Friday, November 30, 2012

Bad Memories

I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately. I am not sure why. Maybe it’s because his hometown is all over the news after Hurricane Sandy. The news is talking about all the devastation especially to the high end homes. I wonder if his home was one of them.

I think about how much of an influence he has had over my life over the past year and how I haven’t affected his at all. I suppose he thought of me as a pest after that afternoon that we had together. But it really wasn’t my fault. I hadn’t realized it was a onetime thing. I mean all along he swore he wanted more. And like a fool I believed him. He lied every step of the way and I believed each and every one of his lies.

I think that’s what bothers me so much. That he purposely and consistently lied to me.
I know in time it won’t bother me so much. I may be able to drive past the Starbucks where we met without thinking about him. I may even be able to go in sometime and order coffee. I may be able to hear the name of his town someday without hearing his voice in my head. I may even be able to listen to the songs that reminded me of him without becoming sad at the thought.

I have moved on with my life and I have never been happier. I don’t regret that part of my life but I don’t miss it either. I love my life. I love my family and friends. Happy Holidays friends. There are many more happy times to come.


Anonymous said...

Stumbled across your blog. Like the simplicity of your writing, and the smooth flow and pace of your words.

So far read down to July 2012.

As to this particular post. I still have probably not read enough of your blog to leave a precise comment....but here is to the old college try. As you seem to be very single, make sure that emotionally you can be detached unless you are looking for a committed relationship. If not, then you are going to get hurt and make bad choices.


Naughty Kitty said...

Thanks for reading! You may do better reading from the beginning forward. Things get sticky around this time last year trying to sort out my relationship with XXX. And yes, you are right I have learned the lesson and I have learned it the hard way. I am very much single now and loving every minute of my freedom. I have no intention of committing to anybody other than my kids any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply. Most people can't help becoming attached in some way or shape....but you never know. Guards up. :) Call it a quirk but if I start reading from the most current and then work my way down to the past.....and enjoy said reading material....then it makes no difference to me reading it in reverse. It's probably a good task for our brains. Someone needs to do a study on this quick! A.