Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fantasy by The Hunk

The Hunk and I have been friends on Facebook for a few years now. He just reminded me that it’s been two years. As with some of my earlier Facebook “friendings” Hunk and I connected through friends of friends and it is a really long, complicated and boring story but basically the end result is that we have kept in touch for several years long before Kitty had her blog.

The Hunk was one of my original supporters for the blog and even though he floats in and out of my cyber life he always re-enters with one or 10 of his yummy dick shots. Yes, ladies, that HNT photo shoot was none other than The Hunk.

So we were emailing back and forth the other day and The Hunk was passing on some photos for me to post when along with it he sent me one of his well composed fantasies. So I thought to myself “Kitty, you should post this on the blog to get Hunk some attention.”

So in an effort to give The Hunk the attention that he craves and that he deserves I am posting his fantasy which I have cleaned up just a little bit.

Hi Kitty, you said that you like to be submissive which most girls are. I have never been submissive and desire to try it. No, not a cross-dressing sissy. No, I do not want to get it from behind. More along the lines of the game “Simon Says”, except you are always Simon and I do what you command.

My greatest fantasy is to be blindfolded and made to strip to entertain a group of women. You would be perfect since you live just far enough away that I will never run into someone who saw me strip at the super market. You meet me at a predetermined spot and I jump into your car. You ask me if I am excited and you tell me that you know that I will really enjoy myself. You tell me to just trust you and trust my feelings as you hand me a blindfold and instruct me to put it on. You stop and announce that” we are here” and you will take my hand and guide me inside. Taking careful short steps I make it inside where we are greeted warmly. You have a glass of wine with your girlfriends as you roll a dice to make me undress in ascending order. That is 1 = shoes, 2 = socks, 3 = shirt, 4 = undershirt, 5 = pants, and 6 = underwear. You all cheer as I slowly inch my underwear down and cup my meat with my hands. You instruct me to place my hands on my head so you all get a clear view. Then you tell me that I am being a good boy and pat my behind. “Come on and meet the girls," you say as you lightly tug on my arm to parade me around. I feel a hand brush against my wang and a slap on my behind while I see light flashes from cameras out of the corner of the blind fold.

You have me stop from time to time and tell me to slowly turn to the right so everyone can see. My dick is bobbing around and you make the comment that "You really like this don't you? You thrive on being displayed naked to women right?" Then you tell me to repeat it which I do and I hear giggles. You ask me if I masturbate, how frequently, and if I would like to masturbate for us now? By this point I am hard and getting blue balls so I eagerly say "Yes". You place Your hands on my shoulders from behind and guide me forward, then to the left, then you turn me 180 degrees. You tell me to back up slowly to the edge of the table and lay down on my back. “We want to see a man’s body in motion. You know, do what You do when you can't hold it and longer.” Then You say "show time". I slowly circle my hand around my meat and stroke as I hear a gasp or two from the audience. Then there are a lot of camera flashes as I increase the speed and feel an eruption coming. I add my other hand and begin bouncing my butt off the table as I began to squirt.

Two things happened at this point. The girls all cheer “whoooo woooo” and clap as you reach around the back of my head and pull the blindfold off. As I collect my composure and the camera flashes subside I see two of the women have video cameras. You throw me a towel and tell me, “the bathroom is down the hall on the right. clean your stick mess up". I just hear the girls laughing and carrying on so I conclude that they all had fun.


Anonymous said...

This is my fantasy and the scenario works well for the females when they have, lets say, arrogant or overconfident male that needs to be brought down a notch. Women teach the guy a lesson and change his style from using females to get off to being watched by females as he gets watched. The situation shifts the advantage over to the females as being the ones in control by putting the guy in a vunerable position at the mercey of the females. It provides the women a situation where they can sit back and enjoy the show, risk nothing, and gain plenty. The girls end up with a feather in their hat that says :I Have Seen You Naked Ha Ha", but you have to earn the privilege to ever see me, if and when I ever decide to allow you that privilege

Anonymous said...

correction: Women teach the guy a lesson and change his style from using females to get off to being watched by females as he gets himself off. lol

Naughty Kitty said...

Oh Hunk, you DO make me smile :)

Anonymous said...

I am 100% serious about this scenerio and it is on my to do list of things in life. Seeking a safe audience and location.