Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hunting For Kitty

It may shock some of you to know that in my everyday life I am quite a little firecracker. Some may say I am downright obnoxious overpowering aggressive. I can’t help it. I am a Type A. There was a point in my life when I was on a heavy duty career path. I gave it all up to start a family but that fire still burns inside of me. In my day to day life I am myself and not too far from the Naughty Kitty you all know and love. I do have to tone it down just a little bit in the work place for fear of being sued for sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior. Don’t forget, XXX’s little assistant is always monitoring me. I was especially naughty today with XXX. You know he has been stressing over B.J. and of course I walked in this morning to yet another email from XXX asking if I could come by in the afternoon for a meeting with B.J. This was really starting to piss me off. XXX and I went back and forth with our emails a few times and he finally wrote something like “I just want to make sure B.J. has everything he needs.” To which my response was “Don’t worry. I will make sure B.J. has a ‘happy ending’.” Now I KNOW that was juvenile and I KNOW XXX’s helper probably had a field day with her law books over the comment but I was really bored in Big Cheese’s office and really cranky and really wanted to PLAY!

So once again we have gotten off track. The point I am trying to make and have mentioned more than a few times is that because I am practically a man in all other aspects of my life, I want someone in my life that is going to want me and let me know it. I want a “HUNTER”…a man who is stronger than me and lets me know he is in charge. When I open my email in the morning I want to get an email like this…

My sexy wet Kitty, with the holidays and current family issues, meeting you for playtime is not possible for the next two weeks. I'd like to try and meet sometime during the first week of the New Year. We should keep in contact and schedule a playtime date. I wish I could feel your hot, sexy body next to me, right now! I want to kiss you all over, run my hands up and down your body, and feel my hard cock slide in and out of your wonderful wetness. Looking forward to spending hours with you!

Unfortunately Kitty received that email from a platonic friend who was trying to make a point. He was trying to tell Kitty that even if a lover is tied up with family obligations and holiday festivities, he can let me know in no uncertain terms that he wants me with an email like that. Also setting a date gives Kitty something to look forward to.

In the meantime that email made Kitty wet. Damn my platonic friend for making me wet. That’s just not fair.

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