Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kitty’s Withdrawal

This morning was another one of those holidays when Kitty had to work but nobody else did. Kitty thinks that SUCKS! And yes, to answer your question Kitty IS still celibate and obviously cranky. So I had to work today. Big Cheese had to leave town to go to a funeral so he was gone. Now everybody knows by now that left to my own devices I will not get much work done. So I started the morning out by reading some blogs and checking my personal email. I know. I didn’t start off on the right foot especially on a Monday.

I chatted a bit with my Little Latino Helper then I texted XXX to see if he was in. We were texting all weekend. We weren’t naughty texting…well…HE wasn’t. The nice thing is that when my son left for school and I was driving home in tears I was thinking of texting XXX then decided against it. About an hour later he texted me just to ask how my weekend was going. That’s nice isn’t it? So throughout the weekend we just checked in here and there.

I asked him this morning if I could come visit him. Now let’s be honest. Kitty was hoping to sneak a little kiss in especially since my “French Kiss” post ran today and for all of his faults, I always loved kissing XXX. So I went to his office and he of course was in no mood for love. That’s right, his wife pulled her shit and he was in a crappy mood. Now, I happen to love XXX. I mean it. I have affection for him. Now my love for him is on a platonic level and can probably go to the next level given the circumstance but for now we are friends and when I saw the pain in his face I could only listen to him and try my best to make him laugh. He of course repaid me by telling me that I looked like I am losing weight. See, just another reason I love him.

He started calling his wife a “cunt” again which made me smile. No, I wasn’t smiling because I was right about her. I wasn’t smiling because XXX is obviously hurting and I wasn’t smiling because he tells me that I was right almost every conversation we have anymore. Kitty was smiling because whenever XXX calls his wife a cunt his sparkling blue eyes light up and twinkle. His lips curl in such a way and even though I know he is angry, he is just so damn handsome. Also I can’t help but think that maybe one of these days I will get that text…you know the text that he wants to have angry sex. Because after all, as long as he is not angry with me, angry sex can be pretty damn nice.

After that I returned to my office and had a visitor from the cute attorney down the hall. He was in a chatty mood and most of the time I don’t mind but I was beginning to stress a little over having some work done for Big Cheese when he returns tomorrow.

While I was chatting with my friendly local attorney, another friend began a Yahoo chat with me. I didn’t even realize that I was signed in. So my Yahoo friend who shall be nameless has been perturbed at me since I wrote those blogs about being blindsided. Even though I did not mean for those blogs to be offensive he took offense to them and has been a little frosty.

Kitty really missed this particular friend and wanted to make nice with him because as I told him I really DO adore him. He would be perfect for Kitty if only he could give me some one on one time but alas he is a busy man.

So Kitty and friend were chatting online and I don’t know whether he wanted to tease Kitty or TORTURE Kitty but he turned on his web cam. As soon as I saw his face my heart melted. I can’t explain what it is about him but he really does make my heart go pitter patter. His features are rugged yet he is handsome. He is growing a beard and he was dressed for working outside this cold January day so he looked particularly rugged except that he was wearing his reading glasses which reminded Kitty that yes, he DOES have a vulnerable side and THAT is what makes Kitty wet. YEAH! I SAID IT!!!

Then Kitty’s naughty friend began to undress. He had many layers of clothing on. First he removed his flannel shirt…then his thermal shirt….then he exposed that he was wearing long johns. Okay now this just reminded me of John Walton from “The Waltons” and damn if that guy wasn’t handsome and hot in his long johns!

So my naughty friend then began to take off his long johns exposing his fully erect cock. And damn was it a sight for Kitty’s sore eyes! Now ordinarily Kitty is not one for the webcam or that sort of thing. In general it makes me uncomfortable. But this particular friend happens to enjoy putting on a striptease and I have seen him naked so really it was like when we were together only I couldn’t touch him. I couldn’t feel him. I couldn’t LICK him. That made Kitty sad. Seeing him made Kitty a little lonely and made Kitty SHAKE LIKE A JUNKY!!!

Yes, Kitty is still celibate but I am not happy about it. I am not happy about it at all.

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