Thursday, October 4, 2012

Birthday Party

It took a lot of planning and several cancellations but it was finally time to celebrate Auditor Guy’s birthday. We decided to get a hotel room since it would buy us more time although I think in the long run we didn’t need it.

Sadly AG and I made several attempts at meeting to celebrate his birthday. We did see each other on his actual birthday but he was getting over a bad cold so we opted for today. It’s pretty difficult for Kitty to plan these things although you wouldn’t think so.

For one I had been waiting to hear about a second interview for a new job. AG knew it was important to me. When I hadn’t heard anything by Friday I asked him what if they called on Monday and wanted to interview me on Tuesday. Luckily for whatever reason they called me Saturday and I took the interview Monday. Whew! That was close!

So today was the day. I went to work as I normally do dressing in something just a little sexier than usual just in case AG took a moment to notice me. Oh, I forgot! AG sent me a link to an erotic massage video. This chick rubbed this dude down completely with oil. Toward the end of course she worked his cock exclusively giving him one hell of a hand job. I was trying to figure out how I could get to the store to get some oil in time for AG’s birthday party but it was no use. We will have to save the cock massage for our next play date but rest assured I will have the oil by then.

So pretty early in the morning I received a text from Angry Guy. He was in the hospital. He had chest pains. Although I was concerned for him there was nothing I could do. I have to admit that I was angry for lack of a better word. This is just the thing that I expected from him. He makes no effort to take care of himself and has neglected his health for years. In addition he is acting horribly around the kids and capable of just about anything to manipulate his way back into the house. Fortunately we are all in a much more peaceful place when he is not here so his return is not even a consideration. I didn’t even realize how trapped I really felt until I began to enjoy the freedoms of single womanhood.

I did text AG to let him know what was going on but in the end told him that I wanted to meet for his birthday party. To add to the excitement I received a text from none other than T-Bone. He wanted to know what I was doing today. I told him I had a play date with a friend. He asked if I wanted a three-way but it became clear that he thought I meant I was going out with another woman. When I mentioned AG, T-Bone’s texts ceased immediately.

While driving to the hotel I noticed something different. There was a lack of nervousness that I had while driving to meet the other men I have met. I thought how nice it is not to have to hide anymore. AG and I are two single people enjoying one another completely guilt free. There is something about that that appeals to me.

I arrived at the room number which AG texted ahead. He wasn’t expecting me so early but had already made himself comfortable. He greeted me warmly and we chatted quickly as I began to turn off the lights one by one. He pointed out how silly that was but I continued.

It didn’t take long for us to undress and begin kissing in bed. I climbed on top of AG and began to get wet as he removed my bra. Quickly I removed my panties as he worked his way down…down. It was the first time I had the pleasure of feeling his mouth on my pussy. He had been talking about “eating” me for weeks since our first encounter and yes his mouth felt wonderful against me. I wanted desperately to suck his cock at the same time. That comes very natural to me…sucking while being sucked.

As we moved into position it became clear to us both that this was OUR position…69. He asked me to move my fingers into his ass first one then two. I sucked his cock as I did this all the while he was going down on me. Amazingly I was able to concentrate. 

We moved with one another this way then that. Each time my fingers found their way inside of AG as my mouth found his cock. I toyed with the head inside my mouth as he groaned and begged me to tell him what I was doing. I made sure he could see me. AG likes to watch. AG is very easy to please. We took short breaks here and there until he let me unwrap his special gift. It is called “The Wave” which you can imagine is a butt plug of sorts with graduated ball shapes (waves) running down its length. I was careful about working it into AG’s ass but he took it well and although he said it was a different sensation seemed to enjoy it. Yes, he admitted that he preferred my fingers as they gave him a more intimate feel but I was happy to offer the variety.

It was nice to pleasure Auditor Guy. He is very sweet and kind in bed and out of bed. He admits that he struggles with romantic words but Kitty assured him that he does just fine. I have to say that AG wore me out. I enjoyed our little party but when the time came for AG to cum Kitty was just not up to swallowing his cum. I’m so sorry AG. I just wasn’t feeling it at that moment.

I sure hope Auditor Guy enjoyed his special birthday party. Don’t you just love a party where everybody cums?

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