Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meeting My Kids

AG is coming over today. It’s not our usual play date. AG is coming over to meet my kids. Since he and I have been openly communicating over the phone my kids are anxious to meet him. We have planned this for a few weeks now. My son who initially told me he wants to be the only man in my life FOREVER said the other day “I want to meet [AG]. I want you to invite him over.” So I did and I am sure we will have a great time.

But the Naughty Kitty in me is going to torture AG. I started texting him last night. I told him he is not to touch me when the kids were around. This probably didn’t bother him. Although he is very hands on when we are together he is not necessarily a PDA type of guy.

I told him that the next time we ARE together I won’t let him touch me. I am going to make him watch me play with my toy…my vibrator. He said he would lick my clit and I assured him he would be across the room in a chair watching me as I move the toy in and out of my pussy. Then I will take the tip of the toy and run it ever so gently over my clit where AG’s tongue would ordinarily be.

AG will sit just out of reach. I wonder if he will be satisfied watching or if he will long to touch me. Maybe he will play with himself as he watches me. Maybe he will walk over and take control. He will grab a hold of the vibrator and begin moving it in and out of me with greater force than I was using as I lose control of my senses and fall into that special place where my body shakes and quivers and then becomes limp with exhaustion.

Maybe AG will come over to me with his cock long, straight and hard. He will take the vibrator from my hands and climb on top of me throwing my legs over his shoulders as he enters me and thrusts until we both cum.

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