Monday, September 10, 2012

Slumber Party

One of the things that I have always found sexy was well…the SECRET in my secret life. I mean to most people in my life I am a responsible, hard working, dedicated woman, mother, wife, professional. At least that’s what they tell me to my face. I’ll admit that there was a part of me that was afraid that I would always want to sneak around…always want to search. But that is not the case. Somehow and don’t ask me how, I have found a very special someone who can appreciate the ME that is ME and then he can REALLY appreciate…Naughty Kitty.

And so, Auditor Guy and I after a long week of naughty emails, texts and phone calls finally had the opportunity to have a real life play date in Naughty Kitty’s real life house. I have to admit that it was strange bringing Auditor guy here. I am so used to motel rooms but seriously. Kitty is single now although Angry Guy is known to stalk here and there even if he DID see Auditor Guy; we agreed to live as single people who are married on paper for administrative reasons.
So, yes I felt juvenile asking Auditor Guy to park across the street so that Angry Guy would not see a strange car in front of the house. It wasn’t so much that I was afraid of Angry Guy seeing us. It was that I didn’t want him to knock on the door and interrupt our play date.

As Auditor Guy walked out the door this morning at 6:30 a.m. we both laughed as each of my neighbors one by one came out to retrieve their newspapers and watched my overnight guest walk to his car. I think Auditor Guy will agree that it was an interesting night full of touching, kissing, sucking and licking. Aside from the fact that Kitty’s monthly cycle nullified several of our plans, Auditor Guy and I both were able to achieve orgasms.

We have chemistry Auditor Guy and I. My body is responsive immediately when we kiss and he has a way with his fingers that I have never experienced before. In time his tongue will find its way down to my awaiting pussy but we have time. The thing I enjoy most about the single life is being able to let down my guard and enjoy time.

I enjoyed our late afternoon playtime then enjoying a nice dinner out with a nice bottle of wine. I also enjoyed coming home and inviting Auditor Guy back to my bedroom for a little more play and then some rest. I reached over several times in the middle of the night to feel if he was still there. He reached over to stroke me. And then it was time for him to go because although Kitty is single now I am still a mother and my children are still my first priority. Auditor Guy gets that. So off he went early in the morning. I hope he enjoyed our play date as much as I did and I sure hope we can do it again soon.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like it went well for you, that's great!