Friday, August 24, 2012

Early Bird

Kitty had my first date last night. For whatever reason the guy wanted to meet at 2 in the afternoon. I had to work for XXX so I asked if we could make it 3 or 4. In the end we made it at 4:30. So of course Kitty and my friends had a field day with the fact that this was an Early Bird thing and then throw in young Parker teasing me about dating older guys and I present to you EARLY BIRD.

Early Bird’s profile said he was 50. He looks a little bit older but Kitty tested him at dinner and he is in fact 50. Kitty doesn’t care about age as we all know and for the most part Kitty doesn’t care about looks but Early Bird has some rough looking teeth and Kitty at least wants a nice smile to look at. Early Bird does have nice blue eyes so I tried to focus on that.

The date went well except the ending was very awkward. As we walked to my cars, instead of walking closer to me Early Bird left a HUGE space between us…I mean like shouting “goodnight” to one another space. Kitty tried to coax Early Bird closer for a little kiss but I assume he wasn’t feeling it. No problem. In the meantime he did ask what I was doing this weekend and he did email me that we should do it again so…

I have to say that XXX was furious over the ending of the date. I had been working with him prior and he gave my outfit and hair a big thumbs up. He was actually shouting drunken insults about Early Bird over the phone later when I gave him the details. I insisted it was fine. There simply wasn’t any chemistry. When you are with men like Hammer, T-Bone and now JDate guy you realize that chemistry is a big factor.

So if Early Bird follows through Kitty would see him again. I’d even fuck him…but that’s about it I think.

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Red Shoes said...

Oddly enough, I've had women lie to me about their age. LMBO... Imagine that.

Chemistry is everything!