Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alone With My Thoughts

It’s not even 9:00 in the morning and it’s already been a weird day. Is it a full moon by any chance?

Come to think of it this week has been weird all together. Monday was my encounter with Rav. When I got to the office that morning my outfit was immediately noticed which was no surprise. My little Latino “helper” was the first to see me in the parking lot. The first thing he said was “Are you going to a party?”

I smiled and said “Yes, that’s it. I am going to a party.” I couldn’t help but think of Rav, an older gentleman compared to this young Latino stud and smile.

Then my little helper said “Can I come?” At that moment he looked like a little boy to me. He looked eager almost as though he believed there was an actual party going on. Then I said “No, I’m sorry. It’s a ‘private’ party.”

At this point Little helper’s face dropped and he looked sad. He looked at me like he knew EXACTLY what I was talking about. Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t. He seemed a little quiet the rest of the week.

And now here we are today. I am alone in the office for the next two days. It’s pretty lonely here without anybody to play with. So my helper stopped in for his morning ritual and I told him that Big Cheese was out of the office for the rest of the week.

Little helper looked at me and said “so what are we going to do?” Now typically I am such a smart ass I would come up with something cheeky but between his youth and the language barrier I didn’t have the heart so I said nothing. Then Little helper said “We should have a party.” He had a big grin on his face like he just thought of something ingenious.

So I said “okay who should we invite?” I have no idea where I was going with this. I think I was just stalling so I wouldn’t have to get right to work.

That’s when he said it. He said “nobody just you and me.”

Now what the fuck is a horny kitty like me supposed to say to that? Ugh! Well, Kitty had to weigh her options and very quickly spin out of this tangled web so I said “Ah, [Little Helper], you sure did give me something to think about.”

He hesitated for a moment then looked into my eyes and saw that it just wasn’t going to happen. I am not sure if he could see the doubt in my eyes. I am not sure if he could see my nipples getting hard or my crotch starting to get wet but if he did he had mercy and turned to walk away.

I can still hear him down the hall. I could call him back. I could close the door. I could see what he’s got up his sleeve. But I won’t do that.

Instead I am posting this and going to splash some cold water on my face and pray that the next two days fly by.

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