Friday, December 5, 2014

Race To The Finish

So what’s new with Kitty? Well…all SORTS of things!! Things are moving along. Thanksgiving was fun and really put Kitty in the mood to celebrate the rest of the holiday season.

So what’s new in Kitty’s “LIFE” you ask…well…Kitty has met two “new” men. The first is a Traveling Man. He is a salesman and even though he says he travels 70% of the time it sounds more like 95%. We met for drinks not too long ago. He was surprisingly handsome. So much so that Kitty agreed to meet him again. The Traveling Man is a slow mover. Kitty doesn’t know what to make of that but I sure am having fun learning. The second time we met he actually gave Kitty a proper kiss with tongue and everything!! Who knows what a third date will bring but I sure can’t wait to find out. Kitty’s attitude lately is basically if nothing else comes of it, I am meeting new and interesting people. The Traveling Man is interesting as well as handsome so our next meeting should be interesting to say the least.

Something interesting about Kitty that you may or may not know depending on if you know me in person…Kitty’s real self always seems to shine through even in my vanilla life. Last week a friend that I went to high school with was in town. We agreed to meet for drinks after work. Now this old high school buddy happens to be from a different race. Surprisingly Kitty has never fucked outside my race. The opportunity has never presented itself but it may very soon.

It turns out my old high school friend is recently separated. We had a very nice dinner together and chatted non-stop. You just know the entire time Kitty was looking at him wondering what it would be like to fuck him. Wondering what his lips would feel like on mine. Wondering if he would run his tongue along my pussy just the way I like it. Wondering if he would fuck me doggie style. But alas he walked me to my car after dinner, I gave him a respectful peck on the cheek and we went our separate ways.

I’m not sure which of his texts lead me to believe he may be interested in more than just a friendship but I definitely read things right because later in the morning before Thanksgiving he made a remark about our “date”

Kitty: “Oh so are we DATING now?”

High School Buddy: “Well, that depends on you…”

Bottom line…we have been texting, chatting and have a mini weekend getaway planned this weekend.

It’s going to be a great holiday season!!


Simplicity said...

Awesome!! Good for you. Have fun!

GoodWill said...

Good kitty! Enjoy both - can't wait to hear more...