Sunday, October 14, 2012

In My Room

There is something about bringing AG up to my bedroom that makes me feel like a young girl again. Maybe it’s sneaking upstairs like I used to do with Bad Boy back in high school. Maybe it’s the stuffed animals strewn about here and there. He arrived at 10:00 a.m. on the dot. We were sneaking in a play date while the kids were at Hebrew School. We went immediately up to my room and began to undress. I slipped under the covers. It’s starting to get cold here on the east coast. AG followed behind me. We began kissing as we have done in the past.

Something was different today. I couldn’t put my finger on it but there was definitely something…I reached down to touch his cock. It looked different somehow. As I stroked it I noticed it becoming…HARD! This was a surprise for Kitty. AG warned me early on in our relationship about his heart condition and that the probability of getting hard enough to fuck was improbable. And yet here it was…a full blown erection.

I hesitated talking about it. I didn’t want to jinx it or make it shrink up. I wasn’t quite ready and AG wanted to go right to 69 which we both agree is our favorite but I just didn’t want to waste this opportunity. As AG began to go down on me I asked him to “please put it in me”. He hesitated but I insisted. We all know Kitty gets what Kitty wants. I hopped on AG’s rock hard cock and began to enjoy the feeling of him inside of me for the very first time. It was strange in a way but felt very natural. We have been together several times by now. We are well aware of the likes and dislikes of the other. 

Our tongues and our fingers have gone just about everywhere on one another’s bodies and yet…AG’s cock has never been inside of me.

I told him how good he felt inside of me and moved somewhat gingerly so as not to disturb the delicate balance that allowed his cock to become so magnificently hard. I tried not to let myself get too far into it for fear that he would lose it.

As we rocked together he mentioned…just gave me a hint that he had done it. He had taken a pill. He had taken Viagra. “I thought you’d be mad at me,” he said. I insisted that I wasn’t angry. My hesitation was that Viagra would be bad for his already weak heart. He had mentioned the idea of taking it in the past and I immediately told him not to even discuss it with the doctor. When we were in bed and we were fucking and he was telling me about his conversation with the doctor, he assured me everything was fine and the doctor showed no concern.

And so, Kitty enjoyed AG’s rock hard cock this morning. I enjoyed riding him cowgirl then reverse cowgirl then I had to feel him doggie style and finally missionary. Kitty got to feel AG’s rock hard cock every which way…in my room.

Thank you for a beautiful morning AG.


Mrs. M said...

I've never had a man that has taken Viagra, but I am glad it exists. My husband is 10 years older than me!

Great story; thanks for sharing!

Mrs. M said...

That is a great story! So happy for you Kitty!
Funny that there is another MrsM.

Chashunk said...

Positive and uplifting story!