Thursday, September 20, 2012

It’s All a Big Scam

Long before Auditor Guy and I became acquainted, Kitty signed up for a few online dating sites. I thought at least I would get some good writing material. Before you sign up for the sites they have photos of these gorgeous people. Of course the photos for me were of gorgeous men supposedly over the age of 50. No sooner did my credit card swipe did these gorgeous men get replaced by the real men over 50 who are not necessarily unattractive but DAMN are they particular. Most if not all pass up Kitty once they see my photos. Yes, I have been told my photos are not the greatest but these are quite frankly the only photos that I have and they are recent. Some of these men are either lying about their age or posting photos that are 20 years old.


That is neither here nor there. Basically I learned immediately that these sites unfortunately are a breeding ground for I DON’T KNOW WHAT!!! I realized almost right away that I wasn’t going to meet anybody of quality which is fine. I am lucky enough to meet people all day long. Hell, look at Auditor Guy!!


As the end of my memberships to these sites SLOWLY comes to an end the thing that is REALLY getting to me is the number of SCAMS!! I mean JEEZ-US!!


Now keep in mind Kitty was on Ashley Madison. I know there were some scams directed at men on that site but basically the men I came across with the exception of one in particular were pretty truthful.


The scams on the “Legitimate” sites like, Ourtime and JDate are plentiful. They range from men trying to swindle money out of desperate lonely women to in my case hacking into my account and completely hijacking my profile.


So what’s got my panties in a bunch today? Well, I received a message this morning from a former Ashley Madison acquaintance. He apparently contacted me on one of the vanilla sites. He did not post pictures obviously or I would have recognized him. He obviously did not list “married” as his status. When I asked him why he said “Because that wasn’t one of the choices.”…um…yeah because those sites are for SINGLES who want to meet OTHER SINGLES!!!


I apologize for my rant but is NOTHING sacred????



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight, but then again I'm not single.. So stay with AM... :)


Marcus said...

I have been suspecting this. I searched for reviews of various sites and they were pretty much mostly scams. Some of the sites even state in their fine print that they will create fake profiles on purpose!

It is ironic that a site like Ashley Madison, based on the idea of cheating is one of the more honest ones. I think that Adult Friend Finder ranked pretty high and have also heard a few things about Plenty Of Fish.

I haven't signed up for any of these yet but have been thinking about it since being single now seems to be a 99.99% possibility.

Best of luck with the continued search. I think your best bet will be with the people you actually meet for other reasons, they will see you the person rather than a picture and a profile.