Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bringing the New Year in With a Bang!

It's New Year's Eve...the calm before the storm in my line of work so on the one hand Kitty is on edge and on the other completely enjoying the quiet in my office this morning. Aside from Kitty's frustration over health issues I am well. Oh don't you worry about Kitty. There is nothing serious going on although my boss took the pleasure of calling me "old" the other day and told me my body is starting to “break down”.

Don't ask me why but I had some days to use up in December. I had stashed them aside for potential playdates but things just never worked out so I decided to catch up on some doctor's appointments instead. That was a bad BAD choice. For future reference if you have a choice between taking time off from work for a play date or a doctor’s appointment CHOOSE THE PLAY DATE!!!

Needless to say Kitty is in the midst of trying to straighten out some sort of problem with my eyes which I use ALL THE TIME for work and have zero time and zero patience for fuck ups and I suspect the doctor fucked up so now I am pissed and seriously those of you who know me in the real world, know that you don’t want to piss off Kitty.

Whew…today apparently is the day of venting for Kitty so I apologize…rant over.

Kitty is looking forward to a playdate with Traveling Salesman tomorrow. He seems extremely conservative. Kitty always likes guys like that and always wants to tap into that naughty side of them . So the funny thing about the Traveling Salesman is that through all of our emails…all of our vanilla dinner dates Travelling Salesman has neglected to ask Kitty’s real name…even just my first name. At this point it would be a little uncomfortable for him don’t you think?

So in light of what is going on Kitty is looking forward to starting the New Year off with a “bang”.

You never know what the day will hold so take advantage of everything life has to offer while you can. That’s the mantra Kitty tries to live by.

Happy 2015 everybody. Kitty wishes each of you a happy and healthy New Year filled with orgasms and great sex.



Same sassy girl said...

Happy New Year to you Kitty! Hope you have many great bangs! And tell us about them!! Mwah!

GoodWill said...

Happy New Year Kitty! Hope to see/read lots of you in the new year!