Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Roses

I watch the roses on my counter as they slowly but steadily wilt. The flowers themselves were beautiful no doubt but it’s the sentiment behind the flowers that makes my heart warm.

You are the only lover that has bought me flowers and roses no less. They are my favorite. Each time I pass the vase I take a whiff of them and think of you.

I think about our first kiss. I think about you kissing down my neck as you unsnapped my bra so effortlessly then ran your tongue around my nipples. I think about how you sank to your knees as I stood paralyzed while you removed my pants and began immediately licking my clit skillfully with your tongue bringing me to an orgasm in no time.

I think about how you ran your fingers inside of me and went down over and over as you told me how good I tasted.

I think about how you began to remove your jeans and quickly put on a small striptease for my benefit. You exposed your huge erect cock and began to stroke it gently. I reached for it and expected you to push my hand away but you didn’t. I was ecstatic so I took the opportunity to put it in my mouth and boy did you taste good.

I think about how you took your jeans off entirely and laid in the bed for just a moment before I hopped on top of your erect penis. You felt so good inside me it was no time before I came again.

I think about how our bodies seemed to fit together perfectly with each position we tried.

I think about how you told me that you liked the way your cock looked moving in and out of my pussy and the mere thought of it along with the wonderful sensation of actually doing it made me cum once again.

I think about how gentle you spoke when you asked how deep I could swallow your cock.

I think about how you kissed me nearly every second we were together and how you knew exactly where and when to touch me.

I think about how when we parted you gave me a gentle goodbye kiss on the lips as we promised to stay in touch. Then you winked at me which made me smile.

When I look at those beautiful flowers I don’t just see them as something pretty. When look at them, I think of how lucky I am to have met a wonderful friend like you and how I am looking forward to the next time that we can spend some time together.


Anonymous said...

This post is awesome.

Max said...

I second that - this post *is* awesome.

Naughty Kitty said...

Wow, thank you. I hadn't planned on posting this originally. I wrote it and sent it to Biker Dude. He told me to go ahead and post it so I just threw it out there.

I am glad you like it.