Monday, November 10, 2014

Hellava Night Part 2

Kitty let the call go to voicemail then waited until I was in a private place to listen to the message. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe T-Bone when he said this might happen. It’s just that Kitty thinks his wife is bi-polar and will regret the call once she realizes shit’s getting real.

Once I got to my bedroom I listened to the message. Sure enough it was her voice. Much calmer than the first time she called me years ago and threatened to come after me if I ever went near her husband again.

This time her voice was steady and calm…almost human. She explained who she was and that I have her blessing to “text, call or even fuck” her husband.

Once I heard the message, I texted T-Bone “WTF?!” His reply was, “What? You told me to have her call you”.

He was right. He has been telling me for months that they agreed to open up their marriage and while Kitty believes him, I also know how fucking crazy his wife is. I truly believe that she agreed to it thinking that he would never find anybody…and yet he found Kitty three years ago to be exact.

Kitty can visualize the headlines when T-Bone’s bat shit crazy wife hunts me down with one of T-Bone’s weapons. As Kitty explained to T-Bone, I have fought too long and too hard for my freedom to be gunned down by his crazy ass wife.

And so we agreed that if she left a voice mail giving me her blessing, I would continue my relationship with T-Bone.

He and I had a brief conversation after that. We made a play date and he assured my safety once she goes off the deep end and so it begins…again…

Kitty’s blogging bestie is always telling Kitty, “They always come back.” Damn if he is not right!


Ethan Lambert said...

That is, perhaps, the most terrifying voicemail I can ever imagine getting. Glad to hear it's okay! ...probably.

Naughty Kitty said...

Aw no worries Ethan. Kitty is very careful and in fact I was just talking to my very protective friend Bad Boy last night. He is made aware of all of these situations and has the ability to hunt down anybody who harms Kitty. Having said that I am extremely careful and would never put my safety or the safety of one of my lovers in jeopardy not to mention my family and friends. I have secret friends that know my whereabouts when I am on my play dates as well as who I am with. I check in and out with them.