Tuesday, August 28, 2012


He asked me to call him last night. The timing was right and I was able to sneak away for just a little bit. At first I was unable to say the things he wanted me to say. I was not alone. I didn’t want the young ones around me to hear me talking about sucking his cock.

He wanted me to talk to him about cooking naked together. He wanted me to describe us in my kitchen naked…preparing a meal to eat before clearing the table and fucking. He said there would be no touching. That drives Kitty crazy. Kitty loves to touch and be touched.

My story was different. We would be naked in my kitchen. That I agree. I would be slicing vegetables and he would be standing behind me with his hand over my hand on the knife. He would be grinding up against me and I could feel his rock hard cock wanting to come in. He would bury his nose in my hair. He would slowly inhale my scent and then he would begin kissing down the back of my neck as he gently removes the knife from my right hand. He would position my hands in front of me and gently guide my hips back. I reposition my legs to make room for him to come in from behind. He stands at a slight distance behind me and looks at me. He runs his right hand around and down on my clit while his left hand strokes my back. He steps in closer for a moment and I can feel that cock up against me. I crave that cock. I am wondering if he is going to fuck my pussy or take me anally. The anticipation alone makes me wet. 
He slips his finger inside me and begins to rub then strokes his cock just a little bit. He kisses my back as he gently guides his cock inside of my pussy. He thrusts ever so slowly at first then begins to pick up the pace. I long for him to rub my clit. He holds my hip with his left hand then runs his thumb up against my ass…then INTO my ass. He is thrusting harder now and moving his thumb in rhythm. I am moaning with pleasure. I am crying out in ecstasy. And then he calls out, “I’m cumming!” he says. I can feel his hot cum pumping into me. He pulls out and admires the sight of his cum dripping out of me.

He kisses my back once again. I turn to look at his face then say, “What’s for dinner?”

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