Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tied in Knots

Even though Kitty and AG are enjoying vanilla life for a while, AG is well aware of my naughty side. So when we are up in Kitty’s room fucking, the sky is truly the limit and AG knows I will try to fulfill his every wish. I have to admit that on occasion I am not in the mood for one thing or another but I will always TRY to please AG even if I don’t do EXACTLY what he requests I will always lick that special sweet spot right at the point where the head meets the shaft. He seems to like that move.

So the other day AG and I were playing in Kitty’s bedroom AG mentioned something about tying me up. Actually AG has been threatening promising to tie me up for months. Well that sneaky AG actually went out and bought the restraints. He waited and waited and at one point I made a joke about being tied up and sure enough that AG pulled the restraints out of his jeans. The problem with Kitty’s bed is that I don’t have a headboard so AG fumbled a little bit before he had me tied and bound. He put the blindfold on me and I lay back ready to enjoy. 

I have to say that covering my eyes made the experience all the more sensual. I felt him move his hands inside my thighs taunting my pussy but not quite touching me. There was a brief moment with nothing and then I felt him climb over me then felt the head of his cock up against my lips. I ran my tongue over it. I leaned up to take it further into my mouth and he pulled away. I leaned back. He pressed up against my lips one more time. I sat up as much as I could to take him in my mouth. The restraints held me back and he pulled away moving his mouth down between my legs running his tongue into the folds of my pussy moving his tongue inside then nibbled my clit just a little bit. He removed the blindfold then each of the restraints then returned to Kitty’s hot spot. I moved my way around into the 69 position.

AG and I agree that 69 is our favorite position with each other although I have to admit, Kitty LOVES being tied down and worked up. I wonder what other toys AG keeps in his jean pockets.

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