Monday, October 29, 2012

Where Oh Where Did Kitty Go?

I’ve been receiving emails from my blogger friends checking in to make sure I am okay. Thank you all! I really do miss you. I miss my blog as well…sort of.

Even AG hasn’t checked in on my page lately. What am I supposed to write? That AG and I are having amazing sex on a semi regular basis? That we are going out to dinners, talking on the phone and emailing regularly? That now that he found his perfect little pill that cock of his gets nice and hard for Kitty???

I could write all of that. And it would all be true. Like I said to AG a few weeks ago, “I’d rather LIVE it right now and write about it if and when I find the time.”

I haven’t gone anywhere dear friends. I am living my new life and I am loving it. I just got a new job. I am taking care of my house and my family all on my own and I am enjoying every minute. Oh I have had a few tough days here and there but through it all I couldn’t help but think to myself, “I have never been happier.” And it’s true.


Ryan Beaumont said...

Stay safe and dry kitty. I'd hate to hear about a wet kitty!

Same sassy girl said...

Wow! This is so awesome! Thanks for updating! So...very little Angry Guy and no more XXX? Wow. Who'd have thought that day would ever come?! So happy for you!

Chashunk said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Kitty, Glad to here things are well and home and home life are doing well. We all here took one hell of a hit from Sandy. going cray here at work.