Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sexy Secret

So you all know about the Geek and how he threw up all sorts of red flags when Kitty was planning his fantasy date. I can’t describe WHY I got that feeling I just did.  It started with the hotel room. He didn’t want to get a room. He said he didn’t want to spend the money and he wanted me to go to his house.  For some reason that felt a little controlling and cheap to Kitty.

Anyway, when Kitty texted the Geek that I wouldn’t be fucking him he began texting back what seemed like angry, aggressive texts. He began telling me that I should be grateful to fuck him because he is highly educated professional blah blah blah. Meanwhile Kitty is twice as educated and quite professional myself. We had been texting all day and Kitty finally said “Look, you seem like the type of person who always needs to be right and has to say the last word so I am going to give you that.”

To my amazement the Geek made a complete 180 degree turn and began to calm down and ask what my other lovers had done that was different than him. I explained that they gently coaxed Kitty by making me feel safe in whatever way they needed to. Hammer met me for lunch as our first meeting. BD2 of course took me out for one of the most romantic dates I have ever had. For whatever reason the Geek began to chill. His texts sounded more reasonable. We agreed to meet for a walk.

I explained to him that we didn’t necessarily have to meet in a motel room all the time but for the first time its neutral territory. I told him “When I am your dirty little slut I don’t want to see pictures of my children or yours or even the family dog. When you are fucking me from behind I don’t want it to be on the flowered sheets you and your wife bought together.” Yeah, Kitty did that on purpose knowing that the idea might make the Geek a little hard…and I was right.

The text conversation ended on a high note when the Geek finally had to go to work. We agreed to text in the morning. Kitty went about my business and planted some flowers. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I wanted a calm leisurely day. I began to recount the final few texts with the Geek and then came up with a genius idea.

Now that the Geek is expecting to take a walk tomorrow. Kitty is going to surprise him with his fantasy date. Kitty is going to show up at the Geek’s place dressed all slutty with my tits exposed. Kitty is going to paint my nails red because that’s the Geek’s favorite color and then Kitty is going to fuck the Geek like he’s never been fucked before.

To be continued…


Anonymous said...

Kitty make sure a friend knows where you are, be safe.


Naughty Kitty said...

No worries, Baby. I am always safe and always let a friend know...even when I am with YOU! xoxoxox

~McKPR said...

play safe kitty. seriously.