Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Special Birthdays

One of the awesome things about Auditor Guy is that we can be completely open and honest with each other. He knows all about my past and he has become a daily reader of my blog.

 Another awesome thing is that since we are both single, theoretically we can both let those walls come down. You know the “WALLS”? The walls that we have built up which prevent us becoming attached to anybody from the opposite sex for fear of becoming attached?? You know THAT WALL!

So yesterday I posted about “New Beginnings”. I posted about another man in synagogue. Without realizing it I think I may have hurt Auditor Guy’s feelings. We texted a little bit about it last night. Even though Auditor Guy knows me in person and knows how I talk, I guess that blog was just a little TOO honest. Kitty gets that and I appreciate Auditor Guy being honest about that. Auditor Guy’s honesty makes Kitty wet.

And so, Kitty will be focusing entirely on Auditor Guy and his cock. Auditor Guy has a birthday coming up and Kitty can’t wait to make it a special birthday. I have even purchased a special gift for Auditor Guy which I will be reviewing after we play with it.
So let me ask you all. What kind of things makes YOUR birthdays special? What kind of things do you think Auditor Guy might like Kitty to do to make his birthday a special one?

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