was married.

That doesn’t mean that Kitty has lost my drive. OH NOO!!! It’s just that Kitty can afford to be more discriminating. I don’t put myself in unsafe situations anymore and like I said I have the support of Team Kitty.

So I want to thank all of you for all of your concern and all of your support.


Naughty Kitty


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Red Shoes said...

One can't ever be too safe any more...