Monday, November 24, 2014

Gaining Perspective

This weekend was a weekend of enlightenment for Kitty. In fact, the past few weeks have opened my eyes to a lot of things. Kitty has been doing a lot of research on Feng Shui and have started to make changes to my home specifically my bedroom in order to invite fortune as well as LOVE. Yes, I know…horrifying isn’t it? Kitty is ready to find love…well…just about ready.

Another thing I did was go to see a “Medium” and as I explained to one of my blogging buddies…yes…I am one of THOSE. Kitty is constantly searching for that connection to the other side. I’m not sure how legitimate the medium was but we had a very nice conversation and she really touched on some sensitivities that Kitty has…or HAD.

So while Kitty is working on enlightenment I met a man. He’s a nice guy. Very well spoken, highly educated and he absolutely adores Kitty…kind of like the way Kitty felt about The Cowboy.

So, what’s the problem? You are probably asking. Well…as much as Kitty likes “Mr. Down and Out”, Kitty is simply not attracted to him. We have spoken on the phone every night since we met online and as I mention over and over Kitty HATES talking on the phone. During our conversations Kitty has learned that Mr. Down and Out has no family. He was laid off from his high paying job and is doing temp work. He is divorced, had a falling out with his kids and is being medicated for bi-polar disorder. See what Kitty is saying?

So what would the obvious thing be to do in a situation where you meet a Mr. Down and Out? You got it! Kitty invited him for Thanksgiving!!! Now, Kitty is not having regrets about that…not at all. In fact as I tell my kids, it’s the whole premise of the season the way I see it. So Mr. Down and Out will be joining Kitty’s family this holiday season.

Sadly, Kitty had to explain to him that we are never going to be a couple. Kitty tried to explain to Mr. Down and Out that this winter will be a particularly difficult time for me at work and so the idea of starting a relationship at this time would be foolish.

The interesting thing about all of this is that I had a revelation. The way I feel about Mr. Down and Out is the way The Cowboy (and probably many other men) feel about Kitty. They “like” Kitty. They just aren’t ATTRACTED to Kitty. There is simply nothing Kitty can do about either situation. You are turned on by who you are turned on by and there is no rhyme or reason. It just is.

Kitty wishes you all a happy and healthy holiday season. Kitty will keep plugging away according to the “Medium”, 2015 is Kitty’s year to find love and good fortune. I sure hope so. Kitty could use a little love and good fortune.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your blog. Question: why do you refer to yourself as "Kitty"? I mean, why not just "I" or "me"?

Anonymous said...

Don't answer that.... Nothing wrong with "Kitty" I've become accustom to "Kitty" and I think it's a way to separate ones self in her blog.


Ethan Lambert said...

So out of curiosity, what is the "type" that you're attracted to?

Naughty Kitty said...

Thanks Hammer! You are a doll! Kitty's "Type"??? Great question but so hard to answer. I would say my type is definitely a strong take charge kind of guy. I always say I like a guy that will tell me "Kitty, get on your knees and suck my cock will ya?"